Digest 21

Published by woodcote on May 23, 2022

UK Slot Car Festival Special Edition

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Slot Car Festival mosiac

This short video – produced by the British Motor Museum – captures the event perfectly!

Slot Cars

Scalextric Honda Civic x2
Slot.it Ferrari 512M
Six wheeled March 2-4-0 single seater
Red Ferrari 250 TDF club racer
Sky Blue TVR Vixen
Fly Renault 5 Turbos
Racer Sideways Bentley GT3
NSR McLaren GT3
Mercedes Benz L-319 van in a blue Mercedes team livery

Tracks & Scenery

Slot Track Scenics Barcelona layout at Gaydon 2019
Slot Track Scenics' recreation of the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg
Hub's Flat Over Crest layout

Slot Car Racing

Racing images from the Slot Car Festival
Worthing Digital racing


Slot Car Magazine at the Slot Car Festival

Video – British Motor Museum


Triumph GT6 Mk3


Motorsport section at the British Motor Museum
Ferrari F1 car
Toyota WRC car
Nascar All Star race poster
McLaren Indy 500 car

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Members’ Tracks

Published by JasonB on Oct 17, 2021 in Features, Updates

A montage of photos from our members' slot tracks

If you are looking for ideas and inspiration for your track build, or if like me, you just like seeing what others have done with their layouts, then perhaps we could guide you towards our Members’ Tracks section.

You’ll find a hand picked showcase of forum members’ tracks there, with details, photos and links to the full forum threads should you wish to see more, ask a question, or make a comment.

Each one of these tracks is fantastic in it’s own right, but when you put them all together, when you see the range and diversity of ideas, and the talent of the makers, I think it makes a fantastic advert for our hobby. If you ever wanted to explain slot car racing to someone, you could do a lot worse than show them these tracks.

Members’ Tracks


Published by JasonB on Jun 27, 2021 in Features, Updates

If you’re feeling a little adventurous, and if you have a modicum of patience, then you might be interested in our retro software packages. They’re all free, and they’re all useful in their own way.

We have a track designer, a slot car inventory, a race management sytem, and even an advanced combination of all three for Scalextric.

Scalextric Sport World

Scalextric Sport World logo

Sport World offers a 3d Scalextric track designer, a comprehensive car library and technical manual, a driver database, and a wide range of race types and features. We’ve got the files for you to recreate the original software CD.

Slot Man

SlotMan, short for Slot Car Manager, is a track designer and track timing software originally developed by Wolfgang Krech. It may be a little outdated but it still does the job, and it also allows editing of track sections to make new pieces, so it’s very flexible.

Lap Timer 2000 & Slot Cars 2000

Gregory Braun may have sadly passed away, but he’s left his legacy in the form of two useful bits of kit…

Lap Timer 2000 is a lightweight and easy to use race management system for home use, and Slot Cars 2000 is a comprehensive slot car inventory. You can check out both for free.

It costs absolutely nothing to check out these applications, and who knows, you might just find one that floats your boat. Just click below to grab your downloads.

Software Downloads

Library Update

Published by JasonB on Jun 24, 2021 in Features, Updates

The latest update to the Library brings us a dozen additions to our burgeoning collection of Scalextric catalogues.

Covering the periods 1970-78, and 1982-84, the new scans complete our collection for every year from 1960 to 1984, and there are many more to come.

Our new contributor, Richard Winter should really be given some sort of honarary title such as the “Holder of the National Collection of Scalextric Publications”. His collection is quite amazing, and he’s kindly scanning them for us, and filling in the gaps in our Scalextric library. Many thanks Richard.

The Library