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Bourne, Lincolnshire


The good people of Bourne are quite rightly proud of the town's motor sport heritage. After all, world championship winning Formula One cars were built right in the heart of the town.

There is of course a memorial to Raymond Mays, situated just outside Wellhead Field, on South Street. Actually the memorial, which was finished in 1999, fittingly celebrates three important landmarks. It marks the centenary of the birth of Raymond Mays, 65 years since the inception of English Racing Automobiles (ERA), and 50 years since the founding of British Racing Motors (BRM).

Heritage Centre

Just a little way down the street from the memorial is the Heritage Centre at Baldock's Mill which has a permanent Raymond Mays exhibition featuring a range of photos, cups and other memorabilia.

Heritage Days

Bourne's motor sport history is also celebrated in the town's Heritage Days. The celebrations of 2012 were captured by our very own Brian Rogers...

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