The STS trailer attached to a Mercedes, a Nissan, and a Jeep

Reference 2202

Introduced in 1985, these are simple rectangular trailers designed to be towed behind all the cars except Peugeots. They have a single axle similar to those used on cars but without the gear. This clips to the underside of the trailer body. Two bars forming a blunt V come forward from the front, lower edge of the trailer to the hitch. The hitch has two parts. The upper part has the hole to go over the hook at the rear of the car. Below that is a plain piece, which goes under the hook to prevent the hitch uncoupling in use. There is a recess at the rear of the trailer to accommodate a hook so that more than one trailer can be towed in line. Hooks were never fitted into trailers as standard and would have to be taken from other cars.

The trailers were packed with a sheet of self-adhesive decals to brighten up their otherwise plain appearance. These decals are not pre-cut so have to be cut from the sheet by hand before they can be applied. Trailers are very light and have a tendency to bounce a lot on the rough track and obstacles. They can be used to carry “loads” but a heavy load would affect the performance of the car and a light load would tend to jump out of the trailer as it bounced over the track.

Trailers were individually packed in bags and card. These were then packed for dealers in boxes of four. I have been told that trailers were originally produced in the four Jeep colours, red, yellow, green and white. I have also seen blue trailers in original packing but these seem to be much less common which would bear out the idea that this colour was an afterthought. They have also been seen in three non-standard colours, black, turquoise and bright red (corresponding to the colours of the Nissan Patrols. It is believed that these were produced unofficially at the time the factory closed in 1992 or very soon after.