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Price of 1/32 figures

What is it with the price of figures creeping up these days? Maybe I am alone in this gripe but have just seen a single 1/32 painted figure on Ebay for nearly £16 inc shipping. There I was thinking £12 is a bit steep. Let's see now....I have about 60 spectators on my circuit, so 60 x £12 = £720. Well...maybe if I just spent £8 per figure...£480. Still too much for me. A lot of figures (unpainted) seem to be around £6, so that would be only £300. Bargain!

Figures have always seemed expensive to me, even when they were cheaper.

Back in the day producing decent quality figures must have been costly but with today's technology they should be less costly. However, the market is quite small and so it is the low volume, high cost manufacturers that tend to make decent ones.

Immense Miniatures must get a mention in this respect.


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I'd have thought a max of £4 per unpainted figure is reasonable if mailed.

There is a Britains 1/32 now listed under Scalextric at just under £19!!! My circuit requires 60... so that'll be £1100. Not okay imo even if you have pots of money.

Dylcom figures are £13 for six unpainted white metal  , details are good . So far I've over 200 figures on my track and could do with twice that many ,so got to get them cheap 


The Chinese ones on EBAY are okay for crowd work, and you can just paint a few black hairs blond, change a few details to increase variety.
That knocks the cost through the floor.
Example, -  there are lots of sets, sitting, standing etc

If you can get someone to 3D print some available on thingyverse, you can do it cheap.
I am planning to scan about 30 original Eldon and Strombecker figures I acquired unpainted some years back, and then they can be 3D printed - either SLS-  or a 3D resin if I go that way ( as we already have two Ender 5 in our club, another similar printer seems a bit pointless. Anyone own a 3D resin printer to comment on cost and ease of use ?

Yes, those Chinese plastic figures are okay when improved by paintwork and some mods. I bought about 30 a while back when they were dead cheap! There are some printed figures that look quite good. I still don't wanna pay £6+ each though. Maybe I'm a pennypincher.

Ho Lee Kow, long time no see.

I have repopped a few figures but they are generally a pain to do..
Getting a good result where there is often a plug (ie between the legs) can be a major hurdle.

Quote:Anyone own a 3D resin printer
I have one. The brand is eyeseehandbotttlegoo works well sometimes.

[Image: E3-E1-F76-F-50-C4-4-D9-D-8-ADB-CF654-F8-AED40.jpg]
[Image: B7-AD8-B66-9-D20-4343-BFE8-BBAD908-ED77-E.jpg]
[Image: 6552-A58-F-972-B-436-C-A5-CB-530-FA41-C52-C1.jpg]

Once you have a mould working a 1/32 figure shouldn't cost a lot 2.50-3.50GBP range is my opinion...depending on difficulty and rarity.
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and please ignore that 1/24 sign....the figures are all 1/32 scale

A dentist friend of mine has a resin printer ,he reckons the cost to be about £8 per figure due to the cost of the resin he uses ,so still expensive .One thing he did say was that he can mirror image them ,that would give greater veriation .Can that be done on a normal 3D printer? 


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