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GT Sports Cars Slotting - Official Results & Reports

[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=30523]

The Event Grids
Sports Cars (Group 5) (1970-1985)

InterSeries (1966-1990)

Global GT (1994-2006)

British GT (2007 - 2023)
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Entrants List 

Round Schedule

Host Briefing Sheet
.pdf GT Sports cars Briefing sheet. v2.pdf Size: 55.35 KB  Downloads: 17

Entrant Car Technical Characteristics 
(car weights added)

Race Predictions
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Team Introductions
Makem Movers
I know that Gerry has a championship winning pair of proxy cars somewhere, but not quite sure that this entry is the one  Sun

The Wolf looks menacing, could be a dark horse on some tracks. The Viper was run previously but has been fitted with new running motor and gear. The driver had trouble fitting into the car, so the mechanics at Harlequin had to shorten the drivers neck and helmet to get him settled in.... you will need to read the Qualifying report to understand this  Bigsmile

Ruscillo Racing
Good friend and club mate of mine at the Melton Mowbray Slot Club. The BMW M1 is a regular club racing car so has seen some action, and usually beats mine.
The Merc CLK LM is probably his lesser known performing car. A modified Ninco car with a Scaleauto motor. Has had some success before with the previous proxy series, but a little out of form this year so far.

Scott Sports
Mike is our facebook designer and been a loyal supporter of these proxies ever since I started them, his main success so far was with the "Extreme Slotting proxy series" again another entrant whose waiting for fortune to shine on him with these proxies. I think his choice of cars is great for this proxy, the Marcos one of my favourites ( I have a Revoslot version) and I also have an NSR BMW Z4 another favorite car of mine. But can his Marcos cut it in this proxy, obviously not helped the penalty I inflicted on it. But it certainly moves very well on my track. 

Brumos RSR
You will hardly find any Proxy in the US without a Brumos car in it, and so has been the case with mine. Tony has often said that he does not understand my rules or scoring, but actually he is not alone I think most of the other entrants feel the same  Bigsmile However I am always pleased to have the privilege of running his cars, and I know an awful lot of research and technical knowhow goes into his creations. He has achieved more success in recent proxies of mine, so I think his expectations will be high this time. Sadly the Maclaren was just a bit too wide to allow into this proxy, but I think it looks great and would have no doubt been a contender for the Event if it had been permitted. (It will be in the post to be returned this week)

Harrison's Racers
Becoming a regular to our proxies has is enjoying some success over the Triple Crown series, a member of the NERCS Club. An interesting choice of cars, the Supra used to be a favourite in the days of Ninco race series.

Team Cube
Host of the Goldrock Round
Well hoping that the overseas proxy success rubs off this time in this proxy.
I will be willing his cars on. I just love the Ferrari 355, the car appears to have been redecorated and looks really great.

Bangers Racing
Master of the chassis design, Chris produces some great performing cars and I am certain they will be great running cars again this time. Already winners of the Rally Cars Slotting proxy, they could clinch the Triple Crown award. An unusual choice of cars and again not taking the obvious route to success but they will definitely be flying.

Courtney Sport
What can we say, Sir Courtney was the winner of the previous "Triple Crown series of proxies" (we all remember the Porsche 911) and his track record on US based proxies is overwhelming, so we can expect his single entry to  be pretty formidable.  But don't want to worry the rest of the British GT Event entrants too much  Bigsmile

ALS Racing
Another welcome entrant from over the pond, ALS had been a regular participant from the start of my proxies. never quite got into the leading positions but this time the team is looking very strong. Sadly the Thunderslot Lola will not be participating due to a track clearance issue of the chassis, if it had been no doubt would have been a certain winner. However the Ferrari 412P (previous entry in the EIS proxy) and Corvette C6 are certain to be challenging for the top of their Events.

previously was a partner in the Touring Cars Proxy as the Deadheads team from the Manx Slot Car Club, this time going it alone with two superb cars based on their B&W constructed chassis. Unfortunately last time out their touring car with a similar chassis construction did not have much luck and suffered with a body mount issue. Hopefully this time we will get to see their cars really demonstrate their potential to be Event winners. The BASF livery on the BMW M1 is a favourite of mine as I worked for the company for 30 years.

