Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, at Hockenheim




German Grand Prix


The German Grand Prix was first held in 1926, and became a regular event on the F1 calendar from 1951. The race has been held most years since then, but was not held in 2007, 2015, or 2017, and the future of the event continues to be the subject of speculation.

The most common venue for the German GP, and it's current home, is Hockenheim, though many events have also been held at Nurburgring, and the race was once held at the AVUS in 1959.

German GP Details
Location Hockenheimring, Hockenheim, Germany
Date 20th-22 July 2018
Lap Length 2.842mi, 4.574km
Laps 67
Race Distance 190.424mi, 306.458km
Turns 17
Race lap record 1:13.780, Kimi Raikkonen, McLaren, 2004
Routed track plan of Hockenheim

Footprint :- 6.92 x 3.80m

Lanes :- 2

Lane Width :- 8cm

Lane Length :- 20.93m

Track :- Scratch build


Hockenheim was originally built in 1932, as a 12km long triangular circuit, but has undergone several dramatic changes in layout since then.

In 1938 the track was shortened to 7.5km. In 1965 the circuit was redesigned to accomodate a new motorway, and chicanes were added in 1968, after the death of Jim Clark in a Formula 2 race.

The final alteration to the track came in 2002, when safety, and spectator concerns prompted the removal of the infamous forest sections, and the track was shortened to it's current length of 4.5km.


The most succesful driver at the German GP was Rudolf Caracciola, though none of his six wins were F1 events. Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton are the most successful divers of the F1 era with four wins apiece. Juan Manuel Fangio, Jackie Stewart, Nelson Piquet, Ayrton Senna, and Fernando Alonso all have three wins each.

Ferrari are by far the most succesful team at the German GP, with 22 wins. Williams have 9 wins, McLaren 8, Brabham 5, and Lotus 4. Mercedes have 11 German GP victories, but only four of those were F1 events.

Of our current F1 drivers, Hamilton now has four wins, and Alonso three.


Perhaps surprisingly, the German GP cannot match the crowd numbers achieved by Silverstone, or Spa. Race day attendances often struggle to reach 60,000, and attendances of around 120,000 for the whole event. This perhaps explains why the future of the German GP remains in doubt.

Past Winners
2018 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
2016 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
2014 Nico Rosberg Mercedes
2013 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull
2012 Fernando Alonso Ferrari
2011 Lewis Hamilton McLaren
2010 Fernando Alonso Ferrari
2009 Mark Webber Red Bull
2008 Hamilton McLaren
Scalextric track plan of Hockenheim

Footprint :- 4.37 x 2.69m

Lanes :- 2

Lane Length :- 14.29m

Track :- Scalextric

C8204 R3 1
C8205 S 22
C8202 R1 14
C8200 1/4S 2
C8236 SS 3
C8235 R4 3
C8206 R2 10
C8278 1/2 R1 2
C8207 1/2S 8
Ninco track plan of Hockenheim

Footprint :- 4.77 x 2.94m

Lanes :- 2

Lane Length :- 15.65m

Track :- Ninco

10105 R2 9
10104 1/4 S 3
10113 1/2 R1 2
10103 1/2 S 10
10102 S 18
10115 R5 8
10116 SS 1
10108 R4 1
10107 R3 1
10106 R1 15