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All cars must have wheels/tyres within the bodywork - except F1 of course 
Minimum ground clearance of 0.8mm
Use only masking tape/lighter fluid to clean tyres – only 3in1 or similar oil to be used on tyres.
Please ensure all chassis screws etc are taped up – they can do a LOT of damage to someone else’s car…


Any plastic chassis, any plastic or resin body.
No limit on motor rpm
Use of Slot.It HRS chassis, MB Slot chassis etc allowed
Components from any manufacturer of plastic body/chassis cars allowed

Slot.It inline Group C cars only
Cars must conform to the original Slot.It Challenge Group C rules:

Should be standard with all components in place. Front axle adjustment blocks can be removed or replaced with grub screws using the holes provided. Anglewinder blanking sections must be fitted.

Motor Mount:
The only motor mounts eligible for this series are: SICH13B (0mm offset) or SICH70 (0.5mm offset). These must be used in conjunction with the correct size rear wheel. SICH13B must be used with 15.8mm wheels and SICH70 must be used with 16.5mm wheels. .

The only motor eligible for this series is the Slot.It V12 either 21,000 (black endbell) or 23,000 orange/brown endbell. 

Gears must remain standard. 9 tooth pinion (SIPI09) and 28 tooth Contrate (SIGI28bz). Only the Bronze bossed Contrate is permitted, NOT the alloy version.

Rear Wheels:
The only wheels permitted on the rear are SIPA17al (15.8mm) used in conjunction with a 0mm offset motor mount or SIPA43al (16.5mm) used in conjunction with a 0.5mm offset motor mount.

Front Wheels:
The only wheels permitted on the front are SIPA17pl (15.8mm plastic) or SIPA17al (15.8mm alloy).

Rear Tyres:
Only Slot.it F22 20x10 tyres are permitted in this series. Can be glued and trued.

Only the following guide blades are allowed: SICH17, SICH10, SICH26, SICH66(standard on all new cars) and SICH85. Spacers can be used on the guide to control ride height. Guide blades can be trimmed.


Group Five:
Group Five –Only Racer Sideways Group Five cars allowed with the standard yellow flat can motor and 11/28 gearing. The fragile yellow gear that comes as standard may be changed for a 28 tooth equivalent…The chassis and interior must remain standard apart from the motor mount which can be changed for a Slot.It pod. Any tyre allowed but must be mounted on the original wheels.The red Scaleauto guide can be used as a replacement.

This class is for cars that ran around the same era as the Goodwood track ended racing/testing so up to around 1970 but ask if in doubt. Popular cars are Ford GT40, Ford P68, Porsche 917 etc. Cars must be unchanged from the manufacturer Slot.It/NSR/Fly/Thunderslot etc apart from the motor which can be changed to the NSR Shark 22.4K and be either inline or sidewinder. Gearing is free. Cars can run any rubber tyre. These can be mounted on either NSR or Slot.It air hubs. Also you can use any guide,

F1 Club Cars - The popular Formula One cars will be staying on the calendar and cared for by Keith.

Saloons/Touring Cars:
Any saloon/touring car from any era powered by in-line short can motors up to 21k. Three motors are allowed, the black can Slot.It 21k, the NSR Shark 20k and the Scaleauto 20K. Chassis and body must be plastic. Tyres are free.
Model Specifications.

Current eligible Models:
The 6 current GT3 NSR models.

1.NSR Porsche 997.
2.Corvette C6R.
3.Audi R8 .
4.ASV (Aston Martin) Vantage
5. BMW Z4.
6.Corvette CR7.

7. Mercedes-AMG GT3

Body: Must retain original interior. Rally version of Porsche can retain rally interior e.g. driver and navigator. Rear wing must be fitted for every race. White kits must be fully painted.

Pinion: can be either 12, 13, 14 tooth. Crown: NSR, free choice.

Any rubber tyre

Rear axle-wheels:
Must be large NSR 5004 or 5003 - but similar sized Air hubs allowed
Maximum rear axle/wheel width 64mm.

Front axle-wheels:
May be either large NSR 5003 or small NSR 5001.

Black chassis fitted as supplied to be used.

Drop arm:
To be kept as originally supplied with model. Drop arm maybe adjusted or fixed using the screw fixing supplied.

Scale Auto red guide or standard NSR white guide. 

Motors: NSR 21,400 pink or orange wrapper

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The last round for this class and the last race of the championship. Next week its the beginning of the three race One Rule Challenge, which judging by some of the machines circulating in practice, is going to have a pretty wide range of cars competing.

The GT3 championship itself was led pretty comprehensively by Jim with Paul and Keith tied on points for second, so there was all to play for. 

The D final saw Peter face off against Kate and it was Peter who won but Kate put in some impressive lap times and stayed on the same lap.

The C final saw just about everyone lead at some point but it was Stuart who led over the line from a fairly surprised Peter in second. Ralph was quick but found the barriers too often while Mark Riches was fourth but with a car that was improving all the time.

In the B final  Stuart led away initially with Terry and myself in close attendance. A series of mistakes by myself and Stuart meant Terry built a half lap lead to the finish. Stuart was second over the line on the 24th lap but a mistake let me through. Coming off on the last lap  seems to happen to Stuart a lot. I think he gets over-excited...

So the A final saw Jim and Keith rocket away from the line until Jim gradually built a lead. Paul was third just head of Terry and that's how it stayed to the end. 

Next week its the One Rule Challenge and the glittering presentation of prizes....

