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Maralic Models Group B Mazda RX7 slot car


Artisan resin model maker Maralic are known for their static models. Over the past few years, they have partnered with Avant Slot to produce a stunning 1980s Team Opel Chevy assistance van and a Martini Racing Fiat van is due this summer. Drawings of the Mazda RX7 appeared on the Maralic Facebook page at the beginning of 2020. It is now available - and it is a slot car...


The chassis is borrowed from low production Spanish manufacturer Otero Scale Model, who produce 1/43 and 1/87 scale static models and recently a couple of 1/32 slot rally cars - the Citroën AX and Opel Kadett C GT/E. The chassis has adjustable wheelbase and uses OSC / SRC running gear.


Maralic have modelled the two Group B Mazda RX7s that made their debut at the 1984 Acropolis Rally in the hands of Achim Warmbold / Michele 'Biche' Petit and Ingvar Carlson / Benny Melander. Warmbold and Biche finished ninth, Carlson and Melander retired. You can see one of them early in this German film of the 1984 event...

The Mazda entry into the WRC was built and run by Warmbold's Mazda Rally Team Europe, with minimal support from the manufacturer. Unlike most of its Group B rivals, the RX7 was based on a standard road car - nearly half a million eligible homologation models were produced, rather more than the 200 units required by the Group B regulations! By 1984, the RX7 was rather long in the tooth and lacked the four-wheel drive that was becoming essential for any new entry into the Group B arena. The Group B Evo RX7 was powered by a high-revving rotary engine, producing upwards of 300bhp and the car also featured aerodynamic tweaks and lightweight body panels. Here's a Group B RX7 in action at the Monza Rally Show in 2016...

The highlight of the RX7's two-year and eight-rally Group B career was a stunning third place for Carlson and Melander at the 1985 Acropolis - Warmbold and Gerhard Kischekel finishing sixth.

Maralic have two releases from the 1984 Acropolis Rally...

C-2103 Mazda RX7 Group B #20 Ingvar Carlson / Benny Melander, 1984 Acropolis Rally. Limited to 100 units. 175 Euros via Maralic Models

C-2104 Mazda RX7 Group B set of both cars from the 1984 Acropolis Rally. Limited to 50 units. 350 Euros via Maralic Models

From the look of the box artwork, there might be the 1985 Acropolis cars in the pipeline too. Even at those prices, the Maralic RX7 will certainly pique the interest of hard-core Group B slot rally fans.
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seriously imo one of the best looking group B cars never previously commercially produced as a 1/32 slot car
i made this one for Lloyds 1/43 little monte proxy from an old Arten body
based on this 1:1 monte carlo rally entry 
it was my 1st proxy attempt .... it didnt go as well as it looked :(


ps:- as much as i would love one , mrs kev wouldnt , such is life
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