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Hi, my name’s Mark and I currently live in Bath, in the south-west of England.

I first came across slot-racing when I was 10, in 1965, during a visit to my late Father’s Aunt & Uncle.

His significantly younger, and wealthier, cousins had a room in which they had constructed a routed hardboard circuit, using copper tape for the ‘rails’, of significant size.

I was immediately taken by not only the thrill of racing the 1/32 scale cars but also by how they had constructed many of them themselves. I particularly remember them having an Auto Union Type D, Mercedes W125 and Bentley 4.5 litre, along with others.

My interest in motor racing had been stirred by my maternal Grandfather, who would regale me with tales of the pre-war greats he’d seen, and then he and my Father taking me to the 1964 European GP at Brands Hatch, which Jim Clark won.
My own slot-racing commenced at Christmas 1966, when my younger brother and I were given a four-lane Scalextric set with two Porsche and, I think, two BMR cars, in red, yellow, blue and green.

I can remember lusting after Monogram and Cox slot-car kits in the model shop near my grandparent’s sweet shop on Moulsham Street in Chelmsford, when we would visit on a Saturday, but it was a shop nearer our home in Hornchurch that my father took my brother and I to, where we bought our first kits, after having done some research in Model Cars magazine.

My brother chose a Porsche Carrera 6, with an open-frame type motor and Ackerman front steering, while I opted for a Riko Chaparral 2E, with Rikoflash motor.

From there, my school-friend Tony invited me to join the Hornchurch MRC, where his father, Len Manwaring who then edited the Observer Book of Cars, was a senior member.

While never particularly successful, I enjoyed racing and building cars and went on doing so until fifty years ago, when R’n'R and mechanic-ing for a karting neighbour took my attention away.

So now I find myself on the cusp of retirement with a three and a half year old grandson and the thoughts of maybe, just maybe, starting up again and came across this site after Googling the Hornchurch club.

I look forward to catching up on what's happened since I last held a controller and am glad to have been accepted here.

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hi guys 
i received this jaguar in a bundle of 1/43 cars 
i have no idea about HO stuff
so any info on this car would be gratefully received
this car seems to be in good order , the motor runs fine and the lights work 
but it is missing 1x rear tyre
and although i may never be used it is annoying me 
where would these be available and are they a standard size / compound etc 
or would it be easier to cast a urethane one

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Hi all,

I've been a member on a couple of other forums for a little while, but only found this one recently (not sure why it took me so long) and there's some great, fresh & different content on here.  So here I am.

I'm a long time lover of slots (back to my Uncle having a 60s Scaley track when I was growing up & having a ball playing around on this).  Have recently (last couple of years) got into racing at a great local club here in Hobart, Tasmania (Aust) and have had my eyes opened to the overwhelming world of wood track racing (car tuning etc). Just in the process of building a decent Scaley track at home for myself & my boys to have a play with together as well.  Some of the inspiration & tips for track landscaping on forums such as this is awesome.  I might not be heavily involved in discussions, as I don't feel like I have the knowledge (or experience), but I will be avidly keeping track of everyone elses input.


Mal (Hobart)

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Welcome to the race coverage of our first ever 1:32 scale proxy at Worthing HO Racing! The event begins at 5pm on Wednesday 20 January with an opening ceremony and presentation of all the cars at Rally-Sprint HQ in Brighton.

Twenty-eight people have entered forty-six cars across three classes. The sign-up & information thread is here. Along with local Sussex entries, cars have arrived from all around the UK - including several from Wales, Scotland, the Midlands, North East, Kent and the Home Counties.

The Rally-Sprint will run for the next 5-6 weeks on eleven stages, built by four WHO racers in their homes...

SS1: Falmer Rallycross 1 - Ninco + Ninco off-road. Brighton (Andy)
SS2: Martyrs' Mile - Scalextric Sport + Classic. Goring-by-Sea (Simon)
SS3: Jupp's Cup - Scalextric Sport + Classic. Goring-by-Sea (Simon)
SS4: SouthDowns 1 - Scalextric Sport. Goring-by-Sea (Oli)
SS5: SouthDowns 2 - Scalextric Sport. Goring-by-Sea (Oli)
SS6: Martlets Rally Stage 1 - Scalextric Sport. Worthing (Jean)
SS7: Martlets Rally Stage 2 - Scalextric Sport. Worthing (Jean)
SS8: Saddlescombe to Devil's Dyke 1 - SCX Classic. Brighton (Andy)
SS9: Saddlescombe to Devil's Dyke 2 - SCX Classic. Brighton (Andy)
SS10: Falmer Rallycross 2 - Ninco + Ninco off-road. Brighton (Andy)
SS11: Brighton Pavilion Ice Rink - routed foamboard. Brighton (Andy)

The aim of the Rally-Sprint is to complete all eleven stages in the shortest total time. Cars will be raced one at a time by the stage host. Full details are over on the sign-up & information thread here.

In these difficult times, the event has been organised to be Covid-safe and to comply with the UK national lockdown restrictions. Everyone who is taking part - or following the coverage - can enjoy some slot car fun, while keeping everybody safe. Please understand that we may need to adjust the schedule.

All the coverage will be posted on this SlotRacer Online thread, with highlights and links on the WHO Facebook page. Expect results, pictures, reports, overall standings and - hopefully - some brief video clips. Most of this information will be posted in the evenings or at the weekend. Every Wednesday, we'll put together a Rally HQ weekly news briefing - expect it to go live around 5pm UK time.


