Digest 28

Published by JasonB on Jul 14, 2024

This week’s slot car news.

Digest 28, with a Policar Ferrari 312 B2

Featuring three Datsuns, three Ferraris, two Audis, a Mercedes and a Batmobile. Plus we have the latest from the Calendar, our selection of videos and photography, and a chance to invest in a slot car manufacturer.

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SRC cars, McLarens, Ford and Lancia


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Fly Lancia 037

Fly Lancia 037

Photos by Rallyhub

NSR Corvette C8.R

NSR Corvette C8.R

Photos by Doug Johnson

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On This Day in History…

19-07-1905The Brighton Speed Trials was held for the first time after hotelier Sir Harry Preston persuaded Brighton town council to tarmac the surface of the road adjacent to the beach, between the Palace Pier and Black Rock to hold motor-racing events.
19-07-1964Clermont Ferrand programme cover Clermont Ferrand circuit layout
Scalextric track plan for Circuit Charade, Clermont Ferrand
19-07-1975Silverstone programme cover
19-07-2020Formula 1 drivers champion Lewis Hamilton wins a record 8th Hungarian Grand Prix in Budapest to equal Michael Schumacher's record of wins at a single circuit (French GP)
20-07-1943Chris Amon, New Zealand Formula 1 racer, born in Bulls, New Zealand
20-07-1957Aintree programme cover
20-07-1963Silverstone programme cover
20-07-2014Hockenheim programme cover
21-07-1962Scalextric Lotus 25 Scalextric Lotus 25
Scalextric Lotus 25 #20 - 1962 British Grand Prix - Jim Clark
This livery on the little Scalextric Lotus 25 is a particularly lovely one. It's a model of the car in which Jim Clark dominated the British Grand Prix on this day in 1962 - the final edition at Aintree. Pole position, fastest lap and a thumping win - it was only Clark's second Grand Prix victory.
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21-07-1987To celebrate Ferrari's 40th anniversary, the Ferrari F40 was unveiled at the factory in Maranello, Italy by Enzo Ferrari.
21-07-2002With a record 6 races remaining, German Ferrari driver Michael Schumacher clinches his 5th F1 World Drivers Championship with victory in the French Grand Prix at Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours


BRM, the Inside Story

Published by JasonB on May 5, 2023 in Features, Updates

BRM Logo
A selection of BRM photos

We have a new and fairly substantial motor racing history section which we’ve added to the site. It could be encapsulated by just three letters, BRM, but in truth the full story would make a decent sized  book.

Graham Hill and Monaco harbour

The inspiration for our new section came from a British Racing Motors team mechanic, Dennis ‘Sheriff’ Perkins who worked for the team for well over a decade from the mid 1950s onwards, and who took photos throughout his time with the team.

Dennis Perkins and othe BRM mechanics

Of course Perkins wasn’t a professional photographer, he was first and foremost a BRM mechanic. In fact he was so good at his job that he was elected to membership of the BRDC, being proposed by Graham Hill and seconded by Jackie Stewart.

Scenes from Spa Francorchamps

But he took photos of some important motor racing events, and he took his photos from a different angle to the press, or the spectators. He snapped his pics from behind the scenes, from the oil stained pit boxes, from the workshops, or even from the team transporter which he drove across the continent in his slippers.

The BRM transporters travel through the mountains

Through his photos we will tell the story of British Racing Motors, from the disastrous and all too obvious failings in the early days, through to being world champions and one of the most consistently successful teams in Formula One at their peak, before they were brought back down to earth with a bump, as the team declined.

BRM mechanics

BRM had always set out to match and beat the best in Formula One. To do that, they absolutely insisted that they should build their own engines as well as the chassis. They wanted to take Ferrari’s approach, and when it worked, it really worked, but when it didn’t, it really didn’t.

BRM cars and engine

Nowadays of course, we can expect a netflix documentary for every F1 race, no matter how insignificant. But in those days there were a very limited cohort of press reporters and photographers. So this little treasure trove of photos from the pit lanes and paddocks of the 1950s and 1960s are important.

Ferraris at Zandvoort

We’ve tried our best to tell the stories of not just BRM, but of the individual races for which we have photos, many of which have their own fascinating tales to tell.

Scenes from the Moroccan Grand Prix

We’ve tried to tell the story of the BRM drivers and the BRM cars. We’ve used a wide variety of sources for all of the information, including contemporary reports.

Graham Hill and Dan Gurney

We’ve also included slot track plans for every circuit, and a comprehensive list of BRM slot cars.

Track plan of Nurbrurgring and a Cartrix P25

So there you go, that’s a rough outline of what we’ve got for you, hope you enjoy having a look and a read.

Many thanks to John Perkins, son of Dennis, for his kind permission to use these photos. Many thanks also to Dennis ‘Sheriff’ Perkins himself, not just for his sterling work with BRM, but also for recording his time with the team.

BRM, the Inside Story