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New lockdown project ,the Professor Motor ex Monogram Cooper Ford .Got most parts ,Flat 6 motor , PP chassis , waiting for wheels and tyres .Make a proper start tomorrow  Sun


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Found a surprising but obscure issue with mine when it came to 'magless' track time.

The performance was disappointing even taking into account the fact it was a more simple 'Home Series' car. 

Reviews seemed to point at it being not too far off the pace of the full race version but mine was sluggish, 'front end hopped' around corners and cornering was quite unpredictable, with varying degrees of breakaway even at a steady throttle. 

Trying various different tyres didn't make much difference but it was when finally replacing the originals that I noticed - the back end of the interior tray wasn't fixed in place.

Effectively it was hinged from the front fixing points and moved up and down at the rear. At rest it looked ok but when moving rubbed on the tyres to varying degrees depending on acceleration, braking and cornering. 

Removing it was a bit of a fiddle as it looked like the interior was installed before the rear rolled pan/bumper was fixed in place but it was possible to ease it out, clean up the mounting points and reinstall it after a liberal dose of GS Hypo cement on all four corners. I left it for most of the afternoon to set, before reassembling the car and giving it a quick run - and boy was it quick, even with the standard tyres.

Still had the front end hop though, which turned out to be a jamming guide flag. It's sprung loaded but would stick at the top of its travel, before suddenly releasing. This was happening several times in quick succesion in a corner, accounting for the hop. For now I've just oiled the shaft and spring but will need to either remove the spring or replace the whole thing at some point. However, so far I've had no luck removing the flag.

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They've all got it in for me! Electrical items that is.

I have never had so many electrical things go tits up in such a short space of time. In March just before lockdown the washing machine broke (twice!) and both showers in the household partially died. The repair man sorted out the washing machine but replacement showers were on a month's delivery so we had 30 second lukewarm ones in the meantime and the plumber had to fit the new ones after lockdown which meant he had to do it wearing a mask while we sat in the garden.

Since then the tale of woe has continued:
Printer died.
Central heating/hot water timer only worked part time when it felt like it.
Kettle refused to switch off.

Replaced those three and thought my problems were at an end............
...........then the pond pump became an ex parrot! Tappingfoot

I did the wiring for it 20 years ago, it is encased in conduit and buried a foot down. It was originally on the surface but soil just built up over the years. SWMBO is not going to be best pleased when I dig up some of her favourite plants to replace it.

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While in Atlanta, Georgia in 2018 I suggested to SWMBO that she might like a little retail therapy. This met with her approval so we drove to a very large outlet mall called Sugarloaf Mills and I left her to browse in Sears while I went for a wander.

Imagine my surprise when I came across a commercial slot track right opposite! Not that I had any prior knowledge of course. Rofl

It was a bit big! 457ft six lane Ninco, 75ft main straight with 29 bends and a total area of over 1800 square ft.
The owner turned out to be an enthusiast and not just a business man. Once he discovered I was 'not from round here'  and had some club racing experience we had a nice long chat and then he let me play on the track for the next hour or so. Brilliant stuff and he even refused to take any money off me! Eventually my good lady turned up, told me that playtime was over and we had a 200 mile drive to complete so we headed out.

Unfortunately I think it closed sometime in 2019 but it was definitely the longest permanent track I have ever come across. Apart from temporary ones constructed for record attempts and the like has anybody found a bigger one?

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It seems like I am building a lot of Lola T70 kits at the moment,....this one from AMT.  This kit came out in 1965, and despite it being powered by a "chunky" 36D it was one of the better performing/handling kits of the time. largely because of its fairly heavy brass chassis. They made a complete slot car kit, and a static model kit......mine is the Static kit, but I do have an original chassis/motor, and all the other bits.

This is the original Static kit box......I unfortunately, did not buy it for $1.12[Image: smile.png] ............the kit came with the slot car body mounts, slot car interior, and all the other bits to make this into a slot version.

[Image: DSCN4594.jpg]

The body is of the very early T70 Spyder, and is very well molded, but, still needs a bit of work and a good clean up/prep.

[Image: DSCN4595.jpg]

The chassis while quite good out of the box, really benefits from a few mods.,..............the guide tongue used a single nut bolt to attach it to the main chassis plate, and by sliding the guide tongue back/forth it was wheelbase adjustable, so it was universal for all the AMT releases in the series. (Lola T70, McLaren Elva, Chaparral, and the Hussein).

Unfortunately, only bolting the guide tongue made it prone to slipping, and also not sitting perfectly square, so soldering it in was a big improvement, and this has been done. There is also a piano wire gusset soldered under the step in the front of the guide mount, which helps considerably in strengthening this area.

The chassis was also prone to bending under/behind the motor. so some .047 wire has been soldered lengthwise to the chassis plate along the bottom of the motor........this helps.

Both the front and rear axle uprights were somewhat flimsy, and tended to bend, which invariably bound up the axles, so  a wire brace was made for the rear uprights, and a front axle tube was made from 2 diameters of brass tubing   which hold 3/16 x 1/8 sintered bushings,...................better performance, and, much more durable.......priceless [Image: biggrin.png] 

The motor is an original AMT 36D but has been fairly heavily reworked, by John H.......Arco 33 magnets, shims, bushings replaced, better quality comm, bulletproofed endbell, brushes, springs, and a rewound/balanced 55/30 wind armature ( a good step up from stock but, not crazy)

[Image: DSCN4591.jpg]
[Image: DSCN4593.jpg]
I have had some really nice cast aluminum T70 wheels (5/40 fronts, set screw rear) sitting around for ages,..........they will look great on the car .
[Image: DSCN4596.jpg]

Chris Walker

PS Will post updates

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What is with this growing trend of some manufacturers making ridiculous wheel arches ?
If you are putting a wheel that totals 20mm diameter on a car stock, make the arch suitable for that. If tuners want to use larger wheels or have more room for body/pod movement it isn't difficult to open them out.
I mean how ridiculous does this look ?


I installed a 1mm offset pod with 21mm OD tyres and still had a gap at the top, so I will need to put 1mm spacers to lift the pod up to get the look right.
I am less fussed for cars I will race, but not on this, put the race sized wheels in there and it looks even more crazy bad.
Nope its going to be made to look right and run at home.

And while I am at it, a common method I use to buy axles for cars is to go 10-12mm shorter than the width to the outside edges of the tyre. So this car at the front, is around 63mm, why the heck have they supplied 45mm axles ? By the time you space them to the right position there is hardly anything left of the wheel on the axle. The  Sideways group 5 cars now cost the same as the better spec'd GT3 cars from Sideways so why the heck are they cutting corners ?

Don't even get me started on the UK importers inability to order in a reasonable timescale, and then only get some of the stuff that's been released ( no white kits of this car, no body only kit, no chassis, no spare wings in either stock or flexy flavour … grrrrrrr  Angry

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Please join me as I detail some figures for our track!

Any and all comments are more than welcomed!


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Hosted at Silverstone this was the first ever race run to F1 rules.



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No Motorsport on TV, no football, cricket, tennis, golf or anything else. Don't worry folks, the BBC have the answer and are bringing us The World Stone Skimming Championships next Wednesday. I can't wait. Rofl Rofl

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