Strap yourselves in and get ready for the ride!   Rally

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Hi to all

Have been looking at slot cars for a while now.   I am about to take plunge and get a Carrera Digital 1:32 scale   set any help or direction much appreciated
Cheers Beer

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Morning Slot Racer's,
Simon here, a HO nut with a particular obsession with the Italian Job. You may have seen my thread on the "other " channel Thumbup

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Spanish manufacturer SRC have made a big announcement on their Facebook page this morning - some plans for the next two years...

Quote:For this 2021, SRC intended to make a presence at the international fair in Nuremberg but it would not be possible by COVID-19. Our statement of intentions to our public is and will be with your help here presenting today.
Together we are faster!!

There is another Group B rally car - the Audi Quattro S1 - plus a new Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V / Evo VI.

The Citroën Xsara Kit Car is long planned - as are the two BMWs - but it is good to see SRC reviving these projects.

Also on the list is a second LMP1 - the Porsche 919 - to join the Toyota TS050.

And finally, there is a mystery car... which of SRC’s ranges will this be in?

Hopefully we will see more during the year. SRC are always keen to bring their prototypes and plans to the UK Slot Car Festival, so expect some treasures to admire in May 2022.

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I recently discovered the online click and drop function.
Put in package weight, delivery address and value etc, print your label at home, pop down the PO get a stamp or receipt and job done, all for a few pence less than paying at the counter.

Until today .....  One parcel had several cars so the best option for cost and insurance cover was 48 hour track and trace, paid printed and off to the local PO I go.
"sorry sir, thats a tracked item we can't do that, nearest one is in the nearby town, so I look up address and go there ... "sorry sir .... you will have to go to the depot for that"
When I got to the depot no one was answering the customer desk buzzer and the door was locked  Tappingfoot
Luckily I went round the back and accosted a member of staff to sign the paperwork and put it in the collections box.

It is all part of the Post Office, all on the same website, why on earth can't any local PO do it  Cussing

Next time I have to use that particular service, I am paying the 79p extra to get it picked up  Rofl

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The latest issue of SlotCar Magazine has just been published. The ebook is available at Lulu for £1.55 here. The magazine is on its way from the printers to Pendle Slot Racing and will be on their site soon for £4.50.

Here are the contents of the January 2021 issue...

  • 02 Lancia Delta Integrale 16V by Hub Habets - Hub tests the old and the new Lancias by SCX.
  • 04 Porsche 997 GT3 RS 3.6 by Hub Habets - More SCX old versus new on Hub’s rally tracks.
  • 06 Monster Mash by Graham Pritchard - A Mini Monster Truck, anyone? Graham Pritchard shows you how.
  • 08 Lotus 99T Kit Build by Marc Abbott - All hand-made – build one yourself and see the quality required.
  • 11 Mustang Shootout by Tony Dipastena - So, who does make the fastest Mustang in the West?
  • 14 X-Pack Ford Escort by Ric Woods - The Ford that shakes and stirs – the Team Slot Martini Escort.
  • 16 Nissan Skyline GT-R by Marc Abbott - The Slot.it “Godzilla” and you can trust this beast.
  • 18 Bugatti T59 by Marc Abbott - The most beautiful slot car ever? Gary Cannell thinks so!
  • 20 Scalextric Club by Andy Player - What do you get for your money? Well, a nice car for starters.
  • 24 Neuhierl’s Bequest by Andy Pinchock - It’s part 2 of a Carrera history lesson... now listen to teacher...
  • 28 Sweet Chariot by Tony Dipastena - Tony gets the most from his RevoSlot Toyota GT-Ones.
  • 32 Policar Formula 1 by Mark Long - They’re new and they’re modern... and a generic solution.
  • 36 When You Gotta Go... by Marc Abbott - The long wait for the bathroom is over, thanks to Magnetic Racing
  • 37 Wow! Could It Be Magic? by Graham Pritchard - Vac forming... Don’t tell the wife what you’re getting Henry to do!
  • 40 Thunder In The Hills by Ric Woods - New Thunderslot liveries. The classic cars just got some new looks.
  • IBC Dilworth - 2020 was strange... but there’s no stranger world than 2525.
The magazine is published six times a year by Marc Abbott and Ric Woods. You can find out more and buy all back issues as ebooks on the Slot Car Magazine website: www.slotcarmagazine.co.uk

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Asking on behalf of a friend who has not found this forum yet.   Have told him about this forum and hopefully he will arrive shortly but in advance here is his query:-

This is related to a Faller based track running T-Jet chassis and that has several special features around the theme of the 1969 movie The Italian Job .   So the use is not ultimate track performance but more for smooth running of the cars for video recording.

"As the scenes take shape I am finding the stock Faller 16v power supply and controller inadequate to get the speed and control required to test the scenes, particularly with the Mini jump. I was going to wait until I was a little further down the line before purchasing better quality power supplies or controllers but I think the time has come to purchase at least one so I can replicate the speed and control of the final circuit. T-jets like about 90 Ohms and 18v at 10a. I imagine a variable power supply is a good idea but controller wise I don't know what I am looking for. I could get a basic Parma 90 Ohm but I have read that it may be better to get an electronic controller so I can fine tune to each car. Do electronic controllers have a range up to 90 Ohm as I have only seen one's up to 45 Ohm. I would be grateful for any advice."

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