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Angus (Makers Muse) is probably my favourite 3D maker dude, today I watched with avid interest about a material he tried for his FDM printers...and it's been around for decades, is cheap and seems to work on all filaments without any fancy dan adhesion enhancers...

I bring you (or rather Angus does)...G10 - The best print surface you've never heard of...

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Well I've done something I should have done a year ago...bought a Prusa i3 MK3S+...super excited  Sun Wrench Cool

I already have two printers, Anycubic Photon Mono X (resin) and a Qidi X-Plus (filament) but the Qidi needs a major extruder upgrade

...make that three printers, I also have a Mars Pro which hasn't seen the light of day since the Photon arrived.

I bought a Prusa because I spent too much time faffing about with the Qidi to get good prints then it'll go 'off tune' for no apparent reason.

I won't be wasting filament on benchys and other wastes of filament, I have chassis that need printing.

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One  of the "sillier " highlights of the SSRC season tonight,  The Annual 2CV Grand Prix  Wrench

Four of SCX 's awesome little Citroen 2CV's,  on the Routed Raceway.   Even at 10 volts these have a mind of their own.....

Quick no,  Fun Yes  Thumbup   10 lap heats with the combined time for all 4 heats deciding places in the step up Finals.

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Guess where I'll be tomorrow?


My first dedicated slot car show. It looks like fun.


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Scalextric C4264 Ginetta G60-LT-P1 - Silverstone 4 Hours 2019 - Oliver Jarvis, Mike Simpson and Guy Smith. RRP £46.99. Available now

The announcement of the Scalextric Ginetta LMP1 was quite a surprise back in 2019. Scalextric hadn't released a full-blown modern LMP racer for almost a decade. The choice of the Ginetta G60-LT-P1 was an excellent tie-up between two British companies - despite the frankly disappointing debut of the car with the TRSM team, who'd bought Manor Motorsport. The Chinese team had plenty of problems and although the Adrian Reynard-designed chassis seemed promising, the Mecachrome V6 Turbo engine wasn't up to the job. Two cars were entered at the 2018 Le Mans 24 hours - both modelled and released by Scalextric in 2019 - the #6 retiring after nine hours and the #5 finishing last.


It was back to the drawing board for Ginetta - but the G60-LT-P1 would return for the 2019-20 World Endurance Championship season, starting with the Silverstone 4 hours in September. The two cars were now run in-house by Team LNT, fitted with the AER V6 Turbo that had a proven track record in the WEC. There was also a change of livery - which is nicely re-created by Scalextric for this latest model...


At Silverstone, the two Ginettas qualified fifth and sixth - comfortably on the LMP1 pace, a few tenths behind the second Rebellion - but over a second behind the pole-sitting #7 Toyota. During the race, the #5 Ginetta had a solid run to fourth place, five laps behind the two Toyotas. The #6 car had a hectic four hours - its mishaps featuring on the race highlights video below. The action started with the car shredding a tyre - bringing out the first safety car after 30 minutes. A second safety car followed when the hard-charging Olly Jarvis collided with the #71 AF Corse Ferrari GTE. The Ginetta did finish the race - 17 laps back in 28th place...

The season progressed with some optimism - although the other LMP1 contenders were highly experienced and at the top of their games, exposing the rookie status of Ginetta at the pinnacle of endurance racing. Performance was certainly there - and the cars led at the third round at Shanghai - but results are what matters. The team chose to sit out the trip to Austin to prepare for the big race at Sebring - but it was then that the Covid pandemic loomed. As an organisation, Ginetta made the difficult decision to prioritise its domestic customer motor racing activities and the LMP project was mothballed - it turns out permanently...


There's no doubt that the G60-LT-P1 was a good-looking LMP1 car, especially in the 2019-20 black and orange livery. However, it will remain nothing more than an insignificant footnote in the annals of sports car racing. But for those who follow the British marque, it was an exciting time - as it was for the drivers...

Whether Ginetta will return to the Hypercar era is a big question. Another is whether there will be more Ginettas to come for Scalextric. There have been four additional 'generic' liveries on the Scalextric G60-LT-P1 - plus a Batman-themed version - but many slot car fans would have hoped to see the GT4 and Ginetta Cup cars find their way into the catalogue. We shall have to wait and see... The 2022 range is announced in January.

The C4264 Ginetta G60-LT-P1 Silverstone 4 Hours model is available now. It is a high-ish detail model with working headlights and a full interior and driver figure - a perfect companion to the C4003 2018 Le Mans #5 car. The #6 car from 2018 is available in the C1404 ARC Pro Le Mans 24h set. This set-only car has working headlights, but blacked-out windows.

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Hello everyone,
This is my first interaction here so bear with me.
I have a Carrera GoPlus track. I have just upgraded it actually from Carrera Go to Go Plus. I have even bought the wireless controllers from Amazon last week, when me and my son decided we want to play again with this.
So, my issue is that the car from the blue lane is going by itself on the track, as soon as I put it there. I have programned the wireless remote like the manual says, I have downloaded the Carrera app for more fun and I have paired the phone with the track, but the car is still going at full speed by itself on the blue lane. The red lane works perfectly well. Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks so much for your help!
Take care!

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OK I have not used this carbon fibre filled filament on slot cars but have made a lot of parts for fast RC aircraft with it.

The filament is made by Proto Pasta, try it you will pleased

Black Carbon Fiber Composite | Carbon Fiber PLA Filament – ProtoPlant, makers of Proto-pasta

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I am trying to resurrect a couple of second-generation Monogram 1/32 chassis, those with a drop arm.


These wrecks are missing the suspension parts, I've tried to add weight to the swingarm for compensation.
Maybe I should fix the arms rigid instead?

Would appreciate seeing how you guys go about with this.

Cheers Carver

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This was entered in the Roncole Verde 1/32nd class . The work on the rear dzns is just stupendous. Even though the car is original, and issued with an atlas motor at the timeme, it is terribly wide and thingie like which list it points in concourse. 

However do not let that detract from the workmanship of the mechanical fans.




I have a video of it running... when I work out how to upload it , I will

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Hi all,

Some years ago I tried to make working wing lights on Slot.it's 4WD Audi e-tron quattro R18.
First using the original non-transparant wing. That turned out to be too weak...
Then I drew a new wing and had it printed by Shapeways (https://www.shapeways.com/) in a transparent material. 
That material turned out to be too brittle for the hard slotcar life...
Now Shapeways has a new material. SLA Plastic - Accura® 60. 
I hope this transparent plastic is stronger than the plastic from my first attempt. Anyone familiar with this plastic material?
One of these days I hope to get a print in the new material. 

To be continued...

The printed wing...
[Image: DiEq3wL.jpg]

2 small LEDs on each side of the wing...
[Image: ktgb7Gs.jpg]

The end result... (no lights on the left car)
[Image: YDM4xVK.jpg]

Here I used an original transparent wing from Slot.it... 
[Image: 7jhnXZf.jpg]

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