Vettel overtakes Raikonnen for the lead at Monza




Italian Grand Prix


The Italian Grand Prix is one of only two events to have been held in every single season of F1, along with the British GP.

However, the history of the event goes right back to 1921, and Monza has had a virtual monopoly on hosting the race ever since. Only five times out of the 88 Italian GPs that have been raced, has it been held elsewhere; once each at Brescia, Livorno, Milan, Valentino Park, and Imola. In the F1 era, the event has only moved away from Monza once, when Imola hosted the race in 1980.

Monza is the undisputed home of the Italian GP, and the "temple of speed" as the track is known, is surely one of only a handful of modern F1 races that has the history, the fans, and the character to distinguish itself as one of F1's headline events.

Italian GP Details
Location Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Monza, Italy
Date 31 August - 02 September 2018
Lap Length 3.600mi, 5.793km
Laps 53
Race Distance 190.596mi, 306.720km
Turns 11
Race lap record 1:21.046, Rubens Barrichello, Ferrari, 2004
Routed track plan of Monza

Footprint :- 10.17 x 5.16m

Lanes :- 3

Lane Width :- 10cm

Lane Length :- 24.85m

Track :- Scratch build

Autodromo Nazionale Monza

Monza was only the third purpose race track to be buit, after Brooklands and Indianapolis.

Built in the woodlands of the Royal Villa of Monza park, the circuit was really a tale of two halves. One half being an oval, the other a road course, and somehow those two parts have gone down different paths.

The road course is still very much recognisable from the earliest layouts, albeit with several added chicanes and reprofiled corners. The oval however had a more chequered history. Dropped in 1933, the oval returned in 1955 as a fabulous but fearsome banked part of the circuit which was used in the 1955, 56, 60, & 61 Grands Prix, but has not been used since 1969, and now lies crumbling amongst the forest.


Michael Schumacher and Lewis hamilton share the honour of being the most succesful driver at the Italian GP with five voctories apiece. Nelson Piquet has four wins, and a whole host follow him with three wins; Juan Manuel Fangio, Stirling Moss, Ronnie Peterson, Alain Prost, Rubens Barichello, Sebastian Vettel, Alberto Ascari (2 wins in the F1 era), and Tazio Nuvolari (all before F1).

Sadly, two of those drivers lost their lives at Monza. Ronnie Peterson died at the start of the 1978 Italian GP, and Alberto Ascari perished in testing just four days after being pulled out of the harbour at the 1955 Monaco GP.

Ferrari are by far the most succesful team at their home grand prix with 19 wins, all but one in F1. McLaren have 10 wins, Mercedes have 7 F1 victories and 9 altogether, Alfa Romeo have 8 wins, but only one in F1. Williams have 6 wins, and Lotus 5.

Amongst current F1 drivers, Lewis Hamilton is the most successful driver with five wins, Vettel has three, and Alonso two.


Tifosi!!! Need I say more? Apparently yes, because in spite of the tifosi's undying loyalty to the prancing horse, and in spite of Ferrari's undoubted success over the years, attendances at the the Italian GP are only around 185,000. That's still great, but surprisingly falls below, not just the other main headline events, but also Hungary, USA, Mexico, and Abu Dhabi.

Past Winners
2017 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
2016 Nico Rosberg Mercedes
2015 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
2014 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
2013 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull
2012 Lewis Hamilton McLaren
2011 Sebastian Vettel RedBull
2010 Fernando Alonso Ferrari
2009 Rubens Barrichello Brawn
2008 Sebastian Vettel Toro Rosso
2007 Fernando Alonso McLaren
Scalextric track plan of Monza

Footprint :- 5.30 x 2.95m

Lanes :- 2

Lane Length :- 13.83m

Track :- Scalextric

C8204 R3 2
C8205 S 21
C8202 R1 7
C8200 1/4S 1
C8236 SS 3
C8235 R4 8
C8234 1/2 R2 1
C8206 R2 8
C8207 1/2S 6
C8278 1/2 R1 3
Ninco track plan of Monza

Footprint :- 6.23 x 3.27m

Lanes :- 2

Lane Length :- 15.78m

Track :- Ninco

10112 1/2 R2 1
10105 R2 6
10104 1/4 S 3
10113 1/2 R1 2
10103 1/2 S 6
10102 S 21
10115 R5 8
10116 SS 2
10108 R4 5
10107 R3 2
10106 R1 7