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Odds and Ends

A few more fairly rubbish and rare RTR cars have been produced over the years. They are included here for completeness but are not really worth the effort of tracking them down.

Lionel P25

Marketed under Lionel brand in USA but actually Scalextric production.

Stabo P48

GeGe P578

Lindberg P578

Miniamil P578

Airfix/MRRC P261

A reissue of the earlier car as part of the ‘Plus’ range but with the hideous addition of front and rear wings which never existed on the real car.

National Toys P133

Listed as a P133 but incorrect engine for that, could be anything really.

Other Scales

1/32 cars are the most common but there are a few versions in other scales, the most notable being the 1/24th ones from Cox and Revell. Both rare and highly sought after by collectors.




Vanquish MG

P154 CanAm, 1/28 scale. Obsolete and quite rare but rather nice and they do turn up now and again.

Rover BRM

There is a complete 1/32 kit of this turbine experiment available from Pendle Slot.

BRM Transporter

Current production. 1/32 scale resin model from Pre Wing.

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The photos in this article are from various sources, manufacturers, retailers etc, but many of them are from the albums of Richard Wilkinson who has kindly given us permission to use them. He has a very extensive collection of F1 slot cars which you can find on his website: Kent F1 Slot

And Finally…………. If you know any I have missed then please add them (with photos if possible) to the BRM Slot Cars forum thread.