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My Ari Vatanen Mk2 Escort was lapping the track to neatly, it just didn't look enough like a real Mk2 escort rally car so I took the magnet out and now I can "drive" it in the same spirit as Ari Vatanen did, plenty of rear end slides out the corners! Much better.

This made me feel all nostalgic and reminded me of being a kid in the 1990's when the cars didn't have such strong magnets in them as they do now and I'd spend hours learning to control the cars whilst also trying to be fast.

I have now started removing the magnets from my collection and there is some fettling and work needed to make them fast again but it's the tinkering that's just as much fun as the racing for me so I'm okay with that and tyre cleaner is making a big difference here. 

I was surprised by how good the Scalextric BMW E30 M3 is without the magnet, no fettling required at all to get the car to run nicely, it just took off like a scalded cat and stuck to the track like glue in the corners still. Okay so it's not lapping quite as fast as it did with the magnet in but it's still quick enough and is certainly a lot more stable in the corners than the Mk2 Escort, a set of slot.it c1's or Wasp tyres will probably make a massive difference over the standard scalextric tyre. 


Even the classic F1 cars are much more fun to race, without the magnet in I'm not constantly catching the other lanes rail and having a pendulum effect spin, they are much easier to control now. The slides can be controlled they are much more progressive and the cars look more like the real cars exiting the corners with a bit of slide just like they did in the 1970's. 


Anyway if you've read this far thanks for keeping an interest, I just wanted to share some of my experiences from the last couple of days. I've got a lot to learn still especially if I want to get my big GT cars as fast as possible without the magnets.

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WHO Mod & WHO Tuners Race Night - Round 7 of the 2020-22 WHO club championship

Regulations can be found here: https://www.whoracing.org.uk/rules.html

We'll be running on this monster 100-foot track...


Doors open at 6.30pm - please don’t arrive earlier (unless you’re part of the set-up crew, of course) and we ask that all racers aged 12 or younger bring a responsible adult with them.

Race fees: £3 adults and £2 under-16s. We now have a pre-pay option - ask Terry for details.

Club Cars & Controllers: Our AFX Mega-G+ club cars are available – each of them stays on its coloured lane. We also have a big box of DS, Parma and Ninco loaner controllers to borrow one for the whole evening. There is no extra charge for using either the club cars or the controllers.

Covid precautions: Covid cases are rising quite rapidly again - 1 in 30 people ten days ago. We’ll be keeping our usual common-sense precautions in place to keep vulnerable members of the extended WHO family safe. The main thing is to stay away if you have any symptoms that could be Covid. Inside the Barn, wearing a face mask, practising good hand-hygiene and giving each other space are non-negotiable requirements. We will ensure as good ventilation as possible - and also have hand sanitiser and spare masks available if you forget your own. Any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

As always, post-race coverage will be posted here through Thursday.

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I've printed pods of all kinds in the past but never really happy with them, especially SW where space is limited.

I've revisited my FC130 inline pod, tweaked it a fair bit and printed one in the same resin I use for bodyshells.

I've done pods for bronze bushings, ball races and SlotIt spherical bushings - all adjustable height.

This one is for spherical bushings, adjustable height motor and axle.

I've ditched a couple of features my pods used to have, one of which was a built in centre pivot.


I've not printed a pod for months but a few builds recently need an IL pod so I thought...why not, let's try it again...and I like it!

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Kevin improved his PB.

The first 2 Heats only had a total of 4 offs (2 in each). Kate and Kevin along with Trevor and Alan had some real exciting moments of side-by-side racing during the heats.

[Image: untitled-1-jpg.310788]

B Final:
Trevor led from start to finish and got choice of lane for the A final. Kevin held onto 2nd place until lap 15, when Kate who had been gradually pulling him in, took 2nd and hung onto it to the end, leaving Kevin 3rd.

A Final:
Alan, Trevor, and Andy, must have swopped positions about 8 times, including having the lead, they were so close for the whole race you could have thrown a tea towel over the three of them. Andy held 2nd place from lap 16, Alan held 3rd also from lap 16, but I don’t really know what happened on the last lap, but Trevor got 3rd from Alan 4th. This would have been a final to have been filmed.

Keith 25
Andy 23
Trevor 21
Alan 20
Kate 19
Kevin 18

F1 Club Cars (No points just positional results)

Kevin and Kate both boosted their PB’s.
[Image: untitled-2-jpg.310789]

B Final:
Kate led for the first 6 laps, then Alan got it for lap 7, but then she took it back until lap 11, where Alan then claimed it again, and maintained the lead to a win. Even though there seemed a lot of offs, Kevin’s lap times were consistent. Alan 1st, Kate 2nd, Kevin 3rd.

A Final:
I got away first, and stayed there for the win, Alan managed to hang onto 2nd, till lap 9 when Andy gradually got passed him, and pulled away for the rest of the race taking 2nd , Trevor who was a couple of seconds behind Alan started to pull back on Alan around lap 14, reducing it to about half a second at the end, but still ended 4th, and Alan 3rd.

One thing I notice is that Kevin, seems to have quick reactions, and is very fast off the line to the first bend, what ever the wait time for the buzzer is.

Next week: F1 Club Cars for points and GT3 as a 2nd class.