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Here are some pics of my new track in Brampton. It is approx. 42 ft long. The Paddock Club has a bar and hot tub too  Beer 


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Despite some gentle nudging, both Scalextric and Carrera UK are remaining very tight-lipped about their 2020 slot car ranges. However, we do have dates for when the news will be announced...

Scalextric - The 2020 Scalextric catalogue will be launched on Monday 6 January with the complete range presented online at Scalextric.com. Scalextric Club members will all receive their 2020 catalogues (and 2020 club car) in the post during January. In addition, some new sets will be launched with a media fanfare at the London Toy Fair on 21 January. We plan to have coverage here on SlotRacer Online from Margate on 6 January and the London Toy Fair on 21 January.

Carrera - As usual, the new Carrera range will be unveiled at Spielwarenmesse (aka the Nuremberg Toy Fair) on Wednesday 29 January, with the 2020 slot car catalogue published online soon after. With a bit of luck, we hope to have coverage on SlotRacer Online from Nuremberg via one or other of our friends who will be attending.

Other manufacturers - Quite a few other slot car manufacturers will be exhibiting at Spielwarenmesse and will hopefully have lots of exciting news, prototypes and pre-production samples of their 2020 releases. We'll be bringing you that news as we get it.

Not long to wait...

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Hi! I’m a commercial slot car raceway owner.  I’ve folded up and stored my racetrack which was built for 1:24 flexi car racing.  When I reopen I’m wanting to add scalextrix and carerra racing.  To that end, I’m here to research and learn what will be required to build a sizable track and exactly what I will need to be an attractive destination for racers.

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The Policar entry-level Home Racing Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ have been developed for the introduction of the new Policar race sets. The first Toyota - the #17 Gazoo Racing car - appeared some time ago, featuring a simple all-in-one chassis, Slot.it running gear, plus working lights and a high-detail body and interior. At the UK Slot Car Festival in May, the Slot.it team explained that they were responding to feedback and would redesign the chassis, ready for the first set to be released, together with a range of Home Racing cars - both the Toyota and Subaru using the same chassis.

The new re-designed chassis has just been revealed...


The main difference is a flatter chassis that will take the Slot.it oXigen Type-C chip, which is compatible with Scalextric Sport Digital and Carrera Digital132 as well as the Slot.it oXigen digital system. In addition, the original plastic rear axle bushings have been replaced with brass bushings.

The first new car that will feature the new chassis is another Toyota GT86 that will feature a striking Esso Ultron livery...


RRP on the new liveried cars will be £34.95.

Also announced are six Subaru BRZ Home Set cars in plain colours - orange, light blue, yellow, silver, mid-blue and red. These Home Set cars will retail at a very competitive £24.95. They feature a high-detail body and interior, plus working lights...


The first half of 2020 promises to be a busy time for Policar. We should finally see the first Policar set with track and cars, the Home Set cars, the long-awaited Ferrari 312B2, as well as new versions of the Lotus 72 (a 72D, no less), March 701 and a Ferrari 412P. Also expected is the continued roll-out of the very impressive Policar track system, including digital pieces by the end of 2020.

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Slot Car Motor Break In

There are many schools of thought regarding how to break in an electrical motor. I have tested some and found them wanting, so using scientific methods studied at the Chernobyl Institute of Small Electrical Motor Repair and Donut Shop (the 10 best years of my life), I have developed a technique that works for me. Please understand however, that these procedures are done by professionals using tools that are not to be used while driving a bus or whilst you are pregnant, or whilst, don't you love that word???...whilst driving a bus while being pregnant...or smoking.
So, I had these initial thoughts while trying to get ready to race in the Raceworld 1/32 ALMS series. I bought 10 NSR motors, a wetsuit, vaseline (more about that later), 3 rolls of duct tape, 1 Honda car battery, 3 maids a milking...what?..oh and 2 clothes pins.
Off I went to my fitness club. Doning the wetsuit that I bought from Costco, by the way it was really really big and cost 200 dollars, I proceeded to connect all of the motors using duct tape, wire, cheesecloth and a dirty diaper. All was good. Now, into the hot tub I went, clutching the motors. I realised once I was underwater, that it was really hot in there. Whew! I now grabbed the car battery and connected all of the motors and plunged them in the water...no wait...I didn't do it yet. I forgot to turn on the hot tub....so out I climbed, turned on the hot tub bubbles..I thought these would help to clean the commutator. Back in the tub I went clutching my motors...this was fun. Finally I connected the motors....I was sure I smelled BBQ at that moment, just prior to blacking out.
Waking up in Emerg, I was still clutching my humming motors. Wow, the power. After a week of rehabilitation, where I learned how to walk and talk again, I installed the motors in my car. Well, my nurse did, my hands were too burnt to move. Anyway, 10 skin grafts later, I was able to produce a car that could win, if only my vision would clear up. Wavegreen

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Im Ron from Brampton Canada. I have a small routed track and am one of 3 tracks in our local club. I will post pics in January of the track 

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Hi Guys,
    Final drawings for our DPR hatch.

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Team Slot are delivering four new rally cars ten days before Christmas - and they look rather nice...


The Renault and the Escort are new liveries, but the Lancia Delta HF is a new model - of which we can expect many more versions and liveries. Here are a couple of pre-production pics showing the body shell and interior, plus the detail on the dashboard...


And here are some 3D renderings of another Delta HF that Team Slot are working on for next year...


The three standard cars - Renault, Escort and Lancia Test Car - will retail at £49.50. The special edition Camel Lancia will be available at £54.95. Arrival with UK retailers is schedules for the week beginning 16 December.

A big thanks to Steve at Staffs Slot Cars, Team Slot's UK distributor, for the pictures and release details.

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