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I don't think I've ever been brave enough to post this before. That's partly because it was a complete pain to build, and at the time I felt like I just didn't make a very good job of it, so it stayed under wraps.

But I've been looking through my old photos, and I thought maybe I'd been a bit harsh in my judgement, so here goes...


It's Peter Harper's Sunbeam Tiger, which finished 4th in the 1965 Monte Carlo Rally. I've always thought the Sunbeam Alpine was a handsome car, and the exterior of the resin model from Pendle's seemed fairly accurate to me.


But, the thickness of the resin made all of the window openings look heavier than I would have liked. I tried to lighten them but only succeeded in breaking one of the quarter light frames.  After repairing that, I decided not to take the lightening any further.


There were other problems too, which for a fledgling scratch builder proved awkward. How to attach all those extra spotlights, five at the front and one at the back (no idea what that was for), and no mechanical attachments at all. Then there was the spare wheel  mounted on the boot. This was not supplied, but is quite clear on contemporary photos, so it had to be done. I should probably have been more patient and ordered something appropriate from Pendles, but instead I grabbed something out of the spares box. In this case I think it was a wheel from a Batmobile that somebody gave me as a birthday present. I tried my best to look happy, honest.

And finally, there is the chrome, which I haven't got the hang of at all. But it's a learning process, I guess.


I guess my point here, is that if like me you can't match some of the wonderful scratch builds that you see around, don't worry. If you try, you'll end up with something unique, and you'll learn a lot.

Finally, here's a video of the real car in action.


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I thought I'd done a half decent job... until today. Tappingfoot


I'd carefully crafted (okay, bodged) a replacement part for my favourite Lancia Stratos after the offending article had dropped off and gone AWOL.

It looked okay to me as it whizzed around the track, and it's taken about a decade for me to notice. But today I looked at the scrolling images at the top of the portal page, and it struck me....

I've only gone and glued the bloomin tail light on upside down. Doh.

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Despite all the disruptions this year, RevoSlot have been releasing a steady stream of new cars and new liveries throughout 2020. Due next month are nine new liveries on three existing cars - six Gulf and Martini Marcos, two Vipers from Le Mans 2001 and a JPS Toyota Supra. So far, we only have these drawings, courtesy of UK distributor Pendle Slot Racing...

RevoSlot RS070 Marcos LM600 GT2 No.19 Gulf. Available November. UK price £71.95.

RevoSlot RS071 Marcos LM600 GT2 No.88 Martini White. Available November. UK price £71.95.

RevoSlot RS072 Marcos LM600 GT2 No.21 Martini Black. Available November. UK price £71.95.

RevoSlot RS073 Marcos LM600 GT2 No.91 Martini Green. Available November. UK price £71.95.

RevoSlot RS074 Marcos LM600 GT2 No.24 Martini Yellow. Available November. UK price £71.95.

RevoSlot RS075 Marcos LM600 GT2 No.10 Martini Silver. Available November. UK price £71.95.

RevoSlot RS076 Dodge Viper GTS-R No.55 Le Mans 2001 - Vincent Vosse, Vanina Ickx & Carl Rosenblad. Available November/December. UK price £71.95.

RevoSlot RS077 Dodge Viper GTS-R No.56 Le Mans 2001 - Gregoire de Galzain, Anthony Kumpen and Jean-Claude Lagniez. Available November/December. UK price £71.95.

RevoSlot RS078 Toyota Supra No.5 JPS. Available November/December. UK price £71.95.

All these 1/32 scale cars are equipped with an aluminium chassis and high-quality components from BRM. Pendle Slot Racing also produce a separate 3D printed plastic chassis for the Marcos, Viper and Supra.

The nine cars are available for pre-order on the Pendle Slot Racing website: www.pendleslotracing.co.uk/brand/revoslot/cars

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Thanks for the add......I have 59 vibrator cars that run and 27 assorted T-Jets, Tyco, JL, etc....all run

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Hi All

Having had my layout now for a couple of years and looking for some projects as the days get shorter, I decided to start modifying the Goodwood section.
When I started the build for Goodwood I used GP Miniature flat pack kits. These reminded me of the original Scalextric versions I had in the 60s and so was very nostalgic. Also, they provided instant atmosphere to my track. But being flat pack, after some time, I felt I wanted to embellish the features to create a more realistic building.