Becoming a regular proxy entrant, but also known for his Digital racing expertise and entered the slot car 24hrs event last year. More recently he took on the continental Dakar Rally Raid car event in France as the only UK entrant. So a true slot car all rounder, and will take on anything, even my proxies  Bigsmile
I liked the SRC Porsche 907K so much that I have bought one for future use in live events or even proxies maybe. The Mclaren should in theory be a Event winner but it might struggle due to a couple of reasons... best not to dwell on that.

formally known as EdManx, a relative newcomer to the world of proxy racing. This time we have two "Batmobiles" converted from a Merc CLK LM & Porsche 911.
It will be interesting to see how they get on against the other Class A constructed cars.

Green Star Racing
Host of the Viking Slot Car Club, Ade has been with us right from the start. No so much luck with this "Triple Crown series" but has run some really great cars in the past. I have a feeling that this superb NSR Porsche 911 will be a star runner. The BMW 320 could also mix it with the BMW M1's.

Team Alaric
Marty another of our NERCS Slot Car Club members, and more importantly saved our Touring cars cars last year from being lost forever in the DPD time loop. so I think is worthy of additional points for services rendered. A couple of very nice looking cars, I always wanted to run my Bentley Continental but never got around to it as yet, a great car

The other half of Deadheads team, Kevan gave us the super fast Audi A5 last year, this time has constructed another great looking Ferrari 550. This is supported with his attempt to win the Class A category with a great self decorated Aston Martin DB9. We can expect both to be very competitive.

Savage GT
And not to be forgotten, the previous Touring Cars champion, this time presenting a BMW M1 in line configuration which will be different from the others, and first attempt at a Class A constructed car. With the Touring cars win they could also take the Triple Crown Award.

Now the embarrassing bit, who forgot to take a track photo of my own cars  Rofl
Luckily I have this photo taken earlier.

So I decide to go with the Slot it/NSR hybrid version of the Ford GT40, the NSR car was just a little more difficult to optimise the controller for, whereas this car was just easy to run at high speed. My 2nd choice was this rather obscure Carrera body De Tomaso GP5 car, a challenge I wanted and certainly got, so not sure this will run elsewhere but on my track at least was great. 
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Looking at the weights of both my cars I should have called it 'Team Lardy'  Bigsmile

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers

"Spirit of the Proxy Award" 
I have selected these cars for entrants/hosts to vote for.

1) Wolf Dallara - Makem Movers

2) Ferrari 355 - Team Cube

3) Porsche 911 - Green Star Racing

4) Aston Martin DB9 - ModSport

5) Porsche 911 - Batmanx
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Don't forget Savage GT's two cars...

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers

(5th-Mar-24, 09:24 PM)Kevan Wrote:  Don't forget Savage GT's two cars...

Thanks for reminding me, has been added now.
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The next time these cars will be seen is probably Friday when I open the box during a live Youtube stream and look at each car in turn for a 'car preview'.

This will be my third live preview and thoroughly enjoyed the two I've done so far.

Now that Graham has shown all the cars I can't wait to see them close-up, there's some very interesting cars there  Thumbup

Racing will be on Saturday, the webcam coverage should go without the hiccups of the Touring Car Proxy, a shame as racing coverage is always good to watch back in the future.

I'd like to put a second webcam up to show the running scores in the corner of the screen.

We don't have interwebnet at the club so race coverage will be recorded then uploaded to youtube.

I'd love to see more hosts video their racing, once on Youtube it's there to watch as often as you like and for years to come...don't be shy guys, it's easy with a smart phone and even easier if you have internet access as you can stream 'live' as it happens.

Try to enjoy every minute because it'll be over in a flash....

