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Hi all, had slots cars for a while, no track set up for a while though, recently sold off my Scalextric digital track pieces
and also have some Scalextric sport track to sell as I am changing over to Carrera, I also have some 1/16 RC tanks.

regards john Thumbup

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Hi All, This all may end up on EBay but thought I’d list here first. I have unopened packs of Ninco snow track. I am looking for £120 for the lot plus postage or collection from Slinfold, West Sussex. 

3 x packs (2 per packs) 40cm snow straights - 10161 
3 x packs (2 per pack) standard R2 curve - 10162

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So my 15 year-old surround sound receiver gave up the electronic ghost over the weekend with a pop, whistle, smoke and squeal...

Now I was thoroughly happy with the system.
It was a 6.1 system (look it up) that handled all my favorite sound formats.

It had a phono input for the two times per year I listen to vinyl and all the other digital and analog inputs I needed.

Great sounds through Canton speakers.

Thanks to little add-ons it was even Bluetooth enabled!

Now I want the new system to be plug and play as much as possible.

When you try to google ANYTHING related to surround systems I discover I am in the realm of "I understand every word on this page but I still have no idea what it says".

After 30 minutes of finding NOTHING and I mean NOTHING I twigged and called the place I bought  it from all those years ago.

Their store is closed for some pandemic or something but luckily they have a decent website.
I literally went to the specials page, sorted by price, and clicked on the receivers looking for a phono connection and BAM... found one.

Did a double check that it works with my TV (which is over 10 years old at this point) and went ahead and bought it.

The point it is, there was a time in the early 2000s you could start with a search engine and actually FIND something other than just noise.

While I was at it I thought about my BluRay player getting up there.... My favorite brand was Philips as they could be unlocked to play American DVDs ... I can't even find out if  they make BluRay players anymore!

When you google "does philips still make bluray players" you don't get anything that really answers that

From what I can tell they make a 4K UHD BluRay player in 2018 so likely they have stopped. But do I know that for sure?!

So while we can get access to "stuff" we really get no knowledge or closure.

Kudos to the shop I am buying from though. Once I figured out what model I wanted they were on every price search that popped up. Sure they cost more than ama-zon but there is fun about picking things up on your own.

My son wants a PC for his birthday and I am dreading that as the last PC I bought was 2007 from Aldi and the last one I built was 2004 or 2005. I have no idea where to start and google is of course no help whatsoever..

Wisdom is a burden to others sometimes I guess...

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The Track not MT...





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Please join me as the completed Cobra Daytona Coupe and Ferrari 250 GTO are tested on our track:

Any and all comments are more than welcomed!


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Hi guys

Just found this forum.  I was searching for articles on painting the track.

I've been racing for about 15 years, I was a late bloomer.  My home track is a 1/32 scale Scalextric 4 lane (I hope that's ok that it's Scalextric), external 25 amp power supply, using a Carlson section (electric eye to count laps), hooked up to a pc, with 4 additional power taps.  

I race with a group of guys from the NY/NJ/PA Metro Area, called NJMETROSLOTCARS, we're on FB, and have a website (being rerun, but the old one is still active).  We've also been featured in a Slot Car mag from the UK.

Goes without saying this has been a very strange year.  We normally would be racing tonight, but we haven't raced since the end of Feb 2020.  We went from "race if you feel comfortable" to "the season is suspended" in two hours!

We have multiple tracks that we race on, Scalextric, Carrera, Routed, Ninco.  It depends on the host.

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Am looking to buy some E Types but not with those b@=#>! wing mirrors on! Also the Scalextric models (like many of their cars) seem a bit long and thin (maybe to do with the track's minimal lane width?). I think the Revell ones may be better. Many years back I had a very chunky fastback model but don't know who manufactured it (may have been an old Revell/Monogtram). I'm asking here because there are no slot shows to go to in order to examine and make comparisons.

I have heard that the current Scalextric versions aren't very good without the magnet, but in any case I don't like the long, skinny look! If you've any experience of E Type slots could you share them here? Photos would be a bonus. Thanks!

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Please Note that my track is a Work in Progress!
This is the CALTEX footbridge that crosses over the main straightaway of the Circuit du Soleil.
Circuit du Soleil is a mythical track set in late 60's - early 70's France. I am in the process of re-doing a lot of my scenery to give a more "European" flavor to reinforce that illusion.
There was an similar bridge at the old Spa-Francorchamps trach @ 1968, and, I believe, one at Clermont-Ferrand. I have also seen pics from other tracks from that period of CALTEX * BORON advertising.

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As someone who has a copy of The Unfair Advantage by my bedside and a few Sunoco #6 slot cars on my shelves, this car is so very wrong (Ford? Mustang?!), but is also so very right. Sideways have come up with a fabulous tribute livery and it has me drooling. Donohue didn't live to see the IMSA GTX Mustang Turbos race - he died forty-five years ago this summer. If he had survived his accident at the Österreichring, perhaps he would have ended up in a Ford - with Sunoco sponsorship and the #6? The Racer Sideways model is certainly a striking and imaginative tribute to one of the great American racing drivers...


Ford introduced the Mustang to take on the all-conquering Porsche 935s in the 1981 IMSA Camel GT series. A Zakspeed Capri underneath, the revised bodywork paid a speculative nod to the Mustang road car. Maybe an acquired taste for some, but I love these big, boxy silhouette Group 5 cars. Klaus Ludwig was scheduled as the star driver and produced some outstanding performances for the Zakspeed-Roush team. However, reliability issues meant he finished a lowly tenth in the standings. With an upgraded 675bhp engine the factory Ford car continued to race and win in 1982.

Only 696 of the HC08 Mustang Turbo - Sunoco Decoration Edition Limited have been produced -  and some of those are available now in the UK - RRP £72.96 - at Gaugemaster, Pendle Slot Racing and MRE.

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I thought they were still in Jersey until I looked online and saw Germany. I was kinda hoping they'd reissue the Porsches they made awhile back  but there doesn't seem to be much happening at all. I can't be alone in wanting this outfit to produce more. What happened to the car moulds, were they sold off? Who's got 'em? Come back MRRC!

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