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Electric Vehicle Triathlon Proxy Event (EV Triathlon) -Official Thread

Introducing a new Proxy Event for Slot-cars.

The “EV Triathlon” is an event comprising three aspects of competition and is for models of Electric Vehicles, specifically the Jaguar I-Pace. Scalextric only offer 4 of these cars, two low-spec in a set and two high-spec available individually. The low spec-cars have an interior tray and therefore the weight difference is about 5 grams. Experience has shown that the traction magnets are pretty essential for these tall vehicles so this is a “mag event”.
Although slot-car enthusiasts have been involved with electricity powered vehicles for decades there has been little engagement with the 1:1 sport despite Carrera and producing models of the Gen1 Formula E cars and a Lola B12 EV  (and now Scalextric planning a Gen2 Formula E car).

The three disciplines are: 1-Rally, 2-Sprint, 3-Drag Race. Appropriate 1-twisty, 2-circuit type and 3-Drag Strip layouts will be used and all will be plastic section tracks.
The event will take place in May 2021 and entries or notes of interest are invited here. The regulations are in the next posting.

I am hoping that the simplicity of the regulations and the basis of the event will attract beginners as well as seasoned campaigners and for repeats in future years.
Feel free to ask related questions, either on this thread or to Forum user I.Pace




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count me in Leo
my car has a number '9'(nine) decal already applied if that helps 

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Yes please! Count me in Thumbup 

I shall dust down my I-Pace.
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Hello Kev and Andy,

Great to see you getting involved with this event.
I'm not sure how many people have Scalextric I-Paces already, but they can be easily found new or on Ebay for a lot less than the traditional proxy cars like SRC, NSR,, etc.

Only a few versions to choose from, the paint is fairly easily removed from the white ones so a re-livery is do-able.


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livery  done  Yes
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Mine's currently like this, but I'm sure I can do something with it...


I really enjoyed the Berlin  I-Trophy races last summer and was looking at re-liveries for a couple of the cars that ran in the 2019-20 season. Sadly the series was cancelled for this year.

I noticed Jadlams have the two set cars for £60 here.

Sadly Jaguar pulled the plug on funding for the I-Trophy just as it was gaining a following. The Jaguar brand lost some prestige during the Ford era but is getting back up again with the more recent models.

Being a Scot, I am of course a big fan of the Ecurie Ecosse team and when I saw the Group 44 Heritage I-Pace, I had to make an EE equivalent. Waiting for Lockdown to relax enough for me to take it to Merchiston Mews for a few photographs :-)

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whilst truing the tyres for the I-Pace 
one has become extremely gummy / sticky 
the other trued fine 
both have been trued the same way 
has anyone else seen this type of thing before ?
is it fixable ?
or ( this might seem daft ) should both be like the one on the left ?

Hello Kev,
That's not looking good. Did the tyre get quite hot?  I think that short blasts are best.  
The front tyres are narrower than the rear so a swap won't be on. The word on truing from Chris Walker was to use alcohol to try to improve the surface but he didn't say how many glasses to drink!
Mind you gummy might be good.


Here is a little taster of the Drag-Strip. For the event, the cars will run individually but this preview video has two I-Paces duelling.
Its a 28.8 foot strip. Elapsed time around 2.6 seconds and overall scale speed over 200 mph (by my maths).


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