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True 1:64 Scale Figures for "HO"

Here's a few of my 1/64th scale figures. I have a modern day pit crew set, plus podium girls, backup girls, team mascots (dogs and a pig), and now working on vintage 60's/70's mechanics/pit crews, and seated and standing spectators. I create fully rigged models, which allows me to pose them any way needed before printing on a high resolution resin printer. A lot more to come... even a set of spectators doing the wave, and the YMCA dance (why not!).












Jim @ [url=]HWP Slot Cars[/url]
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Here's just a few of the newest figures. Mechanics, spectators, guys sitting on coolers, etc.


Jim @ [url=]HWP Slot Cars[/url]
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Been a while since I’ve updated this thread, but my sons and I now make 70+ different 1/64 scale figures. Including new TV Camera Crews, race photographers, track officials, seated and standing spectators, and drivers in a range of poses. Here’s a few pics.


Jim @ [url=]HWP Slot Cars[/url]
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Jim @ [url=]HWP Slot Cars[/url]
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