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Final round of the Racer Sideways Group Five cars and Jim was once again the man to beat. Some interesting cars tonight from Andy Taylor's lovely Ferrari Daytona, to Keith's Lancia Beta and my own BMW 320......

The C final saw Peter progress with Ralph second but Kate was only just behind him after a fine drive. 

In the B Peter was leading and coming round to lap me when I had an off with someone else just before the start finish line. Peter's car was clipped as it went past and came off on the next corner. It meant he was the last to get marshalled and he dropped behind Keith, Paul and myself.

In the A it was an easy win for Jim with Terry a strong second, Keith third and Andy fourth.

Next week its the Goodwood cars.

Jim         25

Terry       23

Keith       21

Andy        20

Paul         19

Ken           18

Peter         17

Ralph         16

Kate            15

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While I am a huge fan of the Russkit "Carrera" chassis cars (you had to be a very decent scratchbuilder, to beat one of these RTR cars), their earlier releases left a lot to be desired from a performance perspective.

In April 1965, Russkit launched the Cooper and Ferrari 156 F1 kits, both supplied with their new "Spyder" brass chassis........all good except the chassis was made of very thin brass, and even a good breeze could bend it out of alignment......not the hot ticket for the wide open commercial tracks of the time, and while several were sold, not many (likely zero) made it to any race podiums.

However, like any slot car, they can be made to run much better, and this one has been reinforced with .055 and .047 piano wire along all of the suspension arms and suspension uprights. It came with a Russkit "22" 16D motor, and while certainly OK for this chassis, it was soon made obsolete by the Russkit "23" and many other 16D motors that were literally arriving on the slot shop shelves weekly.

Other than the reinforced chassis, and freezing the drop arm (they didn't work then , and don't work now), I built this one stock. The parma "pink" crown has been replaced with the correct crown.

Anyway for anyone who has not seen one ,.....here she be !!

Chris Walker

[Image: 2005-03-25-02-22-10.jpg]

[Image: 2005-03-25-02-22-26-copy.jpg]

[Image: 2013-02-16-23-10-03.jpg]

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SCX U10247S300 Lancia Fulvia 1.6 HF - 1972 Monte Carlo Rally Winner - Munari-Mannucci


Exciting news from Staffs Slot Cars is that the SCX Lancia Fulvia is due to arrive in the UK this month!


The Fulvia dominated the Italian Rally Championship between 1965 and 1973, winning all but one year. Lancia took this domination into the 1972 International Championship for Manufacturers (forerunner of the WRC), winning three rounds and taking the title with two rounds to go. Italian pairing Sandro Munari and Mario Mannucci won the 1972 Monte Carlo Rally by almost eleven minutes. It is that car which is the subject of the SCX model...


The SCX car is fitted with working lights, adjustable magnatraction and a sprung guide. RRP is £38.99 

Many thanks to Steve at Staffs Slot Cars UK for the pictures and release details.

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NSR have announced these new cars for November 2019...

NSR0106AW Mosler MT900R Jägermeister #44 EVO5 TRI AW


This is the latest in a long line of NSR Moslers. Now in production for over ten years, the NSR Mosler is still the benchmark for 1/32 hardbody racing. The UK release will be the EVO5 TRI AW version with the King 21k EVO3 motor. RRP is £77.95 and the car is due this month.

Other motor / motor mount versions are available to order:

NSR0106SW Mosler MT900R Jägermeister #44 with EVO5 TRI SW Shark 25k EVO
NSR0106IL Mosler MT900R Jägermeister #44 with EVO5 TRI IL King 21k EVO3
NSR0105AW Mosler MT900R Jägermeister #44 with EVO3 TRI AW King 21k EVO3
NSR0105SW Mosler MT900R Jägermeister #44 with EVO3 TRI SW Shark 25k EVO
NSR0105IL Mosler MT900R Jägermeister #44 with EVO3 TRI IL King 21k EVO3

RRP is £77.95 for all the versions of the car. NSR retailers can order the alternative versions via the UK distributor, Gaugemaster.

NSRSET10 Porsche 908/3 Martini Racing Nürburgring 1971 Twin Pack


The NSR Porsche 908/3s have been popular with both racers and collectors. This nicely-presented twin pack features the first and third places cars from the 1971 Nürburgring 1000 kms. The 908/3s are proving the pick of the NSR Classic cars on the track, filling the top six spots of the Classic race at the recent UK NSR Championships at Nascot Wood. The cars are fitted with the latest 20k Shark EVO motor in a sidewinder mount. RRP is £195.00 and the twin pack is due this month. The set is a limited edition of 499 pieces.

Thank you to Terry at Gaugemaster for the pictures and release details.

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Hi Thanks for the Add Im a Home Racer and a Club Racer I own the old Timaru track which I bought off Black Country slot car club the track now resides in my garage and has been slowly put back together Im currently redoing the scenery ive just built a gantry out of balsa and Costa stirrers to cover the timing beams gantry I will post some pictures of it when I figure out how to mant thanks paul

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This was my entry for the 2015 VRAA F1 proxy...for the 1.5 litre class.

