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The minimal spec for the 'metal' cartridge states: -

- Operating even better at high current.
- May be used with any kind of motor for electric tracks, without important power lacks.

As an electronic learner, what does "operating even better at high current" mean? So, for example, would there be any noticeable difference in controller characteristics if I used this cartridge on my Slot.it cars on my home track compared to using the 'Home' analogue cartridge?

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I am selling the following cars on behalf of a club mate with limited internet access.
I have described them as accurately as I can, given as I don't know the entire history of every car.
Cars tested by placing on track with rear wheels held off surface.

Postage to the UK is £4.00 per car, I will combine shipping costs on multiple purchased where I can subject to royal mail pricing and will advise via PM.
All other destinations will need to be calculated.

Payment via bank transfer please, any questions  please PM me  Talking

Description under pictures of each car.

Posted elsewhere.


[Image: Upncn09.jpg]

[Image: 5QBqbJ9.jpg]

C3784 BMW 125 no.111
Unboxed good used tested fully working condition,front tyres have been varnished,could benefit from new braids.

C3735 BMW 125 no.7
Unboxed good used tested fully working condition,could benefit from new braids.

[Image: Tl40alY.jpg]

[Image: mmvJLwd.jpg]

C3742D Digital BMW Mini Cooper no.16
Unboxed looks like little or no use very good condition tested working (not able to test digital functions but works on analogue).

[Image: ehj8ARw.jpg]

[Image: fRNI6EC.jpg]

C3830A Aston Martin DBR9 60 Years Of Scalextric
Boxed good used tested fully working condition,front tyres have been varnished,missing mirrors and ariel (no spare braids in box).

[Image: HpuxdkG.jpg]

[Image: Mvmw64H.jpg]

C3857 Ford GTE no.68
Boxed good used working condition but rear lights not working, front tyres have been varnished,could benefit from new braids (none on box). missing ariels.

[Image: X6hzwEJ.jpg]

[Image: niuFZhR.jpg]

C4034 Ford GTE no.19
Boxed good used working condition but no lights working, front tyres have been varnished,one set of new braids on box.

[Image: EgRwcEF.jpg]

[Image: g2LyKsc.jpg]

C3728 Ford Mustang no.18 black
Boxed very good used working condition two spare braids on box.

[Image: xKG7fLr.jpg]

[Image: W4M6qfd.jpg]

C3671 Ford Mustang no.18 orange
Boxed very good used working condition one spare braid on box.

[Image: Ji1sAre.jpg]

[Image: 7a00WyE.jpg]

C3941 Mercedes AMG GT3 no.75
Boxed very good used working condition two spare braids on box.

[Image: 4xroAjo.jpg]

[Image: pvk0sle.jpg]

C3720 BMW Z4 GT3 no.97
Boxed very good used working condition could benefit from new braids, one spare braid on box.

[Image: erTqS4Y.jpg]

[Image: EuJBn8N.jpg]

C4015 Honda Civic BTCC Autographed Edition no.22
Boxed looks unused? full working condition 2 spare braids on box.

[Image: Ia4lAj2.jpg]

[Image: nocs6Tz.jpg]

[Image: 9jSzMx1.jpg]

C2481 Porsche 911 GT3R no.99
Boxed looks unused? working condition (no rear lights unsure if thats how they were or if they are non working) 2 spare braids on box.
Includes new in packet spare chassiswith front axle and wheels,rear axle and whheels, and rear wing.


[Image: 1ELJxmD.jpg]

[Image: cEZdyWg.jpg]

Ninco Ford Focus Rally no.11
Boxed looks unused? full working condition


[Image: CKZXL4z.jpg]

[Image: N2bN3sV.jpg]

Slot It CA14c Nissan R390 no.30
Boxed very good used working condition, missing mirrors

[Image: r0ogYJE.jpg]

[Image: onny3NR.jpg]

Slot It CA44b Mercedes 190 DTM no.12
Boxed unused working condition spares on base of box

Thanks for looking !

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We have a pre-war class in our club. The Auto Union is quite popular. All the others are silver. It's funny to see 3-silver Auto Unions on the track at one time. A little swearing usually goes on as racers get confused between the cars.

