Digest 12

Catching up on all of this week’s slot car news, plus a special feature on a big cat which is celebrating its 60th birthday

Sideways Ferrari 512BBs, Audi Quattro S2, Ford Escort, Ice cream van, Ford GT MkIV, and Corvette development

Slot Racing

The Great Slotcar Road Race, Brighton to John O'Groats, 2021
Four Scalextric Jaguar I-Pace cars

Slot Cars

Red and yellow Sideways Ferrari 512BB LM slot cars on track
Technical drawing of the AFX Racemasters Ford MkIV

Tracks & Scenery

Digital slot track plan of a recreation of Circuit Paul Ricard
  • Le Circuit Paul Ricard Tom has posted his plans for a fantastic digital recreation of the famous French track, with two configurations.
  • F1 2018You can also find lots of real circuit recreations in our F1 2018 section.
  • Track Plans And many more in our Track Plans collection.
  • Rally track grave yard ? What has happened to all those great rally tracks?
  • MRRC FIGURES Gpa113 has been painting some driver figures.
  • Wall’s Ice Cream Van The Corgi Wall’s Ice Cream van from 1966 is legendary and commands premium prices on the collector’s market, but here is your chance to get a branded replica for £1.99 including postage!




  • Suspension basics Is a suspension system on a slot car essential, or a distraction? Does it depend on the type of track? Let us know about your experience.


This week’s special feature is all about a big cat that is celebrating its 60th birthday…

I’ve actually met one or two people that claim it’s not that great, but they are obviously quite wrong. Almost everybody else on planet earth has recognised it as one of the most iconic, most graceful, and most desirable sports cars ever.

Of course, you already know what I’m talking about, so I won’t bore you with the apocryphal tales of Enzo Ferrari calling it the most beautiful car ever, nor will I stretch your patience with the well known story of William Lyons being less than impressed with the idea.

But, good lord, just look at it. Just take a few moments to take it all in.

Jaguar E Type

Ladies and gentleman, I present you with the Jaguar E-Type.