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Some builds during this 2nd Lockdown. feel free please to add yours Sun

Ferrari Tr 61 as driven by the Nart team Le Mans 61.

Original and old Ocar body.




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What are these and where and how do they fit in a Slot.it Mercedes DTM car please?


I took the chassis out to remove the traction magnet and as I turned it over I heard something drop. When searching for it I found a second one.

They look rather like lowering blocks used on 1:1 cars but what is the correct way to fit them back in the chassis.

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I bought a kit from HobbyLink Japan, as well as wheels from Colin Sparks of RS Slot Racing in the UK on Jan 14. Both packages arrived at my door today in Canada! Wow!

Two great companies to deal with.  Thumbup

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           SCX NASCAR for sale. Unused, £20 plus £4 postage in the uk.

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I am selling these for a club mate as my last FS post, I did plan on buying these myself but I have already spent way too much this month on slot cars !
Payment via bank transfer or paypal as a gift so no fees please.
Postage to UK £4 for 1 car, all other destinations need to be calculated.
Any questions, feel free to PM. :)

Ford Capri.
Boxed, unused, with spares taped to underside. £55

[Image: gToGG0L.jpg]

[Image: 6PxzeMI.jpg]

[Image: ScKpOK0.jpg]

[Image: yS52rg6.jpg]

BMW 320. £35
Boxed. This car looks to have had nothing more than a couple of test laps, but it does have some damage unfortunately.
One mirror is missing and there is a clean break in the pillar (shown in 3rd picture), should be a straight forward repair with some patience.
Otherwise the car is in excellent condition.

[Image: chAxUTJ.jpg]

[Image: OffOOR3.jpg]

[Image: PuYBcWO.jpg]

[Image: ww59pSX.jpg]

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Just finished up this Modified build. 

Used a resin cast Monza body from a forum member over on the HRW forums. 

Pretty simple chassis build using .078" piano wire rails, and a chicago land front mild steel guide plate. 

[Image: 50860395183_bd04df512d_b.jpg]

[Image: 50861209787_868569e1d4_b.jpg]

[Image: 50861128621_5b34d79df9_b.jpg]

Thanks for taking a peek!


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Needed a Landy for the Italian Job and Luckily Airfix came up trumps. Uses a T-Jet chassis

[Image: 6244144803_646f13ce84_c.jpg]porsche 003 by yakboy2007, on Flickr

[Image: 6244148285_188948547b_c.jpg]porsche 004 by yakboy2007, on Flickr

[Image: 6244151751_1bee84bfa5_c.jpg]porsche 005 by yakboy2007, on Flickr

[Image: 6261306931_0439f9d1bf_c.jpg]porsche 005 by yakboy2007, on Flickr

[Image: 6261303033_e3a871dc57_c.jpg]porsche 004 by yakboy2007, on Flickr

[Image: 6261310723_7532a71fc7_c.jpg]porsche 006 by yakboy2007, on Flickr

[Image: 6360066809_a9876eb2cb_c.jpg]italian by yakboy2007, on Flickr

[Image: 6385077167_b62195e3ac_c.jpg]IMG_2079 by yakboy2007, on Flickr

[Image: 6385057235_1e5a2b8e60_c.jpg]IMG_2080 by yakboy2007, on Flickr

[Image: 6385070713_e47f522811_c.jpg]IMG_2082 by yakboy2007, on Flickr

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Firstly before I start just a caveat, if you are like quick progress of have a short time to live, this is not the thread for you Bigsmile  I have been already going at this for nine years and have no intention of finishing anytime soon, in fact the more I progress the more elaborate the circuit becomes.  

So from the title you can guess I am a big fan of the Italian Job (the original of course, not the pathetic attempt at a remake). In my youth I had a large Scalextric circuit and my brother had a train set. I was not one for Trains but did love the scenic elements and in my teens I would scratch build him buildings and I vowed that when I was older I would build a scenic circuit.....

Well that time came and I was trawling the internet about 10 years ago and discovered this...

[Image: 5413668595_9326415302_z.jpg]Track_Pic_2 by yakboy2007, on Flickr

The Kastleburg Raceway...to say I was blown away was an understatement, and it really got the cogs whirring, the thought of being able to do a scenic alpine style circuit in HO scale was right up my street...Then the lightbulb moment Idea If I could combine it with The Italian Job that would be incredible. Again searched the internet and other than a certain member of this parishes excellent 1:32 scale IJ vehicles, no one had ever tried to recreate the scenes from the film.

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I was going to build a model train set but slot cars sounded much more fun. I bought the Scalextric Platinum Pro set and currently trying to design a track. My available space is 10'x5.5'. Here is one of the designs.

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I bought a used and abused Carrera M20 at a slot car flea market where people used to meet and sell things. Remember those?

The independent front wheels flopped around like a dead fish. The plastic wheels were out of round, etc.

I really like the look of the car.


The aluminum scratch chassis with bearings, Slot.It magnesium wheels, and trued urethane tires are a slight improvement over the original parts.

The single front axle with independent wheels is now somewhat accurate. Both front wheels go in the same direction. No more dead fish. The only sign that it was a beater at one time is the missing mirror.

Thank you very kindly for looking.


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