That prompted me to once again go against the grain and be a little different. All the photos of these cars are black & white. They don't look black to be. That being said... Tamiya racing white looks really good to me.


The chassis was a bit of a challenge in that the guide was 2mm from the front axle. Part of the bearing support had to be removed for the guide to turn.


Body posts installed.


Test fitting the body height.


Driver, front grill, exhaust, windshield, and decals added.


Driver's name is Wolfgang Weis (AKA Mr. White). Thank you very kindly for looking.

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When I first joined the club I presently race at. I noticed that the guys used to use all sorts of cases to carry their cars. Camera brief cases with dividers, etc. But they would also tease each other saying stuff like "nice breadbox!" even though none of them were actually breadboxes. That gave me an idea.

I had nothing yet. Proper carrying cases were expensive. Most didn't have a nice layout for what I needed.

A store that appeals more to to my wife called "Bed, Bath & Beyond" had a cool looking bamboo bread bin on their website for about $50 Cdn.


The first thing to do would be to cover the glass. The sides of wooden shelves won't look nearly as nice as a fresh loaf of bread. A kitchen cabinet door handle was also added.


Sliders made from angle aluminum were cut and added to the inside for the upper shelves. Wooden sliders were added to the bottom for the bottom shelf to sit level.


Shelf bases were made from 1/4" inch plywood sheets. The sides of of the shelves were made from 1/4" inch x 1.5" inch strips. I measured the shelves for anything I might need at a race. Foam strips were cut and glued to prevent damage to cars, tires, or braid while in storage.


The total cost was about $70 Cdn. Plus an afternoon of fooling around. Thank you very kindly for looking.

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This is my first post here, I've been building a wooden slot track for quite a while as per these photos. It took about a month to build over a few evenings and weekends in Jan 2019. The basic plan is two lane routed track that uses Scalextric digital technology to drive lane flippers and run races via the iPad app.

The track curves were designed with the existing Scalextric flippers in mind so there are two overtaking spots and one pit lane.

Flippers work well and the digital or analogue also runs cars around quite happily.

The lap detection however are still a work in progress, the lanes are further apart than Scalextric planned which meant I had to cut the PCBs and re-solder them together. More on that later...














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Gunze Sangyo made a number of quality static kits many years ago. They are discontinued now, but still available on EBay at reasonable prices.

In my opinion. The Fairlane 500 might be the ugliest that they offer in that era. But the quality of the kit is outstanding. I had to give it a try.

The real car was not very popular either. Poor sales reflected that fact.


The roof came in 5-parts. Front flip-down section. Main mid section. 2 x chrome rear window post extentions. And the rear glass. It was deigned as a hardtop that folded into the trunk (as seen on the box). Cool option for 1959. Not so fun to convert to a slot car. 


The aluminum chassis. This is powered by a Slot.It 25k motor in a modified NSR sidewinder pod.


The back seat had to be modified a bit for the motor to fit.


The Dollar Store had some interesting toys. This truck had a flashing red light and only cost $1. The speaker was removed.


The flashing assembly which consisted of 3-batteries, a card, bulb, and button weighed 5-grams.


A trip back to the Dollar Store for the smallest button batteries they had. A small piece of Evergreen styrene tubing with three small batteries inside. And the weight of the assembly went from 5-grams to 2-grams.


We have a cherry on top that actually works!


Driver and related details added. The inserts in the aluminum wheels were made from the original plastic wheels. It's hard to find a car with more chrome than this one. Enough to sink a small ship.


Thank you very kindly for looking.


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Black Arrow - Black Bull


Given that Black Arrow is not a homologated manufacturer at my home club, what possessed me to engage in this notoriously difficult kit build?

"What do you want for Christmas dad?"

Which kit is going to challenge me during CoViD lockdown-2?
Which kit would be a useful weapon at other clubs and venues? Maybe wood tracks?
Which kit has presented BIG problems for other builder/racers?

Black Arrow are not typically available from UK suppliers.
SlotCarUnion supplied the kit

The car is a 1/32 scale representation of a Laborghini Murcielago.


