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Extreme Slotting

Wavegreen  Yes me again, I am thinking of later in the year doing a proxy event based on Raid cars, I know a couple of people who may act as hosts in the fullness of time when they have their tracks fully set up. And I have a SCX Raid set and some additional sections of track and bridges I am putting together.

So my question is are there any similarly minded slot off-road slot racers who might be interested in such an idea as a Proxy event ?
It would be nice to have one in the UK, I don't see anything on line of any already established club or proxy event
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Hasn't your clio taken enough of a pounding on the rough stuff on the Rally? Bigsmile

Does Raid track require special cars? 


'Does Raid track require special cars?'

after watching some of the spanish youtube vids on rally raid 
it looks like the cars are more based on the paris-dakar cars and trucks
using knobbly tyres and drop arm guides  

but does look fun 
Raid Dakar 2020 en Speedslot - YouTube
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Hi Alan,  unfortunately your Rally and Supercars will not be suitable, with the hilly bits and obstacles you need alot of under car clearance and guide drop arms.

Altogether a completely different kind of competition but I think ideally suited to Proxy racing as well, as this is not featured in club type Events.

I will Post up some photos
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I have a couple of Ninco Rally-Raid cars ready to roll Sun 

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An interesting project, I have an SCX off road set plus extra bits which could be used for one of the events. As far as I am aware though Ninco raid cars do not have enough arm drop as standard to cope with SCX obstacles. Ninco drop arm is 40mm long whereas the SCX one is 80mm.
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I have been looking for some Ninco  off road track, but there does not seem to be any around, sort of thing we might have picked up at the old slot car fairs I think, so stuck with the SCX at the moment.

Interesting point though about the drop arm length of the Ninco cars, I have one but not tried it out on the SCX stuff yet.

plenty scx offroad/raid track on the bay atm if any1 interested

Both Ninco and SCX track and cars are as easy to find as rocking horse poo. They have been discontinued for a very long time and fetch silly money when they do pop up on auction sites.

The two makes are radically different in the performance stakes with Ninco being more like normal racing cars but not great on the bumps. SCX are much slower but can cope with any terrain you throw at them.

Yes the SCX track is very rough indeed, of course you can make your own off road track which is something I would like to do in the future.

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