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Brighton to John o'Groats Road Race -Proxy Event


Wavegreen Have you ever wondered what it would be like to enter a road race, perhaps some of you have. However in these difficult times it seems unlikely that we might in the near future. However perhaps in our "Slot car world" we can imagine taking part in such an event similar to one of the well known events like the "East to West Coast Cannonball run" in the USA. So I came to thinking with a little imagination we could construct a Proxy Slot car event based on a Road Race between the the South Coast of England and  North coast of Scotland (Brighton to John O'Groats run ). And if so what slot cars would be the fastest ?

With the help from some willing hosts I have planned this Proxy Event who will run the cars on their home tracks. Each host will run the cars on 2 stages to represent Highway (sprint track) and B roads (Rally style). There are 6 hosts then who will  fairly but competitively race each slot car singly to achieve the fastest running time for each stage, resulting in the combined fastest time to have completed the imaginary road race. The hosts who are either already experienced in Hosting or as entrants previously are Andy (Brighton), Phil (Hereford), Graham (Nottingham), Paul (Wrexham) Kevin (Burnley) and Scuderia_Turini (Edinburgh). 

We welcome any of you who wish to test your slot cars on out on our journey, to see if you can win the title of having fastest Slot Car on the "Brighton to John O'Groats run". A variety of slot cars are allowed including Sports, Rally, Supercars, Touring and Muscle cars which comply with the rules attached.
There is Class A for Scalextric cars only, and Class B for all other slot cars (allowed under the rules). The intention is to recognise winners in each of the classes.

All cars must be received no later than  12th April, addressed to the Administrator / Scrutineer (Nottingham), it is intended that the race proper will start around the 23rd April by Andy in Brighton. We think it should take 6-8 weeks to complete.

There is a fixed fee of £8 (up to 2 cars) to cover the "host to host" postage transport cost,  only one car for each class can be entered. Depending on the number of entries, any surplus left in the fees will be entirely spent on prize money.

To enter please send me (administrator) a personal message with details of your email address, and I will send you an applications form. Fees will need to be paid either in advance or included with the cars on receipt.

Graham Edwards (RoadRace Administrator)

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There is also a Facebook page for the event. Search for:
The Great Slot Car Road Race Proxy.

Thanks for setting this event up for us all Graham.
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Direct link for the FB group Thumbup
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Many thanks for you efforts on the Facebook page, I will enjoy  following that as well  Thumbup
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Wavegreen we have decided to add a C class as a Historic Road Race featuring the "Tour de France Automotive" cars between 1951 and 1979

There will be no additional fees for entering this 3rd class, and there's plenty of scope to interest those of you who have a keen interest in these long gone road racing events.

Hopefully over the next couple of days I hope to post up some photos of potential cars you could use for this new class and the other 2 classes.

We have now at least 13 entries but we would welcome a few more to join us on this fun road trip up the country.

Entrants  so far;

OXO Cube
Andy P
Rebecca P
Mike S
Phil F
Paul C
Gerry F
Graham E

Wavegreen very pleased to welcome Ash B,  our latest entrant to the Road Race which now gives us 14 entries to date.

On the Historical Class 3 theme, we are getting some very interesting cars entered, and for that reason I feel justified in announcing a "Concourse"  element to this class for best judged entry. Finalising my ideas on this but I am thinking of a vote by entrants approach. See how this idea developes

Also please see attached the revised docs accomodating the 3 classes. - I don't expect any more changes to be made from now on

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.pdf Class C- Eligible car list.pdf Size: 28.61 KB  Downloads: 60
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Just to note I have changed my forum name so I can now fit it on the underside of my chassis for this proxy.

BourneAgainRacer has taken early retirement, long live BARacer...

I love puttering with gears
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Hi BARacer, that clears up something for me, as I thought I had gained someone unaccounted for  Bigsmile

However I would like to welcome Simon K to the race

I would also like to Welcome Pendle Slot Racing as our official Event sponsor  Thumbup

Entrants so far:

OXO cube
Andy P
Rebecca P
Mike S
Phil F
Paul C
Gerry F
Ash B
Simon K
Graham E
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Putting together my car for the heritage class C 
Interior coloured and reinstalled. 


This a car previously used for LSC London so...
Out with the Avant Hurricane 27k and in with an old scaleauto junior sprinter 17k. 

Inverted offset axle bushes to lift the rear end. 
My first ever attempt at a sprung guide. Bit stiff, needs work. Tappingfoot

Alan W
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Glad you tamed the motor, otherwise might been way down the road before the others managed get into 4th gear.

And painted that scantly decorated SRC interior, I am impressed, I see your not wanting to get pulled over for that  Bigsmile

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