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Hello ladies and gentlemen,
I have this lot for sale. There are two types. One is the Ford GT40 style where the original was two vertical halves. The other is from a Lotus 40 perhaps?
Price is 20.00GBP plus shipping

There are four of this one
[Image: 0-B263-A64-E3-C3-4-FDD-A9-B7-C31-E441-EF525.jpg]

and six of this one
[Image: 69-D235-D3-7-D7-F-41-A0-B1-A9-41-F2021-DAA89.jpg]
[Image: 4-AC9-BD24-880-A-4-E81-8-F76-484-C69-CCFDCD.jpg]

These were repopped with the original hollow out in the back
[Image: 0-E07220-A-190-B-4688-AED0-949-B83-FBA950.jpg]
You might see that fault on the drivers head lower right cheek....that has been corrected with a remould of the head and clean casts will be provided.

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Wolf Creek is an actual creek that our house/property is situated on. It flows into the New river in Southwest Virginia. I built a large RC off road park in my yard and called it Wolf Creek Scale park and well... I just sort of keep using the name. There are no wolves so I don't know where the name originally came from. The slot car track started as a Carrera GT set back in 2011/2012 I believe. I've upgraded the wireless controllers from the original IR to 2.4 GHz, Black box to the new CU, I've expanded 3 times and I'm right around 90' now. 

[Image: 37609008852_0bbd4da004_b.jpg]

[Image: 37609009252_e70bcb1a2b_b.jpg]

[Image: 36930773824_8d5aeb7825_b.jpg]

[Image: 37609009642_96055427ca_b.jpg]

[Image: 48366508261_d139eca87f_b.jpg]

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 Hi, just discovered this forum. I'm a T-jet/AFX guy from the early days, took a long hiatus & Carrera digital as of 2012... and I've always enjoyed scenery. 

[Image: 36930773824_fdaba039da_k.jpg]

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Dan Gurney drove pretty much everything and some of his cars were real lookers.  I recently picked up this one on Ebay.


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Hello all,
A group of retailers are providing some retail-therapy via a Virtual SlotFest.  Details in link below.



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Lots of us have done it. During lockdown I opened my two pots of Smooth on Vytaflex that I had purchased some twelve months earlier and got out some old moulds and made some new ones.
I began casting using my experience from two earlier episodes.

1) It is messy
2) The one part (yellow pot part B) starts slowly going off as soon as you open the pot.
3) Use a syringe to inject the mixture, I used a 10 ml one mainly due to what I had and the nozzle size.
4) Choose tires to repop you like and use a lot. 
   I wanted tall profile narrow vintage tires, tires to fit the Slotit 14mm rim, high profile wide, F1 wide donuts, SCX Escort and Fiat Abarth replacements.
5) Clean the rim and lids carefully after use because any residue on the rim starts to cure and getting the lid off the yellow pot will have you speaking bad words before all the contents are used. 
6) You will have failures which is disappointing after waiting twelve to sixteen hours for demoulding. Some failures can be repaired when you mix and cast next time but some will go in the bin....my success rate improved as I learned my syringe technique.
7) The black pigment is extremely strong so take care not to get it on you, your clothes or anywhere it shouldn't be.

This pack cost me about 40GBP. I have given a few sets away but now have a supply that should last me a while.

Pictures can now speak
[Image: 1342334-E-54-ED-4-AA3-9123-86332-AD5-C71-C.jpg]
[Image: 06-AAC4-EC-2-A11-41-AB-82-EC-A850-EF2-B8883.jpg]
[Image: 8-AB8-A4-BC-B1-AB-4-DED-9-AB0-90523-B6758-B4.jpg]
[Image: E2319-BC2-93-F0-4-C88-B5-F6-CB6-B5073362-C.jpg]
[Image: 2-D3-D19-C2-7207-42-C3-BAF7-366-E2-BCED2-E3.jpg]

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Just trying to get some feedback as to whether people would be interested in movie figures for their track or dioramas.

My immediate though is Marty McFly and Doc Brown to go with the new DeLorian?

These would be high detail resin printed 3D figures ready to prime and paint, price estimate £7 each plus P&P I would also look at optional extras to ho with the figures and dioramas.

This would be avilable through C&C Designs.

Thanks for reading and any feedback.



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Firstly am doing this for the first time all from my phone. Have always been convinced my old Nikon was the way to go but with the quality of current camera phones thought I would give it a shot. 

I managed to pick up a model kit a few years ago so it sat for a while as I knew so much work needed doing. 

I ground off the front bumper completely, fit an original  homeset chassis ( it did not come out with this chassis) and then convert to the 53 lemans car. Not completely finished but this is progress so far. 







I had to add aluminium tonneau, cut radiator for added spotlight and cut the driver to fit - so now have a 1 legged driver ?

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I built this one several years ago, and while some of the "senior" members may have seen it, perhaps some of the newer folks have not.

While far from the quickest car I have, it is certainly one of my favourites.

Chris Walker

[Image: 2003-12-31-23-00-00-31-copy.jpg]

[Image: 2003-12-31-23-00-00-52-copy.jpg]

[Image: 2003-12-31-23-00-00-79-copy.jpg]

[Image: 2003-12-31-23-00-00-21.jpg]

[Image: 2009-10-12-10-37-23-copy.jpg]

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Hi anybody got any ideas where I can get a couple of old school motor/ axle brackets in the UK please ,or if anyone has a spare I can purchase  Yes


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