Lewis Hamilton takes a right hander at Circuit Paul Ricard, Le Castellet, France




French Grand Prix

Le Castellet

Grand Prix racing originated in France, and the French Grand Prix is the oldest of all GPs, having first run on 26 June 1906.

The event's long history has seen it use 16 different circuits, including, Montlhéry, Reims, Rouen, Charade, Paul Ricard, Prenois and Magny-Cours.

However, 2018 is the first time in a decade that an F1 race has been held in France.

French GP Details

Circuit Paul Ricard, Le Castellet, France

Date22nd-24th June 2018
Lap Length 3.630mi, 5.842 km
Race Distance192.43mi, 309.69km
Lap record1:39.914 Keke Rosberg, Williams, 1985
Routed track plan of Circuit Paul Ricard

Footprint :- 9.42 x 3.03m

Lanes :- 2

Lane Width :- 8cm

Lane Length :- 23.31m

Track :- Scratch build

Circuit Paul Ricard

Circuit Paul Ricard was built in 1969, financed by the pastis magnate after whom it is named. Opened on 19 April 1970, its innovative facilities made it one of the safest motor racing circuits in the world, and it became a popular test track.

The track hosted the French GP every other year from 1971 to 1985 on the full layout, then every year from 1985 to 1990 on a shortened layout. This year it moves back to the full length track.


Michael Shumacher has the most F1 wins in France with 8. He is followed by Alain Prost with 6, and Juan Manuel Fangio and Nigel Mansell, who both have 4.

Ferrari have the best team record in France, with 17 wins. Williams have 8, and Lotus have 7.

Because the French GP has been absent from the F1 calendar for the last nine years, Kimi Raikonnen and Fenando Alonso are the only current F1 drivers to have won the event.

Past Winners
2018 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
2008 Felipe Massa Ferrari
2007 Kimi Räikkönen Ferrari
2006 Michael Schumacher Ferrari
2005 Fernando Alonso Renault
Scalextric track plan of Circuit Paul Ricard

Footprint :- 4.24 x 1.55m

Lanes :- 2

Lane Length :- 10.84m

Track :- Scalextric

C8205 S 10
C8202 R1 24
C8200 1/4S 7
C8235 R4 6
C8234 1/2 R2 4
C8206 R2 6
C8207 1/2S 4
C8278 1/2 R1 4
Ninco track plan of Circuit Paul Ricard

Footprint :- 4.53 x 1.21m

Lanes :- 2

Lane Length :- 10.66m

Track :- Ninco

10105 R2 3
10112 1/2 R2 6
10104 1/4 S 7
10113 1/2 R1 5
10103 1/2 S 2
10102 S 8
10115 R5 4
10116 SS 2
10108 R4 4
10106 R1 22