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HO Drag Proxy August 2020 RACE REPORT


With the delayed arrival of cars shipped from the United States, we have been left with forty cars for the three core classes - one more than last time. We welcome Natasha and Laura for their Summer Series debuts in Street Stock, plus Iain has added a T-Jet to his entry. If the American cars arrive before the eliminators start on Wednesday, I will look at a way of including them in some way. In any case, they'll be ready for the two September races.

Here are the cars and the entry list as of Tuesday morning...



In terms of match racing, last month's Nostalgia Funny Car winners David and Clive will face each other, Rebecca will race Doug. Dylan and Noah will race the NHRA Top Fuelers and Alan's NHRA Pro Stock will race Pete and Jerome's NHRA Funny Car. Andy and Rebecca will give an exhibition of two Micro Scalextric Super Stock 6.0 Nissans to give a flavour of what Super Stock may evolve into from November. There may be more exhibitions and match races, especially if the American cars arrive in time!
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Judging this month's Best in Show competition was a challenge for Rebecca - there were quite a few fabulous new cars to consider. Usually, the short-list is quickly whittled down to a couple of cars - this time it was four. In the end, the choice of winner was clear...


Congratulations to Iain for a great-looking car with tons of wonderful detailing. The photos don't do it justice - it is even more eye-catching in the flesh.

The other three finalists were Alan, Jane and Clive - all receiving Highly Commended status!


And a big thank you to everyone who sent in cars and especially those who took the time to decorate and personalise their entries.
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Very well done Lian, that looks great, a well deserved win.
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Phew, what a scorcher Sun 

Qualifying is now over and the results are as follows...


Iain was Top Qualifier in Micro Scalextric Super Stock with his re-built Jaguar. The air scoop made all the difference! There will be no room for errors tomorrow - all seven cars are on the pace.


No surprises at the top of Nostalgia Super Stock - Clive's Thunderbolt is a class act. However, Doug's Ford Coupe hooked up a cracking run to go second. I would say the Coupe is the car Clive needs to fear - if it gets through to the final.


Alan's new Audi was the sensation on the track today - three sub-600 runs and new track records for ET and MPH through the speed trap. Despite a very cheeky protest by Louise's crew, the Audi was passed by the track officials. That Audi is fast off the line and just keeps accelerating - a perfect car over the seven feet. Behind Alan was a huge crowd of contenders - the top sixteen all getting under 0.700 seconds. Only seven managed that last time. Was the heat a factor? Possibly. It's going to be hot and humid again tomorrow.

Here are the Top Qualifiers in the three classes...


Congrats to Iain, Clive and Alan Thumbup
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Well done Andy some great times there. Special congratulations to Lian that Jag is a flyer Checkeredflag
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There was time this evening for the first rounds of the match races...


In Nostalgia Funny Car, David beat Clive by 0.150 of a second, the ET for the King Fish 'Cuda 0.863 and the King Cobra Mustang 1.017. Rebecca's Bounty Huntress Mustang managed a 0.813, beating Doug's Blue Max Mustang by 0.134 - Doug turning a 0.945. Both Clive and Doug have the opportunity to level their matches in round two.


The two modern NHRA matches saw two Top Fuelers, a Funny Car and a Pro Stocker. Alan's new Jason Line Summit Pro Stock clocked 0.904 against Jerome in the JR Todd DHL Funny car. A 1.051 for Jerome saw him lose by 0.148 seconds. The Top Fuel battle was much closer - Dylan beating Noah by 0.030 seconds. Dylan's Alanabi dragster stopped the clock at 0.781, against Noah's 0.811 in the Optima Top Fueler. I wouldn't be surprised if this match goes to a third round.

Finally, Rebecca and Andy ran three exhibition runs with Micro Scalextric cars powered by 6 ohm Tomy Mabuchi motors...


Green Nissan 350Z: 0.510s / 8.990 mph; 0.520s / 10.114 mph; 0.472s / 9.519 mph
White Nissan 350Z: 0.487s / 10.788 mph; 0.501s / 8.990 mph; 0.499s / 11.558 mph

The green Nissan had an 8/22 gear ratio and the white a standard 7/25. These times and speeds might be useful when looking at the evolution of the Super Stock class from November.
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A rough timetable for today's coverage:

6pm (UK time) - Micro Scalextric Super Stock eliminators
6.30pm - Match Racing Round 2
7pm - T-Jet Nostalgia Super Stock eliminators
8pm - Match Racing Round 3
8.30-10pm - Micro Scalextric Street Stock eliminators

It's going to be another hot day on the South Coast - no thunderstorms forecast until the early hours of Thursday morning.
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The Micro Scalextric Super Stockers were first on track. The Quarter Finals went to form, with the top four qualifiers all going through. As predicted, the gaps are getting tighter - 0.059, 0.032 and 0.030 - with everyone below 0.700 seconds and Alan the quickest at 0.618. Top Qualifier Iain had a bye run.