With the grandstands I glued some old sheet material on top of dowels to give an illusion of tarpaulin, I overlayed the picket fence with real painted wood and capped other areas to neaten up. I did the same with the first aid hut with additional window sills.

For the Ferodo pit buildings I cut up card to make roof tiles, panelled the front and added some industrial brickwork effect and remade the stairs.
In the Targa Florio section I've added some festival lights for the main street and a lamp post and vintage petrol pumps at the rear.

The Dunlop bridge will be next to get a makeover, along with the pit lane buildings and the lap recording hut.
In addition, I would like to illuminate the petrol pumps and more of the buildings in the pits area.

Before and after photos should hopefully be in order.

So that should be the next few weeks sorted!
MiniArt are still coming up with creative ideas, latest additions being the Italian vintage petrol pumps, a couple of welders and some PIGEONS!

Shame this years Slot Car Festival at Gaydon was cancelled, hopefully will be ok for 2021.

Keep safe


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We'd like to thank our sponsors. Liquid Wrench, Red Devil, Boss Bodies, and Krud Kutter have provided the prizes for our racing program this segment. Due to COVID-19, occupancy is limited and new racers must call first to be approved. Call 603-826-4242 for details. Racing is free, as are the hot dogs. Here are this week's winners.

[Image: 724905_d4bf58af1816456fa3d4dc65fbb49c8f~mv2.jpg]

[Image: 724905_3c979a93d5ac44f0b4626da3d0538a8f~mv2.jpg]

[Image: 724905_67a52c5db6f8448b9a88d7769bf873b0~mv2.jpg]

[Image: 724905_1a8fd0d4d6b84b6bbe98df1630bbaff5~mv2.jpg]

[Image: 724905_c1b4429e2d044edcae100ed0d5f39a76~mv2.jpg]

[Image: 724905_f8cf0ab211f04f86b96371816f573ea8~mv2.jpg]

[Image: 724905_6fc1cc8e5a7f40a3bb753ed844c948c4~mv2.jpg]

[Image: 724905_cc3a6b185f414079a0b4de2ba6ab1f26~mv2.jpg]

[Image: 724905_dee32be341b447848ba78c72f835820d~mv2.jpg]

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I have been reading up on proxy GT3 race series around the world. Unlike the UK ones, some of the series have a free choice on motors and motor speeds, and that got me wondering...

On the assumption that you can adjust the gears on a car to achieve a required top speed, what would be the different characteristics felt between installing a 30k / 200 g*cm motor over a 20k / 200 g*cm motor in your slot car?

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Scalextric C4163 412P #220 Targa Florio 1967 - Herbert Müller & Jean Guichet. Available soon. RRP £40.99.

It's good to see the 330 P4 and 412P still in the Scalextric catalogue. No mention of 'Ferrari' and still the original non-DPR chassis - but the tooling is there in the factory and new liveries are always going to be popular.


I was pleasantly surprised to see a Targa Florio car at the big Scalextric unveiling in January - and delighted it was this Scuderia Fillipinetti Ferrari that led for much of the 1967 race.


The Swiss Fillipinetti car was one of just two Ferrari prototypes in the 51st edition of the epic Sicilian road race. The works P4 was driven by Nino Vaccarella and Ludo Scarfiotti, leading the first lap of ten, before local legend Vaccarella crashed it into a village wall on lap two. That left the privateer P3/412P in control of the race....


When the second-placed Porsche of Siffert and Hermann dropped out on lap three, Müller and Guichet had a lead of over a minute and Müller set the fastest lap of the race. By the end of lap five, the Ferrari's pace was faltering, the gap to Stommelen and Hawkins Porsche down to a few seconds. A failing differential was the problem and the Porsche took the lead on lap six as the Fillipinetti car limped to the pits to retire...


Hawkins and Stommelen went to win - leading a Porsche 1-2-3-4. However, Müller's fastest lap was not beaten. It was a new lap record of 37 minutes and 9 seconds for the Swiss driver - an average of 72.259mph round the 44.7 mile Circuito Piccolo delle Madonie.