The kit arrives in a cardboard box, no crystal display case or instructions included.
In the box are several zip lock bags containing all of the parts.
The component count is above 60 of which about 40 constitute the body components. A simple build this is not.
Very small parts are part of this build. There are even front and rear tow hoops which are indeed very small.

Job 1. Find the build instructions and lay the components out.
PDF available from black arrow's website for the build of the body only.
Split the components into "chassis" and "body" and began construction.

I immediately hit a known issue with the motor mount.
(Noted by an experienced builder, Alexis "in Greece" Gaitanis on another forum)
The sioux motor will not fit into the mount without bending the lower motor connector through 90 degrees.
I entertained the idea of drilling the motor mount but this is would have left its strength dangerously compromised.
A tip here is to use needle nose pliers to hold the connector in place while it is being bent. With pliers in place, no stress is put on the connector and a good 1mm radius can be achieved. The motor mount is chamfered at the point where the connector exists the motor end can so its not too hard to get this fitment right.


The motor mount is untypical in that the motor can move and be locked into position to optimise the gear mesh.
It might even be possible to use slightly differently sized crowns and pinions in this mount.

Suspension on a factory fit kit!
The blackbull is supplied with a 4 point suspension and black arrow Red springs.
For all other manufacturers , suspension is a post factory upgrade option.
The motor mount 4-point is not rectangular (not like a slot.IT mount) but is arranged as a front centre pivot, a rear centre pivot and a pair of outer pivots, left and right.


Apart from the motor issue, the chassis build was a pleasure.
Everything fitted. The guide is the best precision fit i have ever seen yet it swivels cleanly and self centres perfectly.
The factory fit braids look really good. No need to retrofit my usual NSR 0.2mm race braid

Building the body would only be a pleasure for a masochist.
I had made a decision to build the kit as per factory spec. No upgrades, no lightweight interior, no lexan crystalwork replacements etc so I diligently followed the PDF instructions.
Slavishly following the instructions left me with a roll cage in the (inevitable) small collection of small pieces left over.
The roll cage is not shown in the instructions. Pulling the interior out to to fit the roll cage invites refit problems.


The most challenging part of the build came from the small parts, especially the small photo etched grille work.
None of the etchwork fitted properly. The rear centre grille is shown as a complex 3d shape (in the instructions) but the actual item is dead flat. The instructions state "use flat plate to adapt photo etched parts" but there is no way to achieve this so the grille was installed as a flat piece.


The decalwork was somewhat problematic with some of the decals fracturing while being wetted for fitting.
The wind screen black surround decal fractured and had to be cut into a single sun strip.
The lightning strike decals are very skinny and required a lot of care to stop them breaking during fitment.
The "black arrow" decal for the rear wing is white which will not work on the white wing.
I painted the window wiper black because I found the white plastic didn't look right.
The car would look better if the white parts were all cast in black.

The wheel trims fitted without fettling.
The mirrors fitted easily.
The front winglets were difficult to fit (2 each side) because they are so small.

Crystalwork fitted well apart from the rear motor view triple hexagon window (supplied as 3 separate parts, not the single unit shown in the instructions) and required glue because the fitting pegs did not align to the windows.


On the rolling Road, the black bull pulls 8.4 metres per second at 12v, higher than factory fitted kits from other manufacturers.
The gearing is quite long for a factory fitted car.
Crown 30 teeth, 16 mm diameter
Pinion 13 teeth, 7.5 mm diameter
Wheel diameter in factory fitted tyres. 20mm
Ratio 2.3
Rollout is 27mm per rev.

The completed model (in factory trim) weighs in at 79g.


Was this car "Designed for a job" ?
This model is unique and contradictory in many respects.
The main contradiction is that this kit does not know whether it is a shelf queen display car or a "race it like you stole it" car.
There are sooooo many small and fragile components.
The rear wing supports will certainly not survive impact, making those on the Racer Sideways Huracan look very sturdy in comparison.


The Sioux motor is listed as zero downforce leading to the conclusion that this car was designed for a series where flux leakage is forbidden.

So, my best guess is that this car was designed to race in a Spanish "no downforce" formula, possibly against sports cars like the NSR Mosler (fitted with Spanish King motors?)
On paper, the black arrow would be a match for a Mosler of this specification.


