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HO Drag Proxy July 2020 RACE REPORT


After a very successful first event (report here), HO proxy drag racing is returning to the South Coast on Tuesday & Wednesday 7-8 July for more Eighth Mile mail-in melodrama...

Qualifying is Tuesday and then the Eliminators are Wednesday evening with coverage here on SlotRacer Online.

There are more details about the monthly proxy drag racing series here:

We will be running three classes:
  • Micro Scalextric Street Stock - regs here.
  • Micro Scalextric Super Stock - regs here.
  • T-Jet Nostalgia Super Stock - regs here.

We'll also continue with the Nostalgia Funny Car match-racing, so if you have an Auto World 'Legends of the Quarter Mile' 4-Gear Funny Car - or an old AFX speciality Funny Car - send it in. The match-race chassis will need to be 100% stock - apart from adding braid to the pick-ups (I can do this, if you prefer) and replacement slip-on rear tyres.

The Track: The Rock County Eighth Mile is a seven foot timed strip (1/8 mile in true HO scale) made from the new 2019 Micro Scalextric sectional track. Cars must be fitted with braids to run on this track. Power for the first event is 12 volts, 4 amps per lane. Power to both lanes is triggered by a single switch firing a 2-channel relay board. Timing is Trackmate Drag Basic. There is a two-foot shutdown with dynamic braking and a well-padded catch box.

Sending cars: Aim for your cars to arrive in Brighton by the previous Saturday (4 July) so they can be quarantined and then registered for qualifying on Tuesday. Please also pack in a small box (max height 7.5cm) and pay for your postage online so no-one needs to go near a post office. These races are designed to be full-on social distancing events that are accessible even to those shielding at home.

How to enter: Add a reply with your interest and the classes you'll be entering - one car per class per person. Family members and friends are very welcome to enter too. I will message  you with the address to send cars to. You will need to pay for return postage. Otherwise there is no race fee.

Entries - Race Two - July 7 & 8

Micro Scalextric Street Stock: Andy Pla, Rebecca, Doug, David, Noah, Dylan P, Jeremy, Jane, Alan, Clive, Leo, Terry, Louise, Iain, Jason C, Rosie, Sarah, Beth, Jerome, Peter, Andy Phi, Gareth, Dylan W (23)

Micro Scalextric Super Stock: Andy Pla, Rebecca, Alan, Clive, Iain, Andy Phi, Leo (7)

T-Jet Nostalgia Super Stock: Andy Pla, Rebecca, Doug, Noah, Dylan P, Alan, Clive, Gareth, David (9)

4-Gear Funny Car match racing: Rebecca ("Cha Cha" Muldowney Ford Mustang), Doug ("Blue Max" Ford Mustang), Clive ("King Cobra" Ford Mustang), Iain (AFX Chevy Vega), David ("King Fish" Cuda), Alan (Chevy C-10 Pro Mod)

I will be entering in the three main classes and ( i can get one going a four gear as well)

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Please add me to the list for all classes.
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Two questions

Are there rules for the 4 gear cars/ chassis.

Are we allowed to remove material from the inside of the body shell to bring the weight down to the minimum level. Thumbup
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Second question applies to all classes.
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Andy, I will be running an Autoworld Mustang King Cobra in the 4 gear nostalgia class.
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(16th-Jun-20, 02:18 PM)Pondiless Wrote:  Two questions

Are there rules for the 4 gear cars/ chassis.

Are we allowed to remove material from the inside of the body shell to bring the weight down to the minimum level. Thumbup

Second one first - yes, you can scrape out as much weight as you want from the inside of the body shell - not the outside or from the chassis. The only exceptions are in Super Stock - two holes in the chassis for a wheelie bar; and any necessary body modifications to make it look Super-Stocky.

As for the 4-Gears... At the moment, we're pretty much aiming for 'out of the box' + braids + silicone tyres for the AW cars. For any Aurora Speciality chassis (and perhaps moving towards 4-Gear / Speciality class rules) I'd look at the T-Jet rules with differences in italics...

  • Chassis: Any Auto World 4-Gear or Aurora Speciality chassis is permitted. No chassis modifications. Top (gear) plate and chassis must match.
  • Motor: Minimum 14.0 ohm armature (eg Auto World, Johnny Lightning, Dash 3-Lam). Blueprinting allowed to include balancing and commutator polishing. No de-winding or timing adjustments allowed.
  • Motor Magnets: Ceramic grade only. Auto World, Johnny Lightning, Dash and OS3 (red, blue and white) are allowed in any chassis.
  • Traction magnets: Permitted. Two maximum.
  • Electrical: Original or direct replacement pick-ups, springs, plates, rivets and brushes. Braids and shunts allowed.
  • Braids: Must be soldered to pick-up shoes. Any braids – steel, copper or plated.
  • Axles, wheels & gears: Any axles, wheels and crown gears. Original top plate gears only.
  • Tyres: Any single compound tyre. Maximum diameter on wheel is 0.560” or 14.22mm. Top Fuel to use standard Auto World wheels and tyres only.
  • Body: Pre-1979 Funny Car body for Nostalgia Funny Car. Injection moulded plastic or cast resin only. No lexan bodies. Drag or street racing liveries. Re-paints are most welcome.
  • Maximum width: 35mm or 1.378”.
  • Weight: Minimum weight of entire car 25g. Ballast may be added to body only.
  • Wheelie bars: permitted.
I'm hoping we might see the 4-Gears flourish on the Eighth Mile. They will stay in that NTRA Stock / Super Stock ballpark because of the short strip.

As well as the Nostalgia Funny Cars, Top Fuelers and Modern NHRA Pro Stockers we saw at event #1, the option of a future Pro Mod class really interests me. There's a wide range of modern and retro bodies available as resin kits - with lots of scope for fabulous liveries - and it's a popular class in the US and in Europe...

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The parcel from Super Tires has arrived!
Cheerleaderkid Cheerleaderkid Cheerleaderkid Cheerleaderkid Cheerleaderkid

There will be some different tyres for people to try in your return package in July. Plus a very special 25th anniversary Super Tires sticker for the first 30 entrants. I am working on some more goodies for future races.

We will have at least two new entrants for this race - both Iain and Jason have been in touch via the WHO email about joining in.

Cars should be scheduled to arrive in two weeks' time - Saturday 4 July. If packages are delayed in the post, they can be fast-tracked through quarantine, but please aim for the Saturday at the latest. Deliveries are okay up to Sunday 5 July.
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With two weeks until qualifying day, cars are starting to arrive. Jason, Sarah, Beth and Rosie's Street Stock rides are in quarantine, ready for their first appearances in the Summer Series.

So far, there are a fabulous 22 entries for Street Stock Thumbup

WHO racer Andy Phillips is also building a sensational Super Stock Mini, complete with hood scoop and wheelie bar. Decoration may not be ready for this event, but he'll make sure it gets on the start line.
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Our two Street Stock Veyrons are in the post. Those little Pendle boxes are very handy for this (I appear to have a surplus...) and the Post Office 'print your own label' service make the whole exercise very simple.

Have gone for a Stage 1 upgrade pack on the cars for this round, not that the rules allow much, but I think you will find them a lot more shiny this time!

I love puttering with gears
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