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HO Drag Proxy 8-9 December RACE REPORT


The second  of our five-date Winter Series is coming up fast! This one is Nostalgia-themed - featuring Micro Scalextric Street Stock, Nostalgia T-Jet, Nostalgia 4-Gear Funny Car - and some Nostalgia Micro Scalextric 2019 match-racing. Qualifying is on Tuesday 8 December, racing on Wednesday 9 December and all the coverage is right here on SlotRacer Online.

The full regulations and format are in the Winter Series Preview thread here.

The Track: The Rock County Eighth Mile is a seven-foot timed strip (1/8 mile in true HO scale) made from the new 2019 Micro Scalextric sectional track. Cars must be fitted with braids to run on this track. Power for the first event is 12 volts, 4 amps per lane. Power to both lanes is triggered by a single switch firing a 2-channel relay board. Timing is Trackmate Drag Basic. There is a two-foot shutdown with dynamic braking and a well-padded catch box.

Sending cars: Aim for your cars to arrive in Brighton by the previous Saturday so they can be quarantined and then registered for qualifying on Tuesday. Please also pack in a small box (max height 7.5cm if possible) and pay for your postage online so no-one needs to go near a post office. These races are designed to be full-on social distancing events that are accessible to everyone in these difficult times and can continue during local or national lockdowns.

How to enter: Add a reply with your interest and the classes you'll be entering - one car per class per person. Family members and friends are very welcome to enter too. I will message you with the address to send cars to. You will need to pay for return postage. Otherwise there is no race fee.

Entries Race #7 - 8-9 December 2020

Micro Scalextric Street Stock: Clive, Iain, Dave, Hank, Al, Bill, Rebecca, Andy, Jeremy, Jane, Pete, Sue, Jerome, Alan, Laura, Jeff, Doug, David, Dylan, Noah (20)

Nostalgia T-Jet: Clive, Iain, Al, Bill, Rebecca, Andy, Alan, Dylan, Noah, Doug, David (11)

Nostalgia 4-Gear Funny Car: Clive, Iain, Rebecca, Andy, Alan, Bill, Doug, David, Jerome/Pete (9)

Nostalgia Micro Scalextric match-racing: Iain, Alan, Bill, Clive

Nostalgia Top Fuel Dragster match-racing: Dylan & Noah
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Hi Andy,

Four cars posted yesterday; 

The JAGS XJ220 body has been reworked to make it eligible for the Street Stock class (Hopefully the removal of its air intake won't hamper its performance). 

For the Nostalgia T jet class, there is my take on a  59 Chevy Impala Hot Rod. It uses a no traction magnet chassis and has a very narrow wheel track (rears barely outside the power rails), so I fear that this car will be more show than go! 

For the Nostalgia 4 gear funny car class, there is a Plymouth Cuda (stock Auto World Whipple & McCulloch scheme). 

Finally a 32 Ford Hot Rod sedan (stock black HO Xtras body) for the Nostalgia Micro Scalextric match racing class. This is definitely a development mule - will the lead weights (to reach min 23g) negate the need for wheelie bars??

Looking forward to the racing next week.

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My cars are on the way.
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Hopefully my cars have arrived,, they include the Audi and Aston for Street stock, an unsponsored fourgear funny car, the ford pop, in the t-jet class, this time with some added weight to aid traction and the all new 2019 Thumbupmicro scalex powered Corvette (also needing sponsorship). Thumbup
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Alan and Iain's boxes have arrived Thumbup
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Boxes from Clive and from Pete, Jerome and Sue have arrived - the last of what I'm expecting...

There will be pics and a provisional timetable to be posted up tomorrow (Monday). I have a feeling we might start the match racing and complete the 4-Gear eliminators after qualifying on Tuesday evening - leaving more match-racing, Street Stock eliminators and T-Jet eliminators for Wednesday.
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Let's introduce the cars and drivers for this month's race.

Clive's regular Micro Scalextric Street Stock Audi, T-Jet Thunderbolt and 4-Gear 'Cuda Funny Car is joined by the wonderful 'Helter Skelter' - his Micro 2019 match-racing Henry J...


Alan's Audi Street Stock and Anglia T-Jet are joined by his minimalist 'Tabula Rasa' Funny Car and a Corvette-bodied Micro 2019...


Laura's Aston returns for Street Stock...


Iain's Jags Jaguar has been downgraded to Street Stock spec, and his other three cars are all new - a lovely Chevy Impala T-Jet, a chopped-roof Ford on his Micro 2019 and a Whipple & McCulloch 'Cuda Funny Car...


Andy is trying a hatchback in Street Stock, the T-Bolt T-Jet returns, the Pontiac Funny Car is back and the 'Cuda-bodied Micro 2019 may get a run...


Rebecca's cars are very familiar...


Watch out! Doug's T-Jet now has a wheelie bar...


As does David's...


They'll be more later!
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Jane and Jeremy are in the mix for Street Stock...


As is Jeff - winner last time out...


Bill has a full complement of cars this time - his usual stocker in Street Stock, a Torino T-Jet, Vega Funny Car and a red '58 'Vette on his Micro 2019 car...


Al's Willys T-Jet gets another run alongside his Veyron Street Stock car...


Dave is just competing in Street Stock, although some new cars are rumoured to be on their way for the New Year...


Hank is also pinning his hopes on Street Stock glory...


Dylan has a new T-Jet and will be match-racing either this original Aurora AFX 3-Gear 'Cuda Funny Car or a classic Aurora Top Fueler...


Noah's Willys T-Jet has been upgraded in the Chesterfield shop. He'll be match-racing either this Aurora 3-Gear Pinto Funny Car or a second classic Aurora Top Fueler...


Finally, we have the three Street Stock entries from Pete, Jerome and Sue - plus their shared 4-Gear with an on-loan King Fish 'Cuda body...

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Another good line up and some great looking cars.
Good luck everyone.
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The schedule for the next two days will run something very much like this:
  • Tuesday morning -  Best in Show judging
  • Tuesday afternoon - Street Stock & 4-Gear qualifying
  • Tuesday evening - Match Racing Round 1 & 4-Gear eliminators
  • Wednesday afternoon - Match Racing Round 2, T-Jet qualifying & eliminators
  • Wednesday evening - Match Racing Round 3 & Street Stock eliminators
Best in Show has been judged - and Rebecca was amazed. She said this group of four is the best shortlist she's had to judge so far - and each of them would be a worthy winner...


That's two cars from Bill and one each from Clive and Iain. Even an attempt to decide which of Bill's cars should be considered in a final three was nearly impossible. Rebecca really liked the Torino, but the Corvette just got the nod.

After further inspection - and much thought - Rebecca decided she would award all three cars Best in Show awards. In alphabetical order...




Congratulations to Bill, Clive and Iain!
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