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Rally Cars Slotting Proxy 2023 - Car Builds

Rather than clog the info thread, it'd be great to see progress on your builds for this proxy.

I'd thought about something totally different at the beginning of the event and have an Oldsmobile 88 printed and mostly painted but it's probably going to struggle on some Rally stages so changed my plan.  Still staying in the pre-66 Monte though but now with something slightly smaller but different from the norm - a '65 Ford Falcon Sprint

The body should be printed when I get home after can see the back end in the photo, 3D resin print that takes about 11 hours at the angle it's printing (25 degrees).


A suitable IL chassis is underway, almost finished designing it, also 3D printed but on a filament printer.

My original entry was to be this Olds 88, it'll still see Rally action at our club, if it's nimble enough who knows it may see the next RCSP in 2024


Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers
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I am sorting a Fly 4WD, Audi Quattro for Event 2.
Straight out of the box it was awful, bounced like a kangaroo.
Glueng and truing the rears made little difference.
So I have decided to change the gears to SLotIt, fit different axles and new wheels and tyres.

Problem I need to overcome is how to get the SlotIt pinions onto the motor shafts.

With the spring system in the middle of the shaft I think my SlotIt pinion puller/applicator is just going to bend the shaft.

Any advice as to how to do this?


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You're best carefully removing the shaft out of the spring and replacing pinions will be easier...careful getting the shaft back in or you can bend the spring  Thumbup

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers
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Is it just a push fit, Kevan?

Yes but they can be a bit tight, it helps if you twist it slightly as you're pushing it as it stretches the spring slightly.

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers

Yes I recently did this with a front motor model, really difficult getting the spring off the shaft, I had to rub in some Vaseline into the spring first.

You'll find it much easier to get the spring off if you use two pairs of needle nose pliers, grip the shaft with one leaving enough room for the other to get behind the spring and lever it sideways so you force it off without straining it.

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers

RoadRunners are looking at these options, already have the Jaguar and BMW M1 fitted out with 3d chassis etc, but the others have lingered for long enough on the shelf and deserve a chance to shine. I have 3d chassis for both the Porsche 356 and the Audi Quattro E2 but never fitted them out.
The Audi Quattro was a class winner in the "Rally Sprint Proxy" of 2020 run by the Brighton Club, so tempted to run it again as a Standard Class car, but on the other hand I just like the idea of a complete upgrade  Rofl

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my cars are ready 
i think 
but I'm toying with the idea of changing my rebuilt  TR7 to a Rover SD1 that I'm building for giggles  Thumbup



Working on these two for Class A.  I’m not sure if I can shoe horn a navigator in the 904 but it’s just wide enough and with a little more motor it could be a fun car.  If you see a pic with the #33 on it then it’s ready to go.  The Imp is just a cool car to watch on track as it’s it fits in the palm of your hand easily.
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