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HO Drag Proxy 1-2 September 2020 RACE REPORT


We have forty-two cars in the three core classes for the penultimate event of the Summer Series: The Brighton Speed Trials. The Cooke cars have stayed home in Sevenoaks, but should be with us at the end of the month. Terry and Louise's cars also haven't made it to Brighton - thanks to me missing a couple of texts yesterday (sorry!).

Here they all are - including race and spare cars from the American racers - Hank, Bill, Dave and Al...


And the full entry list for the three core classes...


As for the match racing, we'll see Rebecca take on David and Clive race Doug in the Nostalgia Funny Cars. Alan's NHRA Pro Stock will line up against Jerome and Peter's NHRA Funny Car. There will be four NHRA Top Fuelers - Dylan and Noah being joined by Andy and Clive. Plus there are four experimental 6-ohm Micro Scalextric cars from Andy, Rebecca, Dave and Alan.

There'll also be a few exhibition runs - Clive's lovely Austin, Bill's sensational Micro Scalextric Pro Mod and a new 9 volt Micro Scalextric car with the N20 motor.
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That is a terrific display of cars. There should be some great races coming up.
Thanks again Andy for giving us all the chance of having these races in England.
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It's a real pleasure Clive. Won't be quite so hot in the race room this month - and Pete has kindly provided some mini bottles of Prosecco for the race control team Drink

The first business was 'Best in Show' and Rebecca was most tickled by Leo's "Dads Taxi"


Congrats to Leo! That's a nice mix of different liveries that have won so far. At the final event, there'll be the usual Best in Show award for new cars in the three core classes - plus Rebecca and I will chose our favourite four cars from the Summer Series. Do send in all your re-liveries for consideration.

Qualifying will follow soon - starting with the two Super Stock classes and the Street Stock about 7.45-ish.
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Here are the T-Jet qualifying results...


Clive again dipped into the 600s, Alan's new Camaro looks quick, my Dodge was as consistent and Doug's Ford as inconsistent as ever... However, the excitement was for fifth down to tenth - that was close!
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Micro Scalextric Super Stock qualifying was an odd one - not as fast as anticipated...


Iain's Jag grabs another impressive TQ, with Al's Nissan leading a group of five challengers all on a similar pace. I suspect the strip will speed up as we work through the Street Stock rounds...
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After the first round of Street Stock qualifying, the seven racers under 0.700 seconds are...

Hank 0.632
Jane 0.634
Bill 0.633
Dylan W 0.686
Alan 0.688
Clive 0.690
Iain 0.693

I expect more to get in the 600s - the strip is speeding up.
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It did get quicker...


Congratulations to Jane on a fabulous qualifying performance! That gives us our top qualifiers in the three classes...


And Iain should win top wheelie bar too...


Very cute Thumbup
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There was time for the first round of the Nostalgia Funny Car match races...


Clive's new Candies & Hughes 'Cuda comfortably beat Doug's Blue Max Mustang by 0.505 seconds. Clive's ET of 0.827 was quick, but Doug's 1.327 was slow.


Rebecca surprised the previously unbeatable David with a 0.058 second win - the Bounty Huntress Mustang's ET of 0.857 against 0.918 for the King Fish 'Cuda.


Pete took the DHL Funny Car to a 0.146 second win over Alan's Summit Pro Stocker - the winner clocking 0.962 seconds.


And finally for the night, we had the four experimental 6-ohm Micro Scalextric cars - close to what we will run from November (see next weekend's fanzine for details). And they were quick!

Dave's Tennessee stocker hit 10.027 mph through the speed trap, with an ET of 0.523 and a winning margin of 0.025 over Andy's Nissan, which managed a 0.534 second run.

Rebecca's Nissan hooked everything up to clock a very rapid 0.484 second pass (8.097 mph through the speed trap), beating Alan's Ferrari F40 by 0.145. The F40 struggled to get going with its 0.646 and 6.423 mph... a little loosening-up required tonight in the garage.

More match racing tomorrow - the evening will start about 5.30-ish with the NHRA Top Fuelers and some exhibition runs.
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I would love to take some credit for engineering Jane's car, but it's more a case of not doing anything that might upset it!

Now my car...

I love puttering with gears
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But beware the curse of the top qualifier  Ambulance Thumbup
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