The first Semi Final was an all-Jaguar affair. The Jags were sensationally fast - Alan hooked up a 0.592 to beat Iain by 0.020 seconds and set a new class record. Iain’s 0.612 was just 0.002 off his top qualifying time. For the third time in three events, the Super Stock top qualifier fell to the fourth place qualifier.


The second Semi was a battle of the Nissans. Rebecca’s Sanditon Motorsport car was off the line first, but Andy picked up the pace to win by 0.017 seconds. The times for these two previous race winners were nothing special - 0.652 and 0.668.


It was looking good for Alan and the Hot Mustard Jaguar in the final. At the start, the Jag was quick off the line and held its pace down the track. Andy’s Nissan had a better run and was finishing strongly, but ended up 0.017 of a second behind Alan. The times were quick - a 0.602 for Alan and 0.627 for Andy.


You can see from the video footage it was all about the start...

And here's the full ladder...


Finally, the Hot Mustard Jag gets into Victory Lane and a win for Alan makes the championship tables very close for the final two rounds of the Summer Series.

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Before the T-Jet Nostalgia Super Stock race, it was time for the second round of match racing.


First were the NHRA Top Fuelers - another close-run thing between Noah and Dylan. Noah needed to square the match, but missed out by 0.031 of a second, Dylan clocking a 0.768 and Noah a 0.804. That wrapped up the match 2-0.


Pete had stepped into the JR Todd NHRA Funny Car to see if he could level the match against Alan's NHRA Pro Stocker. He couldn't - Alan went faster than last night with a 0.870 to win by 0.148 seconds. Another two to zero victory in the match.


David was aiming for another 2-0 in Nostalgia Funny Car against Clive's King Cobra Mustang. David's 'Cuda is the car to beat, but Clive couldn't manage it this time - a 0.888 for David and a 0.936 for Clive saw the King Fish 'Cuda win by 0.046 at the end of the strip. Closer than the first run, but not close enough.


It looked like our only chance of some third round action was for Doug to beat Rebecca. This he duly did - by a mere 0.005 of a second. The Blue Max Mustang found a 0.837 from somewhere, but it was the reaction time wot won it - Rebecca's Bounty Huntress Mustang clocked 0.832, but Doug got the hole shot win. This match is tied 1-1 and will go to a decider after the T-Jet elimination race...
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T-Jet Nostalagia Super Stock


Two-time winner Clive must have gone into the eliminators fairly confident of more success. The only worry must have been the potential of second-place qualifier Doug to hook up a stupendously quick run - but only if he got through to the final. Doug’s first round almost ended in disaster - there were gasps as his Ford was slow to get going. It looked like Noah would get to the line first, but Doug’s Ford blasted through 0.056 ahead.


The excitement carried over to Alan and Iain’s race, two Best in Show winners separated by just 0.12 of a second - Iain taking the win...


Meanwhile, Clive, Andy and Rebecca all had fairly comfortable wins.

Clive’s Thunderbolt had a bye in Round Two, Andy and Rebecca racing to see who would face him in the Semi Final. Andy’s Malcolm Durham tribute car put in another solid run, but Rebecca’s AMX was slow - giving Andy an easy win by 0.262 seconds. Doug had another scare against Iain - a woeful start followed by a rapid last few feet, Ford beating Chevy by a mere 0.011 of a second. That put Doug straight through to the final.

Andy needed a mishap for Clive in their Semi, but both cars performed with typically solid runs - Clive winning by 0.086 with a 0.698 second pass to put him through to another final.


If Andy’s Dodge is a known quantity, Doug’s Ford Coupe is anything but. Capable of frightening speed by the end of the strip, but it normally takes three-quarters of the run to get everything together. Doug saved up a particular tidy run for the final. Yes, Clive got away strongly, but it was a decent start for the Ford. However, the pace of Clive’s Thunderbolt is also impressive. Despite narrowing the gap a little and clocking 9.102 mph through the speed trap, Doug could not catch up. The winning margin was 0.072 seconds...


This is how it looked...

And here's the full T-Jet ladder...


Congrats to Clive for his win - three out of three ain't bad Thumbup

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