Yellow, blue, and white Puch Pinzgauers, with box art

Reference 2204

The Pinzgauer was first seen in the 1986 Exin Catalogue. It is a type of box van, and this basic shape means that, apart from the mirrors, there is very little that is fragile. All had Puch logos on the roof. The winch was not fitted. No weight is visible but there is a space in the driver platform, which probably accommodates one.

The factory produced cars in two different shades of yellow. A number of slightly darker yellow cars with the 28 “Totip” livery have been seen (see above). It is also believed that some red cars have been made (not seen) and, whilst the details and origins of these are not certain, it is thought that a sub-contractor in Madrid made them. Apparently, these red cars first appeared in shops in the Madrid area. I have been told that there is an example of an orange Pinzgauer (not seen), which came from the factory after it closed. This may have been a test shot or it might perhaps be a reference to the red car if the shade of red used was particularly bright.