Digest 18

Here is your chance to catch up on all of this week’s most important slot car news.

Digest #18, Maralic Mazda, Porsche 907, Strombecker cars, Revell makeover, and a four lane slot track

Slot Cars

  • Strombecker, an odyssey starts Anthony has taken out his box of Strombecker ‘bits’ and has started building some cars. Chris has also shown us his stable of vintage rebuilds.
Strombecker slot cars, in the process of being built and painted
  • TRANS AM -Revell 60s Anthony has also modified and painted a couple of vintage Revell Trans Am cars, and finds the perfect solution to the problem of a €65 can of paint.
60s Revell Trans Am slot cars
  • SRC Porsche 907 Fotodoug has posted another great shot of his Porsche 907.
Yellow and red Porsche 907
  • Photography section It would be remiss of us if we didn’t take this opportunity to remind you that Doug has also contributed a fantastic selection of his work to our photography section
  • Maralic Models Group B Mazda RX7 Artisan resin model maker Maralic are known for their static models, but the Mazda RX7 is now available – and it is a slot car…
Mazda RX7 slot car in white with light and dark blue stripes
  • Scalextric C4215 Chevrolet Corvette L88 Just arrived at Pendle Slot Racing is the Scalextric C4215 Chevrolet Corvette L88 No.4 Le Mans 1972 NART. This car was an extension of Ferrari’s racing program that reached across the Atlantic. While entered as a Corvette, it had the famous horse badge on the side.
  • AFX Racemasters Ford MkIV – HO scale Racemasters have released images of the first tooling sample of the new car.

Slot Racing

  • World Championship Slot Car Proxy 2021 Round #1 of the series at the Tanex Raceway in Vancouver, BC, Canada, is complete and Alwyn “SuperSlab” recorded full video coverage of qualifying, and the race.
Tanex Raceway, a four lane routed slot track
  • Tuning “Don’ts” for Newbies Nonfractal looks back to his days as a newbie slotter and shares the things he’s learned.
  • Brighton to John O’Groats Road Race The length of Britain proxy event continues apace. Results from stages 3 & 4 at MYST Raceway and Rodney’s Raceway have been posted, and the cars will soon be on their way to Harlequin Garage in Nottingham for the half way Stages.
The start ramp at the Brighton to John O'Groats Road Race
Four Scalextric Jaguar I-Pace cars