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Triple Crown Builds

A spot to post your Triple Crown Builds…. I’m looking forward to this proxy
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Just started working on an old project.

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this is one of my intended entries 
old Revel GTO body shell , ebay find 
lots to do 
repaired a crack in the roof 
lots smoothing out to do before paint 
all bright work in desperate need of refurbishment ( any tips ? )
was intended for one of Harry's 'Show Me' events 
so was going to build a brass chassis , but i am failing miserably ( all the gear , no idea )
might just go with a 3DP chassis instead for this event , we will see 

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Not sure which classes to enter yet:

Class D - super competitive with the perennial proxy favourite the 914/6 eligible, also if the Porsche 935 is the one Racer/sideways  make that's a pretty quick car out of the box (motor change needed for the rules of course). 

Class C: seems a bit more even and I have a pioneer mustang that has never seen the light of day, good excuse to get that one out. Tbh couldnt tell you what 50% of the other cars in that class look like  but they sound like big yank tanks.

Class B: no idea what 80% of those cars are, so I'll probably leave that one alone! Pretty sure my dad told me he saw Fraser Nash Milie Miglia play at the Bath Blues festival  Bigsmile

Class A: my 'standard' scalextric car didn't do very well in the le man's proxy, be nice to have another go now I know what can be achieved and at least I have a base line for tuning against, can't make it any worse!
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That is a very good analysis of the challenge ahead,

Class D will be super competitive but I am hoping with the diversity of different car models the 914/6 will not necessarily dominate the field.
Also as with the previous Roadrace there will be a variety of different track types for the cars to negotiate (Raceway,Rally,Hillclimb), so what works well on one may not do so well on the others, as was the case last time around.

i am looking at 2 possibilities
An authentic Corvette Greenwood- more like a Group 5 type car or perhaps an excuse to make the Group 44 Jaguar XJ-S, both have a similar wheelbase and width.

Class C should be a very evenly balanced, and I am tempted to enter this one with my Ford Galaxie which I used for a Classic slot car event earlier in the year, although I would change the decals on it to a NASCAR style.

Class B is also very diverse range of classic road cars, I might expect to see a couple of previously entered cars here. If I was entering this one would probably let Stirling Moss have another run of his Mercedes 300SL although I would need to change his motor.

Class A I have thought that this class type was becoming a little too predictable perhaps, so I introduced the option for entering a wider variety of models from other standard slot car brands and the option of upgrading some running parts to see how this works out.
Not at all sure about what I would enter in this class, but probably a Supercar type like my Mclaren from the last Road Race.

However it is a little too soon to make up my mind as yet, but it will be  great to see that very nicely presented Camero of Brumos, or indeed how the Pontiac GTO of Kev's turns out.
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Started working on my Class A car.  Wheels are solid Aluminum 17x8 and 17x10 CB Design wheels from 

Tuning starts soon.
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paint didn't turn out as well as i had hoped 
used a few decals to hide the worst 
also a couple decals seem a bit thick ?
fingers crossed laquer will sort it ?

on the plus side the chrome came up well using the trusty 'Molotov' pen 

next job :- try to make the windows clear again 
                  interior & driver
                  decide 3dp or brass chassis 

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Kev. Love the colour of your Revell GTO.

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that looks awesome Ken 
not sure mine will be that low though ?
i got some nice wheels for it , dont want to hide them  Thumbup

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I chuckled when I read your comment about hiding the wheels.  Bigsmile You could not hide the wheels on that body no matter how low you go. I tried and couldn't do it.  Sun

Speaking of wheels. These are pics I got in trouble for. The ring leader of the club reminded me "No Chip Foose wheels in Stock Car racing!". Oh well. I'm always in trouble.  Cool

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