French GP

The Ferrari will be in pole position for tomorrow's French Grand Prix.

For reasons unknown the 1966 French Grand Prix at Reims was not used in the film, which instead used the Circuit de Charade, also known as Circuit Clermont-Ferrand.

Pete Aron is forced to work as a TV interviewer at this race, having been sacked by his Jordan BRM team for causing a crash with his team mate in Monaco.

That team mate, Scott Stoddard is still recovering from serious injuries sustained in the crash.

John Frankenheimer on set John Frankenheimer on set Crowds at Clermont Ferrand Crowds at Clermont Ferrand
Driver sitting on the wheel of his car Françoise Hardy at a bookshop Tishiro Mifune records the lap time Françoise Hardy, posing with scooter Françoise Hardy taking a photo Yves Montand talks to the crew
Starting Grid Starting Grid Starting Grid Spectator stand at the circuit

Clermont Ferrand

The track was originally built after the Second World War, when the President of the Sports Association of the Automobile Club of Auvergne, Jean Auchatraire, and accomplished racer Louis Rosier designed a course by adapting existing roads around the Puy de Dôme, an extinct volcano. Construction began in May 1957 and the first race was held in July 1958.

Charade circuit Scalextric layout

Circuit de Charade

C8204 R3 20
C8205 S 40
C8202 R1 29
C8200 1/4S 4
C8235 R4 23
C8206 R2 17
C8278 1/2 R1 3
C8207 1/2S 10

Scalextric Sport

Size 11.08 x 4.92m, 36.35 x 16.15ft

The Circuit

Length: 5.005 Miles, 8.055 km
Direction: Clockwise

Originally, the 5 mile long circuit was described as an even twistier and faster version of the Nürburgring. With a relentless number of sharp curves and elevation changes and with almost no discernible straights, the circuit was both feared and respected by competitors.

But while the circuit's natural setting created a sinuous, challenging race course, it also created safety concerns due to the dark, volcanic rocks which fell from the mountain onto both sides of the track.

Clermont Ferrand hosted the French GP four times, but inevitably, like so many other circuits, safety concerns surfaced, and from 1973 to 1990, Circuit Paul Ricard became the regular venue for the race. Charade never hosted an F1 GP again.

James Garner talks to Yves Montand and Graham Hill Yves Montand and Françoise Hardy in the pits Race Control at Charade circuit Camera mounted on the front of a race car
Start of the race The cars power off the start line Smoking tyres and wheelspin at the start of the race The cars approach a corner
A Yamura powers down the straight The Ferraris follow A Yamura car flashes past a Firestone banner Yves Montand with the winners laurels

Results & Standings

Race Result
Driver Team Pts
1 Jean-Pierre Sarti Ferrari 9
2 Nino Barlini Ferrari 6
Driver Team Pts
1 Jean-Pierre Sarti Ferrari 18
2 Nino Barlini Ferrari 6
Scott Stoddard Jordan BRM 0
Peter Aron 0