The Scalextric model is a lovely high-detail rendition of the Fillipinetti car. The model is fitted with front and rear lights - and despite not being Digital Plug Ready (DPR), it can be converted to digital using the C7005 'Retro-fit' chip.

The Fillipinetti 412P is available now for pre-order from the Scalextric website and all your favourite Scalextric retailers, including MRE and Pendle Slot Racing.

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Fly E2025 Porsche 908/2 #270 Targa Florio 1969 - Vic Elford and Umberto Maglioli
Fly E2026 Porsche 908/2 #272 Targa Florio 1969 - Willi Kauhsen and Karl Von Wendt
Fly E2027 Fly Porsche 908/2 #274 Targa Florio 1969 - Rolf Stommelen and Hans Herrmann

Fly have given us three new liveries on their Porsche 908/2 Spyder - three of the six works Porsche cars that dominated the 53rd Targa Florio in 1969.


It was a bit of a walkover for Porsche - Ferrari didn't bother to turn up, Alfa Romeo had entered just one car in the Prototype class and the Lola T70 of Bonnier and Muller looked an outsider - especially after ignition problems delayed their start. Race day on the rugged Sicilian roads was all about which Porsche would win.


The #270 car, in the hands of Vic Elford, led at the end of the first 44.7 mile lap on time and on the road. The previous day, Elford had beaten the lap record in practice - and it looked like he and Umberto Maglioli would repeat their 1968 victory. However, the Circuito Piccolo delle Madonie, with its rough public roads, 709 corners and a couple of mountains was like no other on the calendar.


All the Porsches were strengthened and fitted with softer camshafts and raised suspension. Their Dunlop tyres were also specially prepared for conditions on the Targa, featuring thicker sidewalls. The #274 Porsche of Stommelen was lying third after the first lap, but was promoted to second when Elford had to pit with a broken alternator belt. This stop would cost Elford and Maglioli over six minutes, dropping them down the field. Elford's frustration caused front-end damage from a collision with Galli's Alfa - however, he was briefly back up to third after the front-runners had pitted for a driver change and before he handed over to Magioli.


At half distance - 5 laps - the Mitter/Schutz #266 Porsche (which Fly released in 2011) led the way, the #268 Porsche of Redmond and Attwood was second, the Stommelen/Herrman car third and Magioli had the #270 Porsche in fourth - not much than 5 minutes behind the leader. The third car of our Fly trio - the #272 of Willi Kauhsen and Karl Von Wendt - was a solid sixth.

A long pit stop for Herrman to fix a steering problem, plus a stop for Redmond, lifted Maglioli to second - a little closer to the lead #266 Porsche. Retirement for the Attwood car left our trio of Fly 908/2 Spyders in second, third and fourth - and that's how it would stay to the end. However, with Elford back in the #270 - and driving like a man possessed - the gap to the lead was reduced down to 2 minutes and forty seconds at the chequered flag. In the process, Elford had set a new lap record of 35 minutes, 27.5 seconds - beating his previous 1968 record by nearly 35 seconds.

Here's part of a film made for Porsche during the 1969 race - sadly without sound...

The three new Fly Porsches are limited editions - 300 units each worldwide - and are packaged with a commemorative Targa Florio display card...


All three cars are available now from Pendle Slot Racing, MRE and all your favourite Fly retailers. RRP is £54.95 each.

Thanks to Pendles for the photos of the individual cars.

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Racer Sideways SWLE08 Lancia Stratos Turbo Group 5 -  JPS Limited Edition. October 2020. RRP £72.95

Due to arrive with UK retailers next week is a another Racer Sideways John Player Special-liveried limited edition (792 units worldwide). This time, the black and gold feature on the Sideways Group 5 Lancia Stratos Turbo...


To my eye, the JPS livery and Union Jack are a little incongruous on this Italian thoroughbred, but it is an iconic livery of that era and the finish on the Stratos is rather special. Some people go crazy about their Gulf liveries and so why not JPS? The car comes in a suitably black and gold collectors' box...


And all the mechanicals are what you'd expect for a Sideways Group 5 car...


The UK consignment of this limited edition are due with retailers next week. The car is available as a pre-order now from Pendle Slot Racing and MRE - both for rather less than the RRP.

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