Land Rover

Green, yellow, and white Land Rovers from the STS range

Reference 2205

This model is based on the short wheelbase variant of the classic Land Rover - now branded “Defender” - with a complete roof and windows. As well as the front winch, the model has a number of embellishments including a wing-mounted shovel, a roof-height exhaust and a roof rack. Land Rovers were first seen in the catalogue in 1988, and being produced later, are less common than the earlier cars.

I have also seen a white Land Rover with a red driver and 5 “Camel” livery.

Yellow and green Land Rovers were both produced in two distinct shades. The more common cars are those made in the brighter, richer shades typical of many slot cars. Most of the promotional literature shows the duller shades but in fact these are less common. The dull yellow is sometimes called mustard. The dull green is particularly rare and is often referred to as khaki. I always understood that khaki was a predominantly brown colour but the colour certainly has a military look to it, albeit rather light. I have been told that the dull shades were produced only for use in sets. I have also been told that they were produced towards the end of the life of sts but this is not consistent with their use in brochures. Some of the dull coloured cars (particularly mustard) were sold after the factory closed as bodies only without winches. This could indicate that either they were made by the factory near the time that production and sale of sts ended or set sales did not reach expectations.

Apart from the standard colours and variations, I have also seen Land Rovers in blue (5 & 12) and purple (12). I have also seen a white Land Rover with a white driver (12) (photo). I believe that these cars were all produced unofficially when the factory closed. A Land Rover was also been reported to me in red (not seen), this might have been a test shot.

Around the mid noughties, someone with access to the Land Rover moulds produced more bodies in 6 non-standard colours. I never saw these but I believe they included black, brown and three different shades of green. I never really took any notice of these as they could only be completed by canibbalising original cars, which I was not prepared to do. I also thought that asking north of €100 for each was taking the Mickey. Nevertheless, if anyone reading this has any information or photographs of these, please let me know and we will include them.