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Batch of R&R figures

My batch of R&R figures arrived with 1:32 scale speed from the UK to me in the Netherlands. Their trip lasted six weeks.
First I sanded their feet to keep them upright. In contrast to 3D figures, these resin figures must be deburred well.
Air bubbles also need to be filled. Next,  I'll start painting all skin surfaces followed by the rest.

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Made some progress yesterday:

Skin and pants painted.                                                                                                                 Some colours mixed. Still a long way to go.
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Looking great HUB 

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(26th-Feb-22, 02:14 PM)Fluff Wrote:  Looking great HUB 


Thank you, Steve.
Here are a few pictures of my progress so far:

The "dry box".                                                                                                                                     The progress so far. Still a lot detailing to do.

A close-up of some unfinished figures.                                                                                    The head of a nail is the basis for a 1:32 scale stopwatch.
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That's nice to see how you have modified some of the figures into different poses .Now the weather is getting warmer I must get on and paint some of mine .
Thanks for the inspiration !!!

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A few figures are finished now:

Watching the action...The businessman on the left is holding his balsa wooden smartphone. The man in the middle has a Coke and on the right a man drinks his hot coffee.
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Absolutely fantastic!  Great job.
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Excellent stuff as always Hub. Couple of questions:

Do you prime the figures first or paint straight onto the resin?

What paint do you use? Enamel or acrylic?

Thank you Brian.
I first degrease with white spirit, followed by a thin layer of very diluted regular (white) primer.
After drying overnight, painting with matt Enamel can begin.

You should never use glossy paint for the clothes of your figures.
For leather garments it is best to use a silk matt paint.

Hub Thumbup
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A few more to paint and then all the figures are ready:

A few Marshalls still need some paint.
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