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Batch of slightly modified and repainted figures.

Here are some photos of my latest slightly modified and repainted batch of figures.
All figures are second hand and bought at swapmeets such as the UK Slot Car Festival in Gaydon.
Most changes concern the hats, which now have been changed to caps with the help of a file.

rallyhub Thumbup

The batch of slightly modified figures just before repainting.                                      Their hats are rechaped into caps.

The finished figures on the track side.                                                                                     Watching the action.
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Nice job - love your work!! Thumbup
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Just for fun: Here are some more photos of slightly modified Scalextric figures.
For modifying I used a file, sandpaper, masking tape for making shawls and some tile adhesive.

rallyhub Thumbup

After adding some tile adhesive...                                                                                             ...Repainting.

A running spectator.                                                                                                                        Sitting on the wall. 

Rally fans in action...                                                                                                                         ...watching the rally cars.
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Nice work. Thumbup
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Great work, you must have a rock steady hand and the patience of a saint  Bigsmile
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Unfortunately, the choice of figures is not that large, so with a little patience you can expand the range a bit. 

rallyhub Thumbup

Modified Siku tractor drivers reading magazines.                                                             Modified Scalextric mechanics playing in the snow.
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All your figures sensational Hub - full of life and individual character - but those magazine-reading tractor drivers are really amazing Thumbup

I think one of them should be reading one of your articles in Slot Car Magazine...
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(26th-Jan-21, 03:47 PM)woodcote Wrote:  I think one of them should be reading one of your articles in Slot Car Magazine...

Thank you for liking, Andy.
At the moment I have printer problems and don't know how to fix it.
Otherwise I would certainly also have used a scaled down Slot Car Magazine.

Hub Thumbup
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After some searching, I found a photo of the "Slot Car Shop owner", who's reading a Slot Car Magazine.
I also found a plastic bag with some more 1:32 SCM magazines left and took a photo:

rallyhub Thumbup

During the lunch break, the "Slot Car Shop owner" reads Slot Car Magazine       Reading a Slot Car Magazine at the track side.
together with his employee.
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Maybe this is an idea to get some more Scalextric spectator variations.
Cut the left arm, drill a hole in the body and the arm and glue a (wooden) pin inside.
Here is the result:

rallyhub Thumbup

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