Car Spares & Accesories

Various spare parts from the STS range, including a body, wheels and tyres, motor, and decals

Reference 2400-2505

In line with other Scalextric products a range of spare parts was offered . These were packed in bags and card.

Braid width should be chosen according to the guide (see the section on guides on the chassis page).

Two sheets of self-adhesive decals were also available packed in bag and card. These provided additional decoration rather than replacements for the original decals. It is not believed that decals were available to repair or replace the original liveries. As with the stickers for the trailers, these don’t appear to have been pre-cut.

Car bodies were also available. These were packed in bags with card covers. I have only seen a few of these in the original packing, which makes these “accessories” much more rare in MB form than the complete cars. I suspect that either few were made or that many have been used as a cheap way of making up complete new cars.

Roofs for Jeeps and Mercedes were never listed as spares but may have been obtainable. Mirrors were also never listed but again, may have been obtainable. It is not believed that towing hooks were ever available other than with cars or bodies.