The body is an original Monogram Ferrari 158, and it has been liveried to replicate the #11 car of Lorenzo Bandini.....or close to replicating [Image: smile.png]
A few bits were removed/modified, and a few bits were made/added.

The chassis is a heavily modified Beardog....changes made were, wheelbase, center hinge, guide lead/tongue, vertical front axle placement, etc. etc) with 13" wheels from RSSlotracing, and inserts from Dart. It is powered by the mandated motor...the BWA/Dart 050.

 I am pleased to say, that the car went on to win this proxy.

Chris Walker

[Image: fetch?id=3035&d=1571864665]

[Image: fetch?id=3036&d=1571864706]

[Image: fetch?id=3037&d=1571864750]

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The 27th running of the HO Le Mans 24 Hours takes place in Derby over the weekend of 8, 9 & 10 November. The 233-foot long eight-lane hand-built routed track will be set up on Thursday in the Rolls Royce Leisure sports hall...


The event is organised by most successful HO club in the UK - Derby HO Racing Club - and this year there will be five UK teams, two American teams and one Anglo-French team...


This will be the second year that the brass-weighted Viper-Jet chassis will be run. On Saturday morning, each team will receive a rolling chassis, a small selection of spare parts and three lexan bodies to last them through practice, qualifying and the twenty-four hour race. Qualifying determines the starting lane and then the teams circulate through the eight lanes, three hours on each...


Full coverage of the event will be on the Derby HO Racing Club facebook page: www.facebook.com/DHORC/

I'll be reporting from the event - it will complete my adventure of three 24 hour slot car races in 2019.

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The 31st London International Slotcar Show takes place on Sunday 17 November at the Crofton Halls in Orpington from 10am-2.30pm.

It's always a fun day out with a full range of new and old cars, bargains, rarities, spares, track and project material. Stallholders attend from across the UK and Europe. It is an excellent opportunity to see George Turner's latest models and to have a natter with him.


Admission is £2, under-16s get in free. The teas, coffees and bacon rolls are highly recommended.

The Crofton Halls are on York Rise, Orpington BR6 8PR and can be reached in about ten minutes from Junction 4 of the M25. There is a small car park on site or use the Orpington railway station car park next door.

More details here: https://www.philsmith.co.uk/slotcarevents.html

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Black end bell with distinctive green 'PCB board?' marked GE141B. Double ended armature shaft. Two screw holes on sealed end of can. Two circular cooling holes. Other face has the usual two small louvre type vents.   

Trying to determine make and specific model and/or spec. revs/torque please.

Initial thoughts were a Slot.it 21k or BRM 23k but neither examples I've seen on Pendles site have the green PCB thing.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.



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I am not really sure where to put this thread [Image: icon_question.gif] ,......it is a Vintage body, has a scratchbuilt chassis, and, was built for a proxy.

Anyway, the body is an Aurora McLaren M12 (Aurora called it the XLR,...likely due to licensing issues), and it was issued in 1970 (I think).
The 1:1 car was built by McLaren in 1969 as a customer car, and its most famous customer that year was Chaparral cars which entered one driven by John Surtees.

Aurora also made a Ferrari 612 CanAm, Ford Mirage, and a gorgeous Ferrari 312P.......all really nice bodies, but, they came with the "AJet" chassis, which was a stretched variation of their TJet HO chassis, and they did not really perform all that well at all.

Still, the bodies were great, and can be made into some really nice looking cars.

So, as this was a CanAm proxy, I decided to do a Chaparral cars 1969 McLaren M12, as driven by John Surtees.

Chris Walker

The Aurora M12 looks big, but, compared to a Slot-it M8D, it does not look too bad, although the actual M8D was a larger car, so, the Aurora version is slightly over 1/32 scale. (The Slot-it M8D is in the center).

[Image: fetch?id=4326&d=1572624257]

I opened all the vents and added screening, replaced the injector stacks, added mirrors and exhaust pipes, detailed the driver, and painted it with Tamiya pure white. It was finished off with some really nice (correct) decals from Indycals, and give a couple of coats of Tamiya semi gloss clear.....race cars were not all that shiny in 1969 [Image: wink.png]
BWA wheels and BWA McLaren inserts were used.

[Image: fetch?id=4327&d=1572624804]

[Image: fetch?id=4328&d=1572624855]

I had a couple of these bodies, so, I did another one to roughly represent the the car entered by the "Great Western Champagne" company (hence the Campagne gold colour), as raced at Watkins Glen in 1970. This is painted with Tamiya's Champagne gold.

[Image: fetch?id=4329&d=1572625043]

As far as the chassis,.....well, as this was a CanAm series, I decided to go with "Big Tires/Big Motor" which was typical for the real cars of the time, and as most slot cars in 1968 were still inline configurations, I opted for that configuration to be somewhat period correct.

A fairly straight forward design, which again, matches both the 1:1 cars, and, the slot cars of the time........it is quick !!,....lots of traction, and plenty of Grunt.....just as it was [Image: dance.gif]

[Image: fetch?id=4330&d=1572626526]

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