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Question Testing the water - movie figures for track display

Just trying to get some feedback as to whether people would be interested in movie figures for their track or dioramas.

My immediate though is Marty McFly and Doc Brown to go with the new DeLorian?

These would be high detail resin printed 3D figures ready to prime and paint, price estimate £7 each plus P&P I would also look at optional extras to ho with the figures and dioramas.

This would be avilable through C&C Designs.

Thanks for reading and any feedback.



[url=]C&C Designs - High Quality Decal Printing[/url]
[url=]Wraith Obsessions[/url]

Seems like a good idea Colin, the Daisy Duke figure that came with the Pioneer General Lee proved highly popular. Personally I find the price of 3D printed figures too high but they generally seem to sell well.

Hello Colin, 
I don't know much about "Back To The Future" but the female characters are probably the ones that will sell best...  


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I would think this would work, most people who have 'populated' their permanent tracks would be up for a few 'famous' people at race day especially in the VIP areas etc

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