British GP

Today's British Grand Prix will be Nino Barlini's first race here at Brands Hatch.

Going into the penultimate race of the season Scott Stoddard is in fantastic form, in spite of the fact that he is still recovering from his crash in Monaco. He's won the last three races and leads the championship from, Sarti, Aron, and Barlini.

Man with a rocket pack on his back tightens his helmet straps Rocket man lifts off in front of the grandstand Rocket man rises higher Rocket man reaches the height of the top of the grandstand
The start of the British GP The cars power away from the grid Spectators watch from the bank as the cars sweep round the left hand corner Spectators watch from the bank as the cars sweep round the left hand corner
Jeff Jordan and Scott Stoddard Brian Bedford and John Frankenheimer Car on a right hand corner Antonio Sabàto

Brands Hatch

The sweeping corners and undulations of Brands Hatch have made it one of the best loved, and most well known tracks in Britain. In fact Gerhard Berger once called it "the best circuit in the world". Brands Hatch hosted the British Grand Prix from 1964-86, on alternate years, sharing with Silverstone.

Brands Hatch circuit layout

Brands Hatch

C8204 R3 11
C8205 S 26
C8202 R1 4
C8200 1/4S 1
C8236 SS 2
C8235 R4 17
C8206 R2 5
C8207 1/2S 4

Scalextric Sport

Size 4.22 x 3.41m, 13.85 x 11.18ft

The Circuit

Length: 2.433 miles, 3.908 km km
Direction: Clockwise

Brands Hatch was originally a natural grassy hollow that was shaped like an amphitheatre, first used as a circuit in the late 1920s by a group of cyclists, with the permission of the local farmer and landowner.

It wasn't until 1950 that the circuit was paved, and the circuit opened as a motor racing venue on the 16th April.

The original kidney shaped layout was extended in 1954 to add what is now Druid's Hill Bend, and in 1960 the track length was doubled by taking the track into the next valley, to form what is more or less the current layout.

Smoking race car People rushing to help Aron is safe Chequered flag at Brands Hatch


Race Commentator

Barlini's the leader, but he's not far ahead of Sarti and Aron.

Here's Stoddard coming into the pits very slowly.
Goodness, he looks as if he's on the edge of collapse.

What a shame, he was driving a beautiful race.
Scott Stoddard does seem to be in a bad way.
His retirement certainly puts a new complexion on the race.

Barlini leads, but Ferrari team leader Sarti, Aron, and Rindt, all have the Sicilian in their sights.

The cars file into the pits Barlini on the podium Barlini on the podium Graham Hill stands by his car

Results & Standings

Race Result
Driver Team Pts
1st Nino Barlini Ferrari 9
2nd Peter Aron Yamura 6
3rd Jean-Pierre Sarti Ferrari 4
DNF Scott Stoddard Jordan BRM 0
Driver Team Pts
1st Nino Barlini Ferrari 28
2nd= Jean-Pierre Sarti Ferrari 27
2nd= Scott Stoddard Jordan BRM 27
4th Peter Aron Yamura 26