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Slot.it SP44 Universal Lighting Kit with brake for Analogue and Digital Slot.it. Available now £18.25

For users of the oXigen Type C Chip, this is what you've been waiting for - a lighting kit that is compatible with the little ribbon connector on the chip. The board will also work with analogue cars and is compatible with the following Slot.it digital chips: SP15b, SP15c, SP43, O201b2 and O201c.

The module supports two white front LEDs (more can be added by connecting extra LEDs in parallel - as long as they are of the same type), two rear red LEDs with braking (digital and analogue) and two auxiliary LED lines. On analogue cars, the +12V and GND terminals are simply connected to the pickup wires. Used with a Slot.it digital chip, the board must be connected via the cables included in the kit.

There are some new features for this version of the Universal Lighting Kit...

As before, when using the O201b2 chip or O201c chip with oXigen firmware, the lights can be switched on and off via the SCP controller. When a car stops on track the auxiliary LEDs will now flash (only if the lights are switched on) and if the car leaves the track, all the lights will start flashing after 3 seconds (whether lights are turned on or off).

Using the new lighting kit with the O201c chip with Scalextric SSD or Carrera D132 firmware also provides the flashing mode when a car leaves the track, but there's no flashing when the car stops on the track. The new SP43 Carrera D132 compatible chip works with the SP44 lighting kit to give all the features (on/off, flashing when stopped on track, flashing off track). It is unclear whether the updated SP15C SSD chip will do the same. The SP15B does not, although I presume there is flashing when the car leaves the track.

Used with an analogue car, lights stay on only when the capacitor is charged. When an analogue car deslots, all the lights start flashing after about 3 seconds. As with the digital chips, flashing frequency is reduced after about 20 seconds. The brightening of the brake lights may be slightly delayed if the speed of the analogue car is high.

Included in the kit are:

  • 1 PCB board
  • 2 white LEDs
  • 2 red LEDs -
  • red and black wires
  • heat shrinking tubes
  • 6 pole ribbon cable (O201c 'Type C' chip)
  • 3 pole JST cable (SP15b, SP15c, SP43 and O201b2)
  • Instructions

The kit is available now at Pendle Slot Racing here.

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Me again! I am in love w/the Slot.it "gulf" Lola Aston Martin DBR1-2

What are the possibilities that it could be chipped to run on a Carrera Digital track?

If yes, is there a specific chip that will work?




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This car has been built for an upcoming CanAm proxy (1966/1974), and it looks like there will be entries from a few countries.

While I do normally prefer to scratchbuild a chassis time constraints this year (coupled with my own laziness),..I have built a couple of TSlot chassis'. One will be sent to a fellow club member, but, as they are virtually identical in performance, I have not decided which one I will enter.

The first is an anglewinder, with an NSR 22K, silicone damped pod/body mount, rear axle brace, MRSlotcar gearing, and NSR Ultras.

[Image: DSCN4715.jpg]

The second is a Sidewinder (although this is a bit of a misnomer as the Tslot pod has a 2 degree motor angle),...with a Piranha 21K motor, and basically the same remaining bits as the first.

[Image: DSCN4717.jpg]

To avoid multiple same liveries, I do like to paint something a bit different, and while this is a fantasy livery, I think it does look period correct. I dad make/add a few bits.

[Image: DSCN4706.jpg]

[Image: DSCN4707.jpg]

Chris Walker

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I've come across a BMW X5 'Raid' bodyshell, but it has no glass & I guess the front valance is part of the chassis, so I'm looking for a) front valance (or complete chassis) & b) front windscreen (and side windows if available)
Does anyone have an old broken car lying around?, I'll take the complete car if you want to dispose of it.
Any help will be appreciated, cheers.

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I would like to try a scratch build but not interested at this point to go completely crazy w/it.
I have a plastic model 1/32 32 ford coupe that I want to hot road and was wondering if there is a ready to go (or close) adjustable chassis that I could get to mount the body on. 
Running a Carrera Digital track (thinking about Slot-Tech to switch to analog). 

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Wavegreen Welcome to the race coverage of our first ever proxy Road Race. 

