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I really hope somebody can help me. 

I'm only moments away from buying a DS-200 and DS-106 gantry. I'm not interested in any other system yet.

What I want to know is can I remove one set of sensors from the gantry and position them 'across' the track horizontally so the counter only ever counts the one car?

I have a competition / club rally track, so only ever need to count one car. I don't mind if I have to bundle up the second set of sensors and store them in a project box. 

Please help me as I don't want to find the items I'm looking at go out of stock.

Thank you.

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Andy, Kate, Paul, improved their PB’s.

[Image: 1686008058798-png.350428]

[Image: 1686008077658-png.350429]
[Image: 1686008093370-png.350430]

Group 5

Andy, Steve B, Kate, Steve P, all broke their PB’s plus Steve P set a new lap record.

[Image: 1686008130297-png.350431]

[Image: 1686008148515-png.350432]
[Image: 1686008168305-png.350433]

[Image: 1686008190600-png.350434]

[Image: 153743-e25f15057f8a39c18dbd409548b64a57.jpg] Click to enlarge

Next week is Group 5 & Goodwood.

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This was a great race last year so this year we're doing it twice, once this week and the other in 6 months time.

We're doing things slightly differently, Classics (pre-1975) cars first, Group C & LMP cars in the second part of the evening.

Handicap racing based on your best of 5 lap qually with closest to their target score as the handicap winner.

So far, the fastest car hasn't won one of our handicap events, it's all about having a consistent and predictable car.

Will we see a return of the big Caddy 'Le Monstre'...it's been spotted recently in testing!


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John E, Alan B, Tony A, Graham R, Colin W, Alan S, and Paul E. all set descent PB’s.

Trevor, Alan C, and Steve improved their PB’s, and Archie set a decent PB.

[Image: 1685955255050-png.350296]

[Image: 1685955278921-png.350297]
[Image: 1685955295423-png.350298]

There were quite a few very close races, and I noticed that a lot them were finishing with 3 drivers on lap 25 and 1 driver on lap 24 or 2 on 25, and 2 on 24. Proving that racing was fairly tight, and one mistake could be costly. Alan S was the fastest visitor, qualifying for the A final.

The 19 heats/finals ran very smoothly, and took just shy of 2 hours so, we had an hour for lunch and a chat.


Graham R, Paul E, Colin W, Tony A all set a decent PB.

John E, Alan S, Archie, and me all improved our PB’s.

[Image: 1685955347094-png.350299]

[Image: 1685955365067-png.350300]
[Image: 1685955383544-png.350301]

Again, everything went smoothly, and a lot of close finishes like the Goodwood event. Fastest visitor was Colin W winning the B Final then stepping up to the A Final and gaining 3rd overall.

[Image: 1685955421923-png.350302]

Due to illness Eleanor could not attend (we hope you soon feel better)

(Note: we made a slight faux pas on Sports/GT, by missing 22 out. So, everybody below 23 points got 1 extra point. Fortunately, it made no difference to overall positions. Sorry.)

Tony A, Archie, Paul E, Steve, and me finished in same position for both events.

Trophies went to Colin for 3rd place, Steve for 2nd place, me for 1st place, Archie for highest junior and Eleanor an honorary 2nd junior.

[Image: 1685955475828-png.350303]

There was only 4 maybe 5 track calls overall, and no waiting for marshals. We finished a good hour earlier than expected, so, overall, I felt things went well.

Thanks to everyone for coming, pit space was not too bad, I think we could possibly fit another 4/5 spaces with a few mods.

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Brushless Motors have arrived in slotcar racing! In Germany you can already by a set (motor, electronics), see the pic.


Here is a short video of unwrapping this:



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It's time to dust off the machinery. It's been too long. I need to make a new class of car (Indy-500) with a front motor drive system. The Watson Indy was a great car in it's day.

It originally started out as a static kit from AMT.


I found a really cool metallic orange 1:1 version on Google images.


The project begins with Tamiya metallic orange.


Clear coat next. Then the chassis. More to follow.


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Hi everyone, finally came up with the Plan for next years Spring Proxy 

Sports Cars 1970-1985 Event1 (Sports cars & Coupes which raced in National or International Competitions including Trans Am)

.pdf GT Sports Cars eligibility list (1970-1985).pdf Size: 17.11 KB  Downloads: 54

Inter -Series 1970-1990 Event 2 (Any prototype non road car which entered a National or International Competition including Le Mans, Can Am)
There is no car list for this Event.

Global GT Event 3 (any GT1, GT2 and some pre 2008 GT3 cars)
.pdf Global GT 1994-2007.pdf Size: 16.48 KB  Downloads: 37

British GT Championship Event 4 (GT3 and GT4 Cars post 1997)
.pdf British GT Sportscar Championship.pdf Size: 16.65 KB  Downloads: 36

Provisional Rules (Subject to change)
.pdf GT Sports Cars Slotting Provisional Rules.pdf Size: 95.99 KB  Downloads: 13

List of Permitted Motors
.pdf GT Sports Eligible motors list.pdf Size: 18.28 KB  Downloads: 13

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Link to listening options: Talking Utter Slot Podcast: Ep 23

Scott has gone rally mad ahead of his trip to Wales for the Abergavenny Rally Slot Car Club summer event. His excitement is palpable. Expect Manta banter, news of Nissans and mention of Mitsubishis to come.

Pedro's fondness for rally cars is more muted, despite confessing to owning several SCX Seat Cordobas, so he throws in an impersonation of a much loved regional retailer to cheer himself up.

Also, how warm English beer is not the best thing to strip the paint off (of) a Stratos, a scarily long list of Pedro's W.I.P and some scenic daydreaming triggered by Magnetic Racing's most excellent wares.

There is some schooling on GT classes at the upcoming Le Mans 24hrs, but as it is right at the end most folk won't have to listen to it.

[Image: 350664596_643280384374469_78451837204914...e=647F6CE2]

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