Did I get this car for "a job" ? Yes.
LSC Wood Green club has separate classes for "Sports Car" and "GT".
Sportscar class is dominated by powerful "spec A" angle winder motors.
GT is dominated by powerful long can "spec A" inline motors because use of angle winders is restricted to "spec B" motors of 23k rpm and 280 gcm.
By fluke maybe, the Sioux motor (22krpm 280gcm) comes closer to the max spec-B permitted than any other motor I've found.

The GT lap record at LSC ( London Wood Green ) is held by the late John Secchi with an anglewinder black arrow ferrari GT italia so that is a formula I feel that I have to pursue.

I will write more on this model once we are all back up and racing.

Tool Tips
Tweezers are very useful for the small parts in this build.
1.5mm Allen Key (hex driver) is required.

In summary
As a racer, the car is yet to be tested but shows lots of promise.
For the home toy market, this car should be avoided because the build is too complex.
For shelf queen builders, a nice addition to your collection (if you have the time and patience to build the car to a high standard).

The build did take a lot of time but I enjoyed the challenge.
I'm hopeful that this car will be able to hold its own against other GT class cars at LSC but if it doesn't, upgrades will be coming to move it from GT class to SportsCar class. Lightweight interior, NSR King30 motor probably.
I can see the black bull needing new wing supports after its first impact so rubberised wing and supports will also be on the shopping list or fabrication list depending on availability.

Comments welcome :)

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Scaleauto have been developing a new SlotBox carry case to replace their older products. Available in two sizes, these will be available very soon. Prices to be confirmed.

Scaleauto SC-5075A SlotBox Case for 1/24 scale Car and Accessories Type A (large). Measurements 475 x 240 mm.
Scaleauto SC-5075B SlotBox Case for 1/32 scale Car and Accessories Type B (small). Measurements 410 x 200 mm.

The Type A case is pictured above. The Type B case - for 1/32 cars - looks like this...


It is customisable - so you can make it exactly how you want it...


The dividers and trays come ready-to-assemble...


Hobbyists with basic skills will be able to modify these quite easily - or replace with their own creations.

I shall keep an eye out for prices and availability at Pendle Slot Racing - the UK distributor for Scaleauto. I suspect the new SlotBoxes will prove popular.

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Racer Sideways CAR03A - BMW M6 GT3 M-Power #1 'Presentation'. RRP £72.95. Available now.

Tamar wrote up a fabulous review and tuning tutorial for last year's M6 white kit on SlotRacer here. Sideways also organised a brilliant Facebook competition for customers to decorate the kits. If you don't have the skills or time to paint up the white kit, this is your first opportunity of a factory livery. This is the 'presentation' scheme, for when the M6 GT3 was unveiled to the world at Frankfurt in 2015.


The replacement for the BMW Z4 GT3, the M6 won the Spa 24 hours in its debut season and saw success in GT series around the world, including in a GTLM configuration for the IMSA Weathertech series in 2016 and 2017, before being superseded by the BMW M8 GTE.


The Racer Sideways model features a similar layout to the Lamborghini Huracán, including the 17k Baby Raptor motor.

The M6 'Presentation' is available now from your usual Sideways retailers - including MRE and Pendle Slot Racing.

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With no physical Spielwarenmesse at Nuremberg to show of their new cars (although there is a digital version starting on 25 January), NSR have published their 2021 catalogue this week.

In the NSR Classic Series, there is the new Porsche 917/10K Can-Am car...


The headline livery is the #7 car that George Follmer drove at the end of his victorious 1972 Can-Am championship year.

These are the planned 2021 releases for the 917/10K, plus a white kit...


In addition, there are three new liveries on the popular Porsche 908/3...


And three new Gulf and Martini liveries on each of the Ford MkIV and P68...


In the NSR Formula 86/89 Series there are eight new cars - four liveries with two alternative numbers for each...


The NSR GT Series has no new models, but plenty of new liveries - some of them rather excellent...


Finally, there are two new Castrol liveries on the Abarth 500...


The full catalogue can be found on the NSR website. Eagle-eyed NSR racers can browse the parts section for any updates.

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