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Can i suggest that, now the notifications are not working, everyone checks the portal/forum header for any PMs before going onto the forum. I've sent one that the recipient will not know about. I go straight to 'recent' when I log in.

Maybe PMs could have a section at the top with the others to show there is one waiting to be read?

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Hi ,can anyone help ,posted somewhere was a thread where someone advertised they made a 3D chassis for the Scalextric MG Lola but I for the life of me I can't find it .Help please 


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There was recently a heated discussion in other areas of the interweb about equal lane length on 2-lane analog layouts.

My personal opinion is that for home use, on 2 lanes if you are concerned about one lane having an advantage you have a race and then swap lanes and add up the results.

The argument for nearly identical (getting them 100% the same is kind of impossible) is that the racing is closer.

Personally I have gone to mostly digital racing at home so this is a non-issue for me and when I race at the club you race every lane so it makes no difference.

While I can understand the wish I see some people agonizing over track layouts trying to get lanes to match.

I just feel in a given space, getting a decent layout in place is more important than a "lane advantage" that can be negated by swapping...

I simply don't see this making a huge difference at home but am I just being a silly grump?

Of course, if one really is into having equal lengths far be it from me to stop you..... at the end of the day even if 51.89% like things one way there are still a heck of a lot that may like the other and that is fine...


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Sadly, our second WHO Mod round of 2020 won't be taking place on Wednesday. However, we can still get in the WHO Mod mood over the next few days... why not show us the cars you'd be racing or development projects for future Mod races?

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Old time scalextric user from the 70s....

All put in the loft for 30 years,until the products of intermingled genetic material in the form of XX and XY homo sapiens appeared...

Old stuff dragged out of loft and reintroduced myself and Wow its all gone digital and very interesting...

Now part of local racing club and enjoying Scalextric Digital racing with RMS RCS64 on big tracks...

Hello and nice to be a part of a nerdfest... Thumbup

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New car, new c1 chip. SSD screw in LH hole...

Downloaded 190514 SSD zip file

Placed car on track, flashing then solid light.

Paired DFCcar with android phone

Opened nRF Toolbox. It can see the paired car.

Selected the zip file, but it does not offer me the "Select Scope" screen and says the file is invalid, so 'upload' button stays greyed out. (downloaded the file a few times again, but still get the same happening.

So I them download the other SSD zip file available called "....200313 app beta".

nRF recognises this and allows me to upload it to DFCcar.

Then nothing...solid light and the car doesn't move on any of my 4 controller channels

The Slot.it app does not see it as a device when I 'search'

And then the car goes and changes it's bluetooth name to "CARC-INACTIVE" and asks me for a passcode before I can pair with it.

I tried the HALL backdoor reset a couple of times, but the above process keeps repeating.

I'm thinking I need to try and upload the 190514 zip file into the chip and ignore the beta app file, as the first car that I chipped with this software(see above pages) is still running fine. Any ideas why the Nordic app thinks the file is invalid?

Any assistance appreciated...I'm off into the garden (again!) in a minute, so might not see responses straight away.

Thank you

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If you look at the playlist for these weekly programmes, you probably wouldn't think to listen to them. But they are absolute gems in obscure, beautiful and (due to the late night time slot) usually quite relaxing music of all types from around the world. 


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I put together this guide to help another club racer prepare his Scalextric AMC Javelin for the WHO/digital Trans-Am class. The Javelin is about 5mm narrower, a few mms longer and handles quite differently to the Scalextric and Pioneer sidewinder cars that are the bread and butter of our Wednesday night pairs racing. It took me a while to tune my own Javelin until it was a race winner...


  • Scalextric C3876 AMC Javelin
  • Scalextric C8515 Digital Plug (Rev G version)
  • Paul Gage PGT-21125 tyres XPG compound
  • Mitoos copper braid
  • Pendle Slot Racing (PSR) 2mm lead sheet
The WHO/digital Trans-Am build guidelines allow for minor modifications to be made to run a standard car with no magnets - racing tyres, body ‘float’, ballast, gluing motor & bearings, plus varnishing front tyres.

1. Body float - There are two things to remove from the bottom of the body and cockpit to aid body float - the four lugs that clip onto the chassis and the axle brace. The latter pulls out (lever with a small screwdriver), the lugs need cutting with a scalpel.


I have sanded down the corresponding tabs on the chassis. They could be removed with a scalpel. I have also sanded about 1mm from the each edge of the chassis - each side, front and back. I used an emery board on a flat surface. The exhaust pipes on the Javelin mean this isn’t an easy a job as with other cars. ‘Minor sanding’ could be specified more specifically in the guidelines, but 1mm is enough and is hardly noticeable from an aesthetic point of view.