When the box is collected (without fiasco this time!)...I can focus on the Slot Rally GB which comes to our club on the 20/21st April, I'm looking forward to meeting the 5 guys who are coming over the Irish Sea for our event.

Good luck everyone, let's hope for some new winners Checkeredflag

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers
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Wavegreen  Good Morning

Qualifying Report
essentially the cars are run at the Harlequin track in order to determine running positions for the rest of the series. We don't in general have each Round doing a qualifying stage themselves, so although not ideal it should give a structure by which the other hosts can look to run the cars in sequence of slowest to fastest or visa versa, and for those running two car racing rounds a better experience.
I have requested that where possible the other hosts run their tracks at 12 volts as I have, but I know for some that is not possible as they have only a fixed output power source.

For my part I know my track very well, and I know that measuring "fastest lap" to determine running positions requires a number of runs, without any practise or warm up laps the first 2 runs are required just to get any kind of consistency, for some cars a third will define a consistent measurement. But for others, some motors just take longer to kick in, so I always run my own testing for 5 runs to be confident that you are seeing the "fastest lap" that the car is likely on my track to reach. So in total that is around 80 secs per run or 7 minutes in total for the qualifying session. Without doing this and having cars with very similar performance would not in my view be representative of where the cars positions should be in the running order.

I did use the 4th Run to video the cars run on my track, which is not ideal because of the limited view I can get, but I hope to upload these within this report for each of the cars.

The Results
Test car
I use a Scalextric AMV with magnets and NSR tyres to check the track is working consistently and apply the same rule as above. Generally you can apply the throttle fully on all but 2 bends at 12volts with this car when up to speed and it will not come off the track because of the traction magnets fitted. So I do view any cars which show the same inclination with suspicion. I get a 8.4 +/- 0.03 sec fastest lap with this car.

Ford GT40 run better than previously, as I had since changed the original interior to a Lightweight one, and the fastest lap was significantly improved.
De Tomaso similarly run better with a substitute lightweight interior than I had measured before.

Makem Movers
Wolf Dallara ran smoothly and consistently, except for a tendency to lift out of the slot after the sharp inclines I have on my track. It felt certainly heavy enough in general but I felt could have been better with a different weight distribution. 
Dodge Viper initial run felt like excessive braking, on checking I found that one of the rear tyres was showing a shallow grove in it and that the interior was rubbing against the wheel. After discussing with the host I removed the body and found that the lightweight interior had come adrift of the adhesive points which had been used to fix it in. And closer examination showed that in effect the interior had been stressed into position because the driver did not fit into the cockpit arear without bending the moulding. So I agreed to sand off the drivers head and neck to fit the interior without bending the moulding. It now appears to work and run faster and should be ok.

Ruscillo Racing
BMW M1 ran very well and smoothly.
Merc CLK LM initial runs the back end was quite loose and the car would deslot on the fast corners, later runs were better after some tyre cleaning with tape. 

Scott Sports
Marcos LM600 rear wing came off straight away, so I decided that it was pointless trying to run this car with it on and I will send the car without the rear wing otherwise it might get lost in the other rounds. Magnetic traction was perhaps evident but not excessively so, but the rear of the body definitely bottomed out on the track inclinations which is a sure sign that the cars track clearance is below the 1.5mm. And it ran very fast.
BMW Z4 ran nosily around the track, there appears to be still some toothpaste like "stuff" around the crown gear, the front wheel inserts did not particularly match the rear ones. But the car ran fairly consistently.

Brumos RSR
BMW M1 initially started first run but something was immediately wrong with the car seemingly running on hand brakes. So I checked the car and found a large 5gm weight was trapped around the front wheels. Because it was large I could not remove it without opening the car up, so I contacted the owner who agreed for me to do so. The weight has been glued back onto the motor mount, this time with a blob of hot melt adhesive, so hopefully it will stay in place. In general thereafter the car felt quite lively to run, I think the gearing did not suite my short straight type track, so probably better on the club tracks. But a reasonably good speed obtained.
Ferrari 458 one rear wheel insert and rear wing came off on first run, so I have left them out for the subsequent rounds  as I think they could easily get lost. Excellent running car very smooth, should be a joy to run elsewhere.

