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HO Drag Proxy Summer Series 2020 Finale 2020 RACE REPORT


There are an amazing 61 cars in six classes - all of them qualifying and racing over the next three days. Here they are, packed into the Rock County paddock...


There are also another twelve cars taking part in some match-racing or making exhibition runs. It's going to be busy few days!

Here is the entry list for the three core classes that are battling out for championship points and end-of-season trophies and prizes (click on the image to make it bigger)...


And this is the list of 4-Gears that will be given a full qualification and elimination race format this time, having been match-racing over the summer...


There are trophies for our three core class winners, plus one each for the runner-up and top junior racer in Street Stock...


Qualifying is coming up a little later today (Tuesday), the Micro Scalextric eliminators are Wednesday evening and the T-Jet and 4-Gear eliminators on Thursday evening. Let the contest begin!
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As always, the first competitive business of the event was for Rebecca to judge Best in Show. Only three new liveries this time, but the winner was an absolute beauty!


Congratulations to Alan - another superb car to round off a very fine crop we've admired throughout the Summer Series. All the re-liveries from the summer will be carefully considered over the next couple of days and an overall top three announced on Thursday.

Qualifying results will be a little later than usual. We'll have the two Micro Scalextric classes and T-Jets qualified by 8.30pm. The nineteen 4-Gear cars will follow -  either later tonight or carried over to Wednesday lunchtime.
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The Micro Scalextric Street Stock cars were first to qualify. Each car made three passes against another car in the same class. All cars ran in both lanes. Elapsed Times (ET) are recorded below...


Congratulations to Jane for another Street Stock TQ...


And yes, Sue qualified ahead of both Jerome and Pete Sun
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Next were the Super Stock cars...


Congrats to Iain - that was a sensational run to finish top qualifier. Can he convert it to a win this time?

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OK Andy, what will it take to persuade Rose to cross the track in front of my car? I need some luck!
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Well done Alan, your Anglia is terrific a well deserved win. WrenchI hope it runs as good as it looks.
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Iain - I'll see what I can do, but Rose hasn't been anywhere near the race room this evening...

Finally for tonight, the T-Jet qualifying...


Alan's Ford was rapid! Once the wheelie bar settled down (it was lifting the rear wheels slightly), the times were sensational too. Top Qualifier goes to Alan!


Well done to all our top qualifiers so far. I will attempt to squeeze in the 4-Gear qualifying first thing in the morning. They are all ready to go.
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I'm glad the car put in a good run. The wheelie bars are super critical with no magnets.  Wrench
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Well done Alan that is quick. Are there no traction magnets fitted?
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No traction magnets just motor magnets - it's a wizjet chassis with a mix of wizard, model motoring and Dash parts.
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