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Dutch Grand Prix

6th June 1960

The VII Grote Prijs van Nederland was the third race in the 1960 Formula One World Championship of Drivers, coming after the last ever inclusion of the Indianapolis 500 in an F1 season. After some odd goings on in Monaco, that trend seemed to continue at Zandvoort.

The FIA allowed the Dutch Grand Prix to take place just eight days after Monaco, in spite of the rules stating that there must be two weeks between events. With Indianapolis taking place the day after Monaco, this might well have been the only time that three World Championship events had taken place in such a short space of time.

Of course the inclusion of Indianapolis on the calendar was something of an anomly in its own right, as the European drivers and teams rarely attended, with Ascari's appearance in the 1952 race probably being the only example.


With only four cars finishing without damage in Monaco, and a 900 mile journey from the Mediterranean coast to the North Sea to complete, the teams would be stretched.

Upon arrival at Zandvoort the teams discovered that the KNAC (the Dutch Autosport Federation) would only award starting positions to the best sixteen in qualifying, and that the times of each driver would be composed of their three fastest laps. After protests a compromise was reached, with a return to the traditional single lap qualifying time, and twenty drivers on the grid.

Practice & Qualifying

Stirling Moss continued his impressive pace at Monaco in practice to post the fastest lap and take pole in his Lotus Climax. This time though Brabham was hot on his heels in the Cooper, just two tenths slower, with Innes Ireland in third in the second Lotus.

The three BRM cars of Bonnier, Hill, and Gurney qualified in an encouraging fourth, fifth and sixth, though they were over a second down on Moss.

Down in 11th was a certain Jim Clark, who was faster than all three front engined Ferraris on his Formula One debut.

Circuit Park Zandvoort

Nestling among the sand dunes the town is named after, Zandvoort owes its origins to a far-sighted local official. Mayor H. van Alphen saw the potential for racing to transform the fortunes of the town after a street race in 1939 proved a success.

Today, the track layout at Zandvoort has been completely remodelled, with the aim of minimising noise pollution to the residential areas to the South of the track.

But in 1960 it was the original 2.6 mile layout which was used. Completed in 1948, the circuit used roads built by the occupying German Army during World War II and rubble from destroyed bulidings in its construction.

Zandvoort Policar Track Plan

Netherlands flag

Footprint :- 3.87 x 2.98m

Lanes :- 2

Lane Length :- 13.24m

Track :- Policar

Zandvoort, 2 lane Policar track layout plan Zandvoort, 2 lane Policar track layout plan
Track List

7th Grote Prijs van Nederland

The Race

At the start of the race Brabham got away quickest, followed by Moss, Ireland and Stacey. Brabham and Moss quickly established a small gap as Ireland and Tracey passed and re-passed each other.

After 10 laps, the two leaders were a clear 17 seconds ahead of the two works Lotus, who were in turn 13 seconds ahead of Dan Gurney in fifth.


But tragedy was about to strike for Gurney. At the end of lap 11 he passed the pits at full speed and hit the brakes before the first corner, Tarzan hairpin. Unfortunately his rear brakes failed, and his front brakes locked. His BRM went straight on over the bank at high speed. Gurney was fortunate not to be seriously injured, but sadly a spectator died in the accident.


Brabham and Moss continued, oblivious. But on the 16th lap Brabham's Cooper threw up part of one of the paving slabs that were used to mark the edge of the track. With Moss right behind him this could also have been a serious accident.

Fortunately, the slab only crashed into one of the Lotus's wheels, but the force was enough to puncture the tyre and smash the wheel. Moss was forced to limp slowly back to the pits handing Brabham a comfortable lead.

1960 Dutch Grand Prix Programme cover


By the time Moss rejoined the race he'd dropped back to twelth, and Brabham was nearly two laps ahead. There was no chance that Moss could catch the leader, but that didn't stop him trying.

Moss put in an outstanding drive, gaining 2 seconds per lap on Brabham. Of course the Australian was by this point preserving his car, and had no need to push on.

Moving up through the field, Moss set a new lap record on lap 39, and had managed to get himself in amongst the Ferraris, and soon overtook von Trips and Ginther.

Next were the works Lotus cars, who, thanks to a lack of communication from the pits, believed Moss to be the race leader, and thus let him through.

As the end of the race approached Moss hunted down Graham Hill in the BRM. But it wasn't to be. Hill had managed to pace himself perfectly to finish just 1.1 seconds ahead, in spite of another lap record from Moss on the final lap.


Jack Brabham took a comfortable victory, leading every lap of the race and finishing 24 seconds ahead of Innes Ireland, who in turn was nearly a minute ahead of Hill. Moss finished fourth with von Trips and Ginther fifth and sixth.

For BRM, Graham Hill obviously finished third, but Jo Bonnier had retired on lap 55, and Dan Gurney had crashed out in unfortunate circumstances on lap 12.

Race Results

1960 Zandvoort track layout graphic
Pos No Driver Constructor
1 11 Jack Brabham Cooper-Climax
2 4 Innes Ireland Lotus-Climax
3 16 Graham Hill BRM
4 7 Stirling Moss Lotus-Climax
5 2 Wolfgang von Trips Ferrari
6 3 Richie Ginther Ferrari
7 10 Henry Taylor Cooper-Climax
8 20 Carel Godin de Beaufort Cooper-Climax
Ret 5 Alan Stacey Lotus-Climax
Ret 14 Jo Bonnier BRM
Ret 1 Phil Hill Ferrari
Ret 6 Jim Clark Lotus-Climax
Ret 18 Maurice Trintignant Cooper-Maserati
Ret 15 Dan Gurney BRM
Ret 8 Chris Bristow Cooper-Climax
Ret 12 Bruce McLaren Cooper-Climax
Ret 9 Tony Brooks Cooper-Climax

Championship Standings

Pos Driver Points
1 Bruce McLaren 14
2 Stirling Moss 11
3 Jim Rathmann 8
4 Jack Brabham 8
5 Innes Ireland 7
Pos Constructor Points
1 Cooper-Climax 22
2 Lotus-Climax 15
3 Ferrari 12
4 BRM 6
5 Cooper-Maserati 3