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The November 2019 edition of Slot Car Magazine will be on sale at the WinterFest slot car show this weekend and then at Pendle Slot Racing. The ebook is already available at Lulu here.

On the grid for Issue 52...

Stuck on You - Scenery secrets with tile adhesive by Hub Habets
Viper vs Supra - A RevoSlot face-off by Tony Di Pastena
Wacky Races vs Mario Kart - Reliving a misspent youth by Andy Player
Carrera Latest Releases - Four more from Germany by Ric Woods
Sascha Distilled - Beautiful retro models from Velasor by Ric Woods
SRC Lancia Delta S4 Group B - a sneak preview from SRC by Dovile Stonaityte
All Flash... And No Bang - Scalextric's Ginetta G60 LT-P1 by Gary Skipp
NSR English Championship - Full official report by Gary Cannell
The Retro Hipster - BRM NSU 1000 TT by Tony Di Pastena
Prize Draw - WIN! WIN! WIN!
Dilworth - The Great British Slot-Off finals by John Dilworth

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DRAWW is getting back to racing after the summer months off. Maybe some day we'll continue through the summer. ;-)

For now, we're starting with a race at my track, Rainier Raceways, on Sunday, November 17th. Be here as early as 2pm, and we'll race our Group C cars, or whatever else we feel like racing until 6pm. Snacks and drinks provided, loaner cars and controllers available if anyone would like to come for the first time and doesn't already have their own stuff. This will be Scalextric Digital racing, but the track can be put in analog or oXigen mode for testing of cars for those who don't have a home track, or just to show off a cool car. :)

If you don't know where my track is, send me a PM and I'll get you that information.
Find out more about our club here: https://www.ggaub.com/slots/draww.shtml

See ya!


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A little history........Many many years ago, I was lapping my Eldon's, Strommies, and Monogram cars on my basement plastic track when my next door neighbour arrived with his newly acquired (dad bought) Aurora 1/32 Ferrari 612.......well, my heart nearly stopped.....It was my all time favourite looking car, I used to drool over the pics. of this thing in the car racing magazines, and it was driven by one of my childhood heroes...Chris Amon.

Despite the car being a mule, thanks to its Ajet (basically a stretched T Jet) chassis, I vowed that one day I would have one!

A few years back, I decided to find one, add a few details, and build a half decent chassis for the little beauty....

Chris Walker

The first pics., are of the original....a moulded in driver, and a fairly pathetic looking back end....things I thought I could improve on.

[Image: fetch?id=3082&d=1571871228]

[Image: fetch?id=3083&d=1571871269]

The following pics. are of the redone car....a semi full driver, instrument panel, vents opened, paint and proper decals, and, a decent scratchbuilt rear end .

[Image: fetch?id=3084&d=1571871326]

[Image: fetch?id=3085&d=1571871372]

[Image: fetch?id=3086&d=1571871407]

[Image: fetch?id=3089&d=1571871775]

The chassis.........fairly straightforward...single rail (.055) sidewinder, with hinged sidepans.

[Image: fetch?id=3087&d=1571871471]

I went with a Scaley 20K 050,...largely because it was "Red"........it is plenty quick enough, and any lack of OOMMPH , is more than made up for by its handling !!

[Image: fetch?id=3088&d=1571871511]

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Good Morning All,

Another week off the calender as the end of the season is fast approaching along with that dreaded word "Christmas".

Hope you all have your Christmas present lists done and spread around your families with your personal choices of your cars ready for racing next season.

Last night we had our final round of our GT3 class and expected some close racing as this class is very close for most drivers specially in lap times.

With a large field of 16 drivers attending and a minor computer issue ( operater in put issues LOL) we didn't get underway properly and with 16 heats to get through we had

to have some quick change overs between the heats.

In heat one Mike set the level for the evening by setting the fastest lap of 6.192 secs and was way out in front.

All the heats were closely contested and with very few breakdowns with the exception of Steve who had a dreadful evening as he could not get his car to respond to his


After the 16 heats everyone was in good moods with the banter flying around the club room specially with a new member of the mothers meeting club. Andy don't forget to

hand you lines in next week for talking to much and the other members who couldn't wait to chat before each heat started.

So to the Finals

Final E

A full grid of four, we have Iain Mac, Ray, Richard E, and Alf (what you doing down here again mate).

Its 25 laps now and when the lights went out all cars raced away and stayed close before Alf broke away leaving the rest to fight it out for the lower places.

After the 25 laps it was Alf who took the win with Ray in 2nd, Iain Mac in 3rd and Richard E in 4th.

Final D

The start line comprised of Keith, Alf, Steve (a real bad night), and Gordon. The lights went out and all raced away with Keith taking the lead and staying there till close to

the end. Gordon chased hard with Alf staying close but not threatening the ones in front. Steve was trailing behind.

Getting close to the end Keith made a mistake (tell us something new) and Gordon took his chance and took the lead.

After 25 laps it was Gordon who took the win from Keith in 2nd, Alf in 3rd and Steve in Fourth,

Final C

Gordon took his place on the start line alongside Alan, Viv and Tone.

The lights went out and again it was a close start as the cars raced around the first lap before a couple of mistakes caused the field to spread out and places being

changed, until the gaps increased and everyone settled down to complete the race.

After the 25 laps it was Viv who chose to have a consistent pace to stay in his slot, Alan tried to keep pace but found that his car had a mind of its own, Tone's return after

having time with the NHS last week had a good race, but again his car had a mind of its own on occasions.

Viv took the win from Tone in 2nd, Alan 3rd and Gordon bringing up the rear.

Final B

The line up for this final was Ian R, Andy the chatterbox, Viv after his win in the C final, and James H.

The lights went out and the cars raced away all very close and we all were waiting for a few bumps, but we didn't see any and the racing was extra close with places being

swapped until later in the final when everyone settled down and after the 25 laps it was Mr Chatterbox who took the win from Ian R in 2nd, James H in 3rd and Viv

bringing up the rear.

The Big One

Final A

On the start line we had Mike, Richard T, Lyle, and Andy.

After 3 aborted starts we finally got this Final, final underway and the cars raced away and stayed close for the first 5 laps then it became a race between Richard T and 

Mike before Lyle got the better of Mike only to lose his place back to Mike  and Andy trying to maintain the pace, 

After 25 laps of some of the best racing of the night the winner was Richard T leading home Mike in 2nd, with Lyle maintaining his 3rd place and Andy bringing up the rear.

Well done to all drivers for some great racing last night with a lot of the usual banter around the club to keep everyone's spirits up.

The results for the night are

Richard T                 25

Mike                         23 + 1pt for fastest lap 6.192 secs

Lyle                          21

Andy                        20

Ian R                       19

James H                 18

Viv                           17

Tone                        16

Alan                         15

Gordon                    14

Keith                        13

Alf                            12

Steve                       11

Ray                          10

Iain M                        9

Richard E                  8

Thanks to Mike and Averill for a great club.

A few reminders for all club members

Your Christmas dinner orders need to be with James H by next Wednesday

It is hoped that those that have ordered Club shirts etc, will have them next week.

Next week we have the Roy Harvey Memorial Trophy/ Goodwood meeting, So hope to see as many of you as possible there to support Mike at this great event.

See you all there

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