Dutch GP

How did I do?
You just set a new lap record.

The Dutch Grand Prix is Scott Stoddard's first race back since his unfortunate crash at Monaco.

Pete Aron and Jean-Pierre Sarti are already 18 points clear of Stoddard in the world championship.

Scott Stoddard Scott Stoddard with Jeff Jordan Scott Stoddard Frankenheimer adjusts Bedford's helmet


Race Commentator

Coming into the pits now is Scott Stoddard in the BRM.

The Dutch Grand Prix, here at Zandvoort tomorrow, will be his first race since his accident at Monte Carlo in May.

His serious injuries must be extremely painful.

Race car in the paddock Racing driver putting on helmet


Circuit Park Zandvoort was built in the sand dunes of northern Holland after World War II, using communications roads built by the occupying German army. 1927 Le Mans winner, S. C. H. "Sammy" Davis was brought in as a track design advisor in July 1946, and the first race on the circuit, the Prijs van Zandvoort, took place on 7 August 1948.

Zandvoort circuit layout

Circuit Park Zandvoort

C8204 R3 4
C8205 S 24
C8202 R1 14
C8200 1/4S 2
C8236 SS 1
C8235 R4 14
C8206 R2 2
C8278 1/2 R1 2
C8207 1/2S 6

Scalextric Sport

Size 4.64 x 3.52m, 15.22 x 11.55ft

The Circuit

Length: 2.642 miles, 4.252 km
Direction: Clockwise

Zandvoort hosted the Dutch Grand Prix as part of the World Championship from 1952-85.

However there was no race in 1972, as the drivers boycotted the track because of it's poor facilities and condition.

After extensive modifications the track returned to the F1 calendar with a fanfare in 1973. Unfortunately that year's race was the scene of one of the darkest moments in the sport's history.

On the eighth lap of the race, Roger Williamson crashed heavily near Tunnel Oost. David Purley stopped alongside, crossed the track and ran over to the burning March. Purley tried in vain to turn the car upright. The marshals, who were not wearing flame retardant overalls, were unable and unwilling to help due to the intense heat.

Race control assumed that it was Purley's car that had crashed and that the driver had escaped unharmed. Many drivers who saw Purley waving them down to stop assumed the same. As a result, the race continued at full pace while Purley desperately tried to save the life of Williamson. Williamson died not of skin burns but of asphyxiation. Purley was later awarded the George Medal for his actions.

Cars on the grid Graham Hill turning left Sweeping left turn Start of the race


Race Commentator

Now, here's Stoddard's best lap.

One minute, 25.9. The fastest lap ever on this circuit.

What a wonderful comeback for this brave young driver.

Results & Standings

Race Result
Driver Team Pts
1st Scott Stoddard Jordan BRM 9
5th* Nino Barlini Ferrari 2
6th* Jean-Pierre Sarti Ferrari 1
Driver Team Pts
1st Jean-Pierre Sarti Ferrari 18
2nd Peter Aron Yamura 18
3rd Nino Barlini Ferrari 14*
4th Scott Stoddard Jordan BRM 9