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I am selling my collection. Hundreds of models and kits in 1:32
You can find them with a lot of pcitures on https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de
my Name is Thomas Schlag - tschlag@t-online.de - Jou can contact me in english :)

Some samples

MSSlot Kit BMW 328 Roadster 3Stck - Slot 1:32
[Image: da573161-c7b6-4072-9efb-1ad5f585bc19?rule=%24_59.JPG]

SlotArt Hummer H3 Proto BJ Baldwin Dakar 2010 - Slot 1:32

[Image: aca394b5-7a97-47c8-8df8-848b4d2553d4?rule=%24_59.JPG]

Morgan 4+ LM62 No29 - Slot 1:32
[Image: 2dff019b-2b77-4b74-be13-08927f4a9fba?rule=%24_59.JPG]

or just all of my cars

- > my collection (334 Models)

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I have a GT models AC Cobra which runs on a 3D chassis of mine.  It runs lovely but the front body post which was superglued under the bonnet sheared off after a fairly minor initial test run.

Maybe superglue isn't the best solution for resin but it works great for plastic bodyshells.

So what else did I have...I don't like epoxy...but I have a tube of clear 'sticks like sh*t' that I've used for sealing edges of wooden boards, it even stopped a leak on the utility room ceiling and boy does it stick! It even works on wet surfaces.

So I used a blob of that, put it together and left it 24 hours.  Now the post is 'stuck like sh*t' with a little flex.

It would probably be great for reinforcing inside bodyshells also.

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Robin will be released at 19:00 GMT on ebay on Sunday the 3rd July


facebook page for updates on projects.


We hope you like our interpretation of Robin.

Please show your support and follow us to have a say in what we do.

Kind Regards


[Image: 291628364_156249063593534_34605108487045...e=62C4DECC][Image: 291008942_156249073593533_70926927987949...e=62C44AB1][Image: 291561805_156249093593531_58870717958015...e=62C5E150]

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Received this today, got it for a great price.

A Monogram Ferrari 250 GTO 1964 static kit, it's 54mm wide so perfect for our Small Sports classes.

The plan is to draw up a 3D chassis for it, must be inline for our class rules (54mm is asking too much to get a SW in a plastic chassis anyway).

It needs a few missing decals, a 3D printed driver and navigator will be in residence. 


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Scaleauto have announced the availability of a new mould to add to their range of 1:32 scale modern GT3 cars. The Honda NSX GT3 white kit, hard and medium chassis options and vac-formed cockpit will all be with dealers very soon. The reference numbers are:

SC-6190 H. NSX GT3 1/32 White Racing Kit
SC-6666a Chassis NSX GT3 (black) -R- 2.0 In-Flex
SC-6666b Chassis NSX GT3 (grey) -R- 2.0 In-Flex
SC-6667 Complete light cockpit set for NSX GT3


And here are the first planned liveries (from the Scaleauto website)...


The NSX GT3 was developed under the Acura brand for the IMSA series in 2017, developed from the second generation NSX model. The racing car was an instant success in the hands of Michael Shanks Racing - Katherine Legge and Andy Lally winning the GTD class in back-to-back races at Belle Isle and Watkins Glen in the mid-part of the season. Second places at Mosport and Monterey gave the #93 pairing sixth place in the GTD drivers' standings and Acura fourth in the GTD manufacturers' table. A second car was driven by Ozz Negri and Jeff Segal.


Here Andy Lally walks us around the 2017 NSX GT3...

2018 saw an expansion of the GT3 customer racing program worldwide - Italian company JAS Motorsport preparing cars for the European, Asian and South American markets, Honda Performance Development in North America and Mugen in Japan. Acura finished second in the IMSA GTD championship, Katherine Legge taking two victories and seven podiums to end the season runner-up by just four points in the GTD drivers' table. Legge's was one of four Acura's on the GTD grid - two for Meyer Shanks Racing and one each for HART and CJ Wilson Racing...



Success elsewhere was limited and 2019 saw an updated EVO version of the car, which included some changes to the body and aero package. Although the artwork supplied by Scaleauto is of the 2017-8 version NSX GT3, they'll be using liveries from this second phase of development too. The NSX GT3 Evo won back-to-back IMSA GTD drivers' and teams' titles in 2019 and 2020, plus the 2020 GTD manufacturers' title...

The NSX GT3 EVO also won the 2019 GT300 drivers' and teams' championships in Japanese Super GT. In Europe, JAS Motorsport took the NSX GT3 to the Spa 24 hours in 2018 in a fabulous Castrol livery. Then Jenson Team Rocket RJN ran an NSX GT3 EVO in the 2019 Blancpain Series, joined by a JAS works car in Motul colours for Spa...


There are dozens of liveries from around the world that Scaleauto can recreate - and there are decals produced by Bruce Patto and Pattos Place (under A for Acura) for most of the 2017 and 2018 cars. And the NSX continues to race, updated this season as the NSX GT3 Evo22. The dimensions of the car also lend themselves to a competitive scale model - the 2040mm width at the rear scales down to 63.75mm and a 2630mm wheelbase to 82.2mm. I look forward to having a closer look when UK distributor Pendle Slot Racing posts images of the white kit.

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Hi all,

I'm moving to Ireland soon and Ive just had an offer accepted on a property in County Galway. It has space for 2 decent sized tracks and once I'm settled I'll see if there's any interest in starting a club.

I don't hear much about slot racing inIreland. For example, are there any other routed tracks over there? Would there be any interest in sharing information, a Facebook page or even organising race meetings?

Anyway, more when I've moved and got sorted.



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