Harrison's Racers
Toyota Supra ran well.
Lola T70 seemed sluggish and a little heavy.

Team Cube
Ferrari 355 the car quite lively and nippy, a little unpredictable and perhaps weight distribution might have been better on my track.
Aston Martin DB9 was very predictable consistent laps, not particularly fast.

Bangers Racing
Ferrari 512BB probably the most unexpected run of the day, it was just very fast and the lap times were there right from the start, and very stable. Long wheelbase cars tend to work very well on my track, which I never quite understood as the straights are quite short. 
Honda NSX similarly great run, the lap times were immediately there from the start. The eventual result was better than I expected by the feel of the car.

AMG ran very smooth and quiet, similar to Bangers Racing the motor reaction seemed immediately to be there on the first run. I had another case of loose wheel insert which I have kept for safe keeping, otherwise it most likely will get lost later on.

Porsche 907K seemed to have alot of braking effect, tyres were quite dirty, so took a few runs to become consistent, but a fair speed by the end of the session.
Mclaren F1 GTR extremely slow to start with, gradually picked up speed on each run, but the pattern was similar each time. I began to suspect that this was due to excessive magnetic traction (literally holding the car back until it gained momentum) so I measured the car again with and without the motor running on my SRC test unit. But the measured traction force was the same running or not. So I am not any wiser, the cars motor is definitely lower than the 1.5mm but not excessively, so I am kind of surprised even after all my experience with observing this, that the motor had such an effect, if it did ? Anyway not such a fast run as I expected, seemed like the hand brake was on but for what reason I am not sure.

Savage GT
BMW M1 really great consistent fast run throughout.
AMV a little easy to deslot on my track, so slower than it could be elsewhere.

Green Star Racing
BMW 320i very smooth fast runs, I was surprised this one did not have such a high ranking in the final order of the Event cars.
Porsche 911 JUST EXCELLENT! possibly my fastest entry of the day.

Team Alaric
Porsche 908 smooth running and steady.
Bentley Continental as we might expect a little heavy as a standard car, but does have lights working. Runs smooth but needing some more horses under the bonnet I think. Another one which I have on my list to do, just because its the most gracious GT3 car you can run.

ALS Racing
Corvette C6 a good choice as it one of the older NSR GT3 cars which is narrow enough to meet the proxy rules, the car had a tendency to lift out of the slot on acceleration as you came out of the curves into the fast straights.
Ferrari 412P this was strange one as it started rather unevenly as if something was touching, and then further into the run would pick up nicely and run smooth. I wonder if the Spur gear is touching the chassis perhaps ? Once it has found momentum it will be very competitive .

BMW M1 very stable car throughout testing, on my short straight runs, probably did not do the metal chassis much favour. 
Porsche 917/K same as above this car will show its full potential when it hits the faster tracks.

Ferrari 550 some inconsistent running on my track, looked like an electrical contact issue of internal wiring, but never got to the bottom of it. However on the good laps it runs very fast indeed. 
Aston Martin DB9 quite noisy but ran well.

Merc CLK LM started off with some sliding about at the back, tyres seemed quite dirty, so after cleaning them the car ran better.
Porsche 911 for a standardish Scalextric based Porsche 911, I think this car ran very smoothly and consistently, another one with lights (i think) very nice to drive, not so fast but remarkably stable.
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Hi Graham,

I see you've got the score sheets ready to fill.

As there's already a Teams points sheet, is it possible to have separate Event and Class points sheets please as an overall points sheets is very confusing to work out who's winning what.

I don't mean 4 separate Event sheets and 3 separate Class sheets, just one Events sheet and one Classes sheet.

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers

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