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Good day to you all, I am trying to get hold of an extra Carrera wifi hand controller for the digital set but not having any luck. 

Any recommendations? Would buying the complete set containing 2 controllers (red and yellow) and the charger station work with the two which came with the set I bought (also red and yellow) work?

I am based in the UK so would prefer a UK supplier if possible


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       Just a heads up that the latest edition of Collectors Gazette has an article on slot cars. It looks as if it will be a series of a few monthly articles.

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Good day to you all, I am a newbie to slot cars and am just beginning to realise how addictive this hobby can be. Can someone give a brief overview on tyres, wheels and axels in regards to if there is a standard size or are all manufacturers using different sizes for their wheels tyres and axels.

For reference, I bought the Carrera German DTM 1/32 digital set and have bought an extra 2 DTM cars in addition to the 2 which came with the set. I have only measured the tyres so far and they are approx 22.0mm diameter x 10.0mm wide.


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I bought this for a club class, but as it looks to be a while before that will be happening, and as I already have plenty of rally cars, I thought I would let it go.
Its the chrono version so has lightweight interior and lightweight aloy wheels all round.
As new condition, It has been out of the box for pics and to assemble the exhaust, tested but not run a lap, Ariel is in a bag in the box as supplied.

[Image: PajoWTO.jpg]

[Image: ThH5Bt8.jpg]

I am looking for £70 inc postage to the UK all other destinations need to be calculated.
Payment via bank transfer please.
Any question feel free to PM me :)

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hello. i am looking for layout of daytona. or other layouts of bannen 4 lane. and I'm looking for every one of its software
can someone help me with that or has examples.
greetings marten

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I built this for someone whose club has fairly loose rules,..so,....they may or not be usable in your particular club, but, if you can use them, they do help the car considerably
Chris Walker
The chassis was straightened, edges sanded for body clearance, silicone washers used between the pod mount/front chassis plate, weight added, rear wheels replaced with the Policar aluminum ones, new trued tyres, the transmission bushings aligned, with "thrust washers" installed, lead wires re routed, and front axle bushings installed to minimize fore aft movement of the axle etc. etc.
The completed chassis......................
[Image: DSCN4639.jpg]
The lead wires fouled  the front axle, causing excess front axle friction, and affected the front axle vertical height..............so,.....a couple of small dia. pieces of styrene tubing were glued to the chassis plate just under the front axle, with the leads routed through.....both problems solved !!
I initially  used a reduced dia.  axle, and while this helped, it did not fully resolve the issue.......the styrene tubes eliminated the need for this axle,..but, I left in in.
You can see the styrene bits of tubing (white), under the front axle. I did use some lead wire with a thinner coating, as it is more flexible , but, the stock leads work just fine.
You can also see the silicone washers between the pod lug and the front chassis plate....these reduce vibrations , but, more importantly offer a more controlled and progressive torsional flex.
[Image: DSCN4640.jpg]
While vertical travel of the front axle is easily and effectively controlled via the top/bottom grub screws...........on my car , there was a fair amount of for/aft movement of the axle which creates a bit of "steering" at the front end. This oscillation or "steering" of the front axle is not great on the straights....as it cause some wandering which results in excess friction on the sides of the slot, and in corners, it leads to erratic handling.
A few of the commercial track car manufacturers produce some very thin wall axle bushings (3/32 id.) and when I tried them they fit the openings of the front axle uprights on the Ferrari.
The particular bushings I used are from MRSlotcar, but, a few different manufacturers produce them.
A couple of quick strokes with a round file, and the  bushing slipped right in......just loose enough to move vertically, to allow for front end axle vertical adjustments for different tracks , but, snug enough to mostly eliminate for /aft axle movement.
Here is the stock front upright...lots of room for axle movement fore/aft 
[Image: DSCN4642.jpg]
The reduced diameter axle bushings on the left......typical 3/16 x 3/32 oilites on the right.
[Image: DSCN4643.jpg]
And they popped into the front uprights.....not glued !!
[Image: DSCN4644.jpg]
While the gearbox/transmission is a delight, it can be improved, particularly with some thin (.005 thou) washers between any fixed and rotating surface...if two washers are used, they will slip and rotate against each other instead of the rotating surface grinding against the fixed (stationary one),.....this reduces friction, improves precision, and greatly reduces wear.
Not the easiest to see, but, I have used 2 thin washers between all fixed/rotating surfaces.....you can just make them out between the "stopper" and the axle bushing, and between the final drive spur and the bushing.
[Image: DSCN4641.jpg]
While not performance related I did do some cosmetic stuff........
I could not stand looking at Jacky's weird eyeballs, so I put some clear smoke paint on his visor, took apart the exhausts, and re glued/painted them, put a bit of flat/matt varnish on Jacky's suit, some  Molotow chrome on the susp. bits, and as there were some little holes already in the valve covers, spark plug leads were added.
The wheels were fully painted gold...(they did not have chrome edges,)  and front tyres from the Slot-it Alfa T33 were glued/trued/profiled.....these just look a tad more realistic to me, especially with a more pronounce sidewall radius.
[Image: DSCN4636.jpg]
Plug leads........and a bit semi gloss on the valve covers
I am a bit annoyed at the factory bleed through the roundels, but it is a minor complaint.......next time I will likely start with a "white " kit.
[Image: DSCN4637.jpg]
And a bit of paint on the engine..........
[Image: DSCN4638.jpg]

