Monaco GP

The drivers are all on the grid now, and the Monaco Grand Prix is about to start.

And so begins an epic, season long journey, to victory, to danger, and to death. Such was the nature of Formula 1 in those days.

Start finish straight at the Monaco Grand Prix Crowds look on at the Monaco Grand Prix Crowds look on at the Monaco Grand Prix

Monte Carlo

The starting grid at the Monaco Grand Prix is the venue for the opening scenes of the film, and it is fitting that such an iconic circuit should be so placed. Not just because of the fact that Monte Carlo is so instantly recognisable, and so inherantly part of Formula 1, but also because it was actually the inaugural race of the 1966 F1 World Championship.

Monte Carlo circuit layout

Circuit de Monaco

C8204 R3 4
C8205 S 41
C8202 R1 14
C8200 1/4S 1
C8236 SS 2
C8235 R4 8
C8206 R2 9
C8207 1/2S 2

Scalextric Sport

Size 7.48 x 3.04m, 24.53 x 9.98ft

The Circuit

Length: 1.954 Miles, 3.145 km
Direction: Clockwise

To most motorsport fans the Monaco Grand Prix needs very little introduction. It is one of the most challenging, most prestigious, and most glamorous races in the world.

The circuit is famous for it's tight hairpins, elevation changes, and harbour frontage. Amongst the drivers, Monaco is known as probably the most challenging on the F1 calendar, where even a moment's lack of concentration will be punished.

Nowadays it can also be considered a dangerous and frustrating anachronism, but at the time of filming, it was still in it's heyday. The cars were obviously narrower back then, tyres were skinny, and the circuit still provided exciting racing.

Moreover, Monaco was for most people imbued with legendary glamour and sophistication.

Start finish straight at the Monaco Grand Prix The cars head round the circuit Filming in Monaco Filming in Monaco
Ten seconds...

Five... four... three... two... one.


Monaco GP

I love the challenge of Monaco. Driving through ordinary streets full out, is to me what racing is all about.
Monaco Grand Prix Monaco Grand Prix Monaco Grand Prix

Results & Standings

Race Result
Driver Team Pts
1 Jean-Pierre Sarti Ferrari 9
2 Nino Barlini Ferrari 6
3 Tim Randolph Yamura 4
DNF Scott Stoddard Jordan BRM
Peter Aron Jordan-BRM