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I have multiple cars and parts for sale message for pictures

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Racer Sideways Toyota Celica Rodenstock.

The car:
One of two recent releases from Racer Sideways, the other being the Nissan Skyline.
The pandemic does not seem to have even broken the stride of this company at all.
The question is "Does it have the same quality as prior releases?"


• The car is packaged with a polycarbonate transparent inner shell.
I've not seen any other manufacturer package an inner sleeve like this.
The sleeve would prevent damage if the car broke loose of its crystal case mount in transit (good) but obscures the view of the car in "mint and boxed" condition(bad?)

The crystal case base has the motor pod's optional ride height parts taped beneath.

The Build.
• Flawless paint and decalwork.
• The car was locked up tight when removed from the box.
All screws turned really tight which is a shame considering that the car is factory fitted with collared screws and washers.
The body and pod screws were loosened, but the body was still stuck tight.
The tight body turned out to be a result of the chassis/pod and chassis/body interfaces which interfere with each other.
To set up for racing, trimming and sanding will be required.

• The guide did not self centre.
• The Mirrors were fitted but not glued.
Good if you want to keep them aside for racing instead of them being lost in an on track incident, bad if you are home user who just wants to de-box and run around home track because you are sure to lose these.

• Power, Transmission and Wiring were sub optimal.
The motor wires were not routed through the guide routes or chassis routes except for the front two, see pics.
The motor wire routing was the root cause of the non centring guide. A little additional attention to detail in the build process would have been good here but given that this is a Chinese factory build, the quality of the build is still much better than most chinese builds I have seen recently.

The axle was set too loose with excessive play left and right.
In an angle winder setup , a loose axle is better than a tight one, but setting the the axle up correctly would take no time in the factory build.

The ride height was quite high. For home use, its a good compromise to have high factory ride height because a car that is supplied so that its rear wheels don't touch the track will probably end up in the bin.
For club racers and tuners , ride height will need to be optimised for your track.

The guide did not self centre out of the box.
More about that later.

Left to right:M1 Celica Capri
Dimensions, and overhang.


Rear body width

Front body width

Rear track width

Front track width

Guide length

You can see from the chassis comparison pictures that the celica has more overhang than the M1 but less than the Capri which puts its polar moment right between the two. Both the M1 and Capri are good performers so the signs are good.



Rolling Road testing.
I put the car on the RRV2 rolling Road.
The car ran and performed in a similar way to the Capri and M1 but given the identical motor spend gearing, this is not a surprise.

Track testing
I had no opportunity to properly test the car.
Club track closures shut down any opportunity to test the car in "right out of the box" mode or to prep for club racing.

Given the triangular styling of this car wide the rear and narrow at the front, even without track testing, some predictions can be made.
Those who like their cars set up in an "outrigger" configuration might hate this car and might find it prone to roll-DeSlot and understeer.
Those who like their cars set up in "triangular" configuration will love this car.

In Summary
Another good car from RacerSideways, albeit if some small (easily corrected) defects were found in the factory build process.
Whether a shelf queen collector or a rabid club racer, this car has something for you.

My car will be initially set up with a slot it anglewinder offset pod with the factory fitted FlatSix motor and running gear.
If the 1st setup does not show promise, the car will get the "Fully modified inline conversion" treatment with a boxer style motor.

Only when the clubs open again will I be able to determine whether this model is a competitor.

Full set of photos on : https://ibb.co/album/gMW1VC


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As my first post, and something that was discussed on, dare I say it, another forum.
Up until now I have used only Scalextric cars on my SSD (C7042 APB) track. I am planning on trying another brand and as the title says a Revoslot car (Marcos). 
Is anyone aware of any issues in using a C7005 non DPR chip in relation to motor current draw etc. Also as this range uses a metal chassis, is it wise to insulate the underneath to prevent short circuiting, and obviously isolating the chip.

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New member.
Trying to decide between Carrera & Scalextric.
Room for 20x5, maybe 6.
Digital with multi car play.

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I tend to avoid cars with tobacco advertising but succumb occasionally. 
The 1.6HF has become available in the UK now so I succumbed.




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Hello,  I just got an SCX Lancia Fulvia which is the "Advance" version but have no use for the digital capabilities. Am therefore offering the module and the guide for sale.  These are brand new, never run. I removed them to make the car run on my analogue layouts. (I know there is a switch that allows that but have not interfered with the module other than remove it from the chassis.
I cannot offer any expertise with this unit, but did find a Spanish language video on YouTube - YouTube Linky

£15 (GB Pounds) including shipping in the UK. 

Leo (Edinburgh)



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the bluetooth track should be here November so the pitlane and lap counting will all work. Will have all in stock for the complete race track.

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Every driver smashed there NSR GT3 PB’s. In the F1’s Peter, Ken and me improved our PB’s with Ken improving his lap record. Again there was a lot of very tight racing overall, with some heats 2 drivers racing for 1st and 2nd and the other 2 racing for 3rd and 4th .
Peter’s F1’s
Next week Sport GT

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Three series will be decided in the last race of the year. Great way to end the year. We'd like to thank our sponsors. Liquid Wrench, Red Devil, Boss Bodies, and Krud Kutter have provided the prizes for our racing program this segment. Due to COVID-19, occupancy is limited and new racers must call first to be approved. Racing is free, as are the hot dogs. Last 2020 race is Nov 1. Call 603-826-4242 for details. Racing is free, as are the hot dogs. Here are this week's winners.

[Image: 724905_d6900db40d3e4e6ba422b12cce75b9de~mv2.jpg]

[Image: 724905_62f674d9a5444ea1bca8852f654def0b~mv2.jpg]

[Image: 724905_5eef8915ea6c491ba3b418347212ac27~mv2.jpg]

[Image: 724905_33e2798fa0fd48da8e7aff0dd006abe3~mv2.jpg]

[Image: 724905_01602874b7874355a1d4f04fbeff866b~mv2.jpg]

[Image: 724905_aa1c5cfb747c41a28688ad37288e0bf6~mv2.jpg]

[Image: 724905_a3ea37cea77248d0a91bc3addd762625~mv2.jpg]

[Image: 724905_16ad6a8ba9d84498a251430dbe3c1d8e~mv2.jpg]

[Image: 724905_b985760a584942589d0ba277810e6424~mv2.jpg]

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