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Anyone fancy watching some GT racing? The Gulf 12 hours is live now from Bahrain...

There’s more info about the race and competitors on the event website - followers of British GT, Blancpain, Bathurst etc will recognise many of the runners & riders.

Seems like the Arabian peninsula is the place for motorsport this month.

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Over the next few days, Staffs Slot Cars UK will be unveiling some of the Team Slot cars we can expect to see in 2021.

We already have these four cars on the radar for release this month...


Team Slot 12906 Lancia Delta HF Martini - Winner Monte Carlo Rally 1987 - Miki Biasion / Tiziano Siviero. RRP £55.99. Expected January 2021.
Team Slot 13001 Ford Escort RS2000 X-Pack 'Venetian Red'. RRP £49.99. Expected January.
Team Slot 13002 Ford Escort RS2000 X-Pack 'Daytona Yellow'. RRP £49.99. Expected end of January.

Team Slot 13003 Ford Escort RS2000 X-Pack 'Diamond White'. Special edition racing version with lightweight interior, fast motor and alloy rear wheels. RRP £57.99. Expected January.

There are also some UK-Exclusive cars that have been revealed today...


Team Slot SRE24 Ford Escort RS2000 Nordic Blue. Expected April. £55.95


Team Slot SRE28 Ford Escort RS2000 X-Pack Rothmans. Expected June. £66.95


Team Slot SRE29 Ford Escort Zakspeed. Expected September. £66.95

The Zakspeed Escort is a long-awaited new car and so we should also be seeing the previously-announced UK-Exclusive SRE21 Rothmans version before too long...


More to come when we have it - rally cars are promised Thumbup

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Four new McLarens - two Elva M1s and two M6Bs are in the UK and are arriving at the usual retailers now.


Thunderslot 0304 McLaren M6B #54 Can-Am Mosport 1969, Oscar Koveleski. RRP £87.95

The first car is very timely. Koveleski - an important figure in the slot car world and Can-Am - passed away over the Christmas holidays. There have been other slot car models of Oscar Koveleski's Can-Am cars in 1:32 and HO scale, but this is a particular cool livery from the opening round of the 1969 championship at Mosport Park. Koveleski's Auto World sponsored car finished seventh - one of only two points finishes for him that season.