The event begins on the 18th April with an opening video slideshow of all the cars taking part in the "Brighton to John O'Groats run" road race, this will be followed by individual still photos for class A,B & C cars, and detailed information about the entrants and their cars on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

28 Teams entered 69 cars across three types of classes, cars arriving from around the UK and even one from the USA.

The event is planned to run from the end of April to the end of May, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

The planned stages are in order of direction of travel, from;

Brightelmstone Garage at Brighton (Andy) - Road stages -Madeira Drive (Ninco) & Devils Dyke (SCX classic). Weekend 24/25th April.
Reports starts here. Results here

Boycies Motors at Hereford (Phil) -Road stages-Rodneys Raceway (Ninco tarmac/snow) & MYST Raceway (Ninco tarmac). Weekend 1/2nd May.
Reports starts here. Results here

Harlequin Motors at Nottingham (Graham)- Road stages - Robin Hood Way (Carrera) & Belvoir Pass (Scalex Sport/ SCX Classic). Weekend 8/9th May.
Reports starts here. Results here

Mountain View Garage at Wrexham (Paul)- Road stages - Brymbo Steelway Park ( Policar) & Worlds End Pass ( Scalex Sport / SCX classic). Weekend 15/16th May.
Reports starts here. Results here

Goldrock Motors at Burnley (Kevin)- Road stages - Goldrock (Scalex Sport) & Pendle Crossing ( SCX / Scalextric Classic). Weekend 22/23rd May.
Reports starts here. Results here

Merchiston Motors at Edinburgh (Leo)- Road stages-The Great Glen (Painted Carrera ) & Rest & Be Thankful ( Ninco/Policar). Weekend 29/30th May
Reports starts here. Results here

Final Class Results & Team Points can be found here

Mid -week News Briefing -these will be issued in order to up date any progress issues, to review the results from the previous weekend Stages and to add any pictures, videos or links to live streaming.
News Briefing 1
News Briefing 2
News Briefing 3
News Briefing 4
News Briefing 5
News Briefing 6

Amato Slot Car Design

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Avant Slot have just announced two new liveries on their Subaru Impreza STi platform...


The Pirelli and Red Bull sponsors look great, but there's much more behind the colour schemes...


Ten year's ago, Elfyn Evans drove this Group N TEG Sport Impreza STi N15 in the British Rally Championship. The high-profile drive was Evan's reward for winning the 2010 Pirelli Star Driver Shoot-out - two days of tests and assessments at the Sweet Lamb complex near Aberystwyth. The 22-year-old's first event in the Subaru was the Rallye Sunseeker International, based around Bournemouth - Evans and co-driver Andrew Edwards finished third...

Evans and Andrews went on to win the Bulldog International Rally in North Wales and the International Rally Yorkshire to finish runners-up to 2011 champion David Bogie. It's a great choice for a livery - Evans having just missed out on the WRC title in 2020 and remains one of the favourites for this year's championship. My only reservation is the lack of any spoiler at the back of the roof. It's only a small one, but it needs to be there. The lack of a hood scoop I can cope with.


Travis Pastrana's Red Bull Impreza STi is an all-action, multi-disciplinary show-stopper - in a similar vein to the Ken Block Fiesta and forth-coming Escort Cosworth produced by SCX. These models are designed to appeal to a wider audience than the ardent rally fan. Like Block, Pastrana does compete in rallies - and is a four-time Rally America champion - but that's only one string to his bow. Pastrana is as comfortable and successful on two wheels as four. The Red Bull STi has also been seen in action in rally cross, high-profile stunt shows and hillclimb events...

A Red Bull livery is always going to sell well on a slot car - and the link with competitor / performer / TV personality Pastrana makes it a good choice for Avant Slot.

Both cars are expected this summer, likely to be limited editions (when they are gone, they're gone) and will retail in the UK around the £65 - £75 mark.

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Hi guys, I'm an old but new member.

I'm in 50's haven't raced a slot in like 30 years.

Was sorting through my loft getting ready to move, when I stumbled across my old analogue Scalextric sets/cars and accessories.
Promised my wife I was going to sell the lot.

2 Days later I'm looking at parts for the cars I have, and how to bring my track etc. up to good working order.
I'm also looking at new cars (amazed with how much detail there is on them now)

Ive promised my wife I'll sort some of my stuff out ( we'll see  Devil  )

Any advice and help is more than welcome, but be kind guys.

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Hi all

Is it possible to incorporate a pit Lane on non digital sport track?

I’m using ARC air but not that concerned about losing the odd lap count when cars come into the pit.

I’m think of either the classic C190 pit Lane or could I use a digital pit Lane and mimic the signal to send a car into the pits somehow?

Any ideas?



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Galileo Engineering have just published their official brochures for the 2021 Slot.it and Policar ranges. Most of the new tooling has already been announced, although there are a couple of surprises that have been kept under wraps (or I've missed the announcements!). Let's start with Slot.it.







Those two surprises are the Porsche 962C 90 and the 1995-6 Mercedes C-Klasse DTM.

Many thanks to Jo at Galileo Engineering for sending these to us - Policar is next, plus the full release schedule for the two brands.

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