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Azerbaijan Grand Prix


Baku City Circuit is the newest track on the F1 calendar, with this year's Azerbaijan GP being only the third F1 race ever to be held there.

The circuit is based in the heart of Baku city centre and the lap is so varied that you could describe it as having multiple personalities.

Azerbaijan Grand Prix Details
Location Baku City Circuit, Baku, Azerbaijan
Date 27th-29th Aprilh 2018
Lap Length 3.730mi, 6.003km
Laps 51
Race Distance 190.170mi, 306.049km
Turns 20
Lap record 1:43.441, Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari, 2017
Routed track plan of Baku City Circuit

Footprint :- 9.78 x 3.46m

Lanes :- 2

Lane Width :- 8cm

Lane Length :- 24.81m

Track :- Scratch build

Baku City Circuit

Baku is the third track on the calendar to be designed by Tilke, and the second to be mostly below sea level. But this strange street circuit is such a Jekyll and Hyde track that it's difficult to know quite what to make of it.

The right hand side of the track (as we look at the plans) takes the drivers anti clockwise through the modern shopping boulevards of Baku, and consists of a simple, and characterless series of straights and tight 90° corners.

The central section is a rather odd looking motorway straight where the cars travel in opposite directions, seperated only by a central barrier.

But on the left of the layout, we get to the old town, which provides something more interesting. Turns 8 to 12 are probably the narrowest and tightest of any in F1, as the drivers cut through the old city streets. Then there is a swooping loop of the perimeter of the old town, with varied corners and even some elevation changes.


There have only been three F1 races in Baku.

There was the 2016 European Grand Prix won by Nico Rosberg, the inagural Azerbaijan GP of 2017, won by Daniel Ricciardo, and this year's GP won by Lewis Hamilton.

Past Winners
2018Lewis HamiltonMercedes
2017 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull
Scalextric track plan of Baku City Circuit

Footprint :- 5.42 x 1.99m

Lanes :- 2

Lane Length :- 14.09m

Track :- Scalextric

C8204 R3 4
C8205 S 24
C8202 R1 24
C8200 1/4S 4
C8234 1/2 R2 2
C8206 R2 1
C8278 1/2 R1 4
C8207 1/2S 8
Ninco track plan of Baku City Circuit

Footprint :- 5.96 x 2.14m

Lanes :- 2

Lane Length :- 15.38m

Track :- Ninco

10112 1/2 R2 1
10105 R2 1
10113 1/2 R1 3
10104 1/4 S 4
10103 1/2 S 5
10102 S 24
10115 R5 4
10116 1/4 S 2
10107 R3 2
10106 R1 22