Thunderslot 0305 McLaren M6B #22 Can-Am historic racer, Robert Bodin. RRP £87.95

This car - chassis 50-06 - has an interesting history. Bought by Autodelta in 1968, it was used to test the Alfa Romeo engine destined for the new T33/3, which would have a similar aluminium monocoque to the M8B. The car was then sold by Autodelta to Charlie Gibson at Sasco Sport in Virginia. Now a historic racer in these white, red and blue colours, the 50-06 M6B is part of Robert Bodins' stunning collection of classic sports and GT cars.


Thunderslot 0403 McLaren-Elva Mk1 #5, Elvis Presley "Spinout" 1966. RRP £87.95

A movie car from Thunderslot? This is the McLaren-Elva Mk1-Oldsmobile that Elvis Presley drove in the 1966 musical "Spinout" - the 'King' having already driven an Elva Mk6 Maserati in the 1964 movie "Viva Las Vegas" - which was on the BBC over Christmas. The McLaren was a John Coombes-owned car, previously raced by Graham Hill in Europe and North America - including the 1965 LA Times Grand Prix at Riverside. The car was repainted from the pale duck-egg colours to this gold livery for the movie.


Thunderslot 0404 McLaren-Elva Mk1 #97 Nassau Speed Weeks 1965, Charlie Hayes. RRP £87.95

Charlie Hayes was a popular and prolific SCCA and Can-Am racer throughout the 1960s and raced this McLaren-Elva Mk1-Chevrolet in 1965. Sponsorship was unusual in the mid-60s - Nickey were a large Chevrolet dealer and Speed Shop in Chicago, famous for their performance parts and engine modification service. Nickey-modified street cars are now highly sought-after collectors' pieces.

Thunderslot had a difficult 2020, so it is great to see Giovanni and his team back on track with these new liveries. I'm looking forward to some updates on some of the big plans he was talking about at the UK Slot Car Festival back in 2019.

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In the search for some certainty in these uncertain times, I have decided to build a car and try and qualify for the HRW Championship GT3 Proxy event in 2022. Think of this idea as a sort of plucky Brit up against the best North America and Australia can offer; I'm imagining myself as a sort of slot car Guy Martin, or modern day Lord Hesketh, but it could easily end up a being more Tim Henman. 

And lets get this straight from the start, this is not going to be some "how to" technical thread on exemplar slot car race preparation. As my mum used to say "just do your best" and that's what I'm going to try to do, and who knows, it might just be enough to get me into the event! I might be doing it for fun, but I will be taking it very seriously.

So here's the thing...looking round for a proxy event to enter as a hands on way of learning more about slot car preparation, I came across this on the Home Racing World forum: -

The HRW 2021 Proxy GT3 Race Series

It's looks like a rather competitive series, but the great thing is, there is a noble sense of transparency and knowledge sharing amongst the current entrants. So as a hopeful entrant in next years event, there is a very detailed database of car set up information available, along with a raft of performance data from each of the rounds. So in my mind, this provides me with what I need for a solid starting point and it will hopefully get me started in roughly the right direction (if not necessarily at full speed to start with).

The rules are reasonably straight forward...a recognisable GT3 body on the outside from one of the main slot car manufacturers, but almost anything goes on the inside with regards to chassis and drivetrain.

Eligible & Approved Cars

The Rules

And just to give myself half a chance of success, I have accepted a generous offer of technical advice on my car build from one of the most helpful and knowledgeable slot car designer, builder and racer in the hobby. To save his reputation if it all goes wrong because of my inability to listen to what he is telling me, I'm not going to use his real name, but for reference purposes I'm going to refer to him as 'Harvey'. 

And to eliminate the small fact that I don't have easy access to any routed timber tracks, and also that I have never driven a car on one, I have accepted the services of a similarly very experienced slot car racer who will act as my test driver and put any car I send him through it's paces on his routed timber track and offer any feedback during the development stage. Again, to protect his identity, I'm going to refer to him as 'James'.

And I should mention that both of them are currently competing in the 2021 series, and doing rather well in it.

So updates to follow as I take each step along to way to the pre-qualification event at the end of 2021. And I know the organisers would be very interested in other entrants from Europe as they very much regard the series as open to all comers.

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