Exin STS - Super Track System

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Exin Scalextric STS | Written by Peter Zivanovic


You are probably aware of the obsolete off road systems of SCX (Spanish Scalextric).

You may not have heard of two earlier incarnations of this type of system though – STS and the later TT. Both were produced by Exin, parent company of the Spanish Scalextric company.

STS - Super Track System was an exciting and possibly unique slot car and track system, based on the Paris-Dakar rally, with rough, sand coloured track, and an impressive range of inclines, obstacles, and hazards.

Manufactured by the Spanish Scalextric company Exin from 1985-89, the combination of the smaller scale track and 4x4 cars was unlike any other slot car system before, posing a huge range of unusual challenges, making it great fun to play with.

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For those of you lucky enough to know or own STS, then Peter's comprehensive catalogue should be a treat.

For those of you who don't, well it may have had a short life, it may not have been widely available outside of Spain, and you might not have even heard of it before. But we challenge you to check out the pages below, and tell us you don't want a set.