One final thing to do is not to tighten the body screws fully. Loosen them by ½ to a full turn until the body ‘floats’ sideways, back & forth and 'rolls' a few degrees.

2. Ballast - With the traction magnet removed, I found I needed to add more weight than I usually like in four places - behind the motor (where the magnet was), either side of the motor and just in front of the front axle. I have used 2mm lead sheet stuck down with E6000 flexible glue (Shoe Goo is better). I added, removed and moved the weight around until I got the handling right for the big WHO circuits. I am not sure of the total weight - but you can see the sizes of the pieces in the photos. It is a double thickness at the front. The overall weight of the car is 89.50g - 12g more than the out-of-the-box weight.


3. Gluing motor and bushings - I have glued the motor to the rear of the motor mount using a couple of drops of Gorilla Super Glue Gel on a cocktail stick. I used the same method to glue the axle bushings into the pockets on the chassis. Do this only after you’re 100% happy any weight behind the motor is secure.

4. Varnish front tyres - I coated the front tyres with clear acrylic nail varnish. I haven’t trued the front wheels or tyres.


5. Maximise rear track - Out of the box, the rear wheels were well inside the body. I loosened them and pulled them out to give a maximum width without fouling the body when it rocks.

6. True rear tyres - I have trued the rear wheels and Paul Gage tyres. Remove the digital chip before you do this as it can smoke the chip.

7. Braids - Fit as per the stock braids, but don’t tuck the lower end underneath - leave them so all four ends point backwards. It gets the front lower.

8. Digital Chip - We have got on better with the Javelin using the older ‘RevG’ version of the chip. The car isn't so punchy and seems to have more braking that using the latest 'RevH' digital plug that I use on all my other race cars. This one change turned a fast, but difficult-to-drive car into a contender.

9. Gear cover - If the gear cover on the underneath of the chassis is anywhere near rubbing on the track, sand it down. The latest Scalextric models have this removed for good reason.

10. Rear lighting board - Removing it is permitted. I have removed mine.


The WHO/digital Trans-Am class is insanely competitive, so me and my co-driver Ash were delighted to score two wins out of the five races in 2019, finishing runners-up in the championship. This year, we've managed a pole position, but only a third and a fourth in the feature races. The car is sensational on some tracks, but is still a little 'skittish' on others. We build a different layout each time, which keeps things interesting!

I am preparing a 1986 Ford Thunderbird for the new, broader 'Muscle Car Mondiale' class starting in 2021. The T-Bird is very similar to the Javelin in layout and dimensions, so I hope to have learned a few things from the past three seasons' racing and build a better car.

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Just showing one of many treasures in the Scale Car Garage

Any and all comments are more than welcomed!


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Although the Members' Meeting isn't taking place this weekend, Goodwood Road & Racing have put together an excellent 'live stream' of highlights from the past few years. And coverage isn't limited to members - everyone can view the streamed video.

This is where you find the live stream: www.goodwood.com/grr/event-coverage/members-meeting/2020/3/members-meeting-favourite-moments-live-stream/

And here is the timetable...

Saturday 28 March

  • 10:00 - McLaren Parade (77MM)
  • 10:25 - Graham Hill Trophy (75MM)
  • 11:25 - McLaren F1 GTR Demo (73MM)
  • 11:50 - John Aldington Trophy (73MM)
  • 12:25 - Derek Bell Cup (73MM)
  • 13:05 - High Airbox F1 Demo (73MM)
  • 14:10 - Hailwood Trophy (74MM)
  • 14:45 - Ronnie Hoare Trophy (76MM)
  • 15:25 - S.F. Edge Trophy (74MM)
  • 16:00 - Weslake Cup (75MM)
  • 16:35 -Gerry Marshall Trophy (76MM)
  • 17:30 - LMP Demo (77MM)
Sunday 29 March
  • 10:00 - McLaren 765LT Walkaround
  • 10:05 - Mike Skinner NASCAR show (75MM)
  • 10:15 - Les Leston Cup (73MM)
  • 10:50 - Grover Williams Trophy (72MM)
  • 11:35 - Moss Trophy (76MM)
  • 12:35 - GT1 Demo (75MM)
  • 13:05 - Carracciola Sportwagenrennen (76MM)
  • 13:40 - Gurney Cup (76MM)
  • 14:10 - Group 5 Demo (74MM)
  • 14:40 - Pierpoint Cup (75MM)
  • 15:15 - Bruce McLaren Trophy (73MM)
  • 16:15 - Ground Effect F1 Demo (74MM)
  • 16:50 - Gerry Marshall Sprint (75MM)
  • 17:25 - Alan Mann Trophy (74MM)
The full line up of cars can be found as a pdf file on this page: www.goodwood.com/grr/event-coverage/members-meeting/2020/3/the-full-members-meeting-favourite-moments-entry-list/

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