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BRM Slot Cars

Modern slot versions of BRM cars are a bit thin on the ground with just three complete cars in current production at the time of writing although there are many bodyshells/kits available. If you wish to acquire a collection then you will need to seek out obsolete models and/or build your own. Quite a few have been made over the years and many can still be obtained at reasonable cost via the usual channels (eBay, dealers, swapmeets, etc) but some are exceedingly rare, do not surface very often and command premium prices.

Here are the known 1/32 scale ones.

Type 15 V16 1.5 litre supercharged (1947-53)

This has never been produced as an RTR and bodyshells/kits are also thin on the ground with just one in current production.

AA Bodies

Resin body, long out of production and very difficult to find.

Pre Wing

Current production, resin body.

P25 2.5 litre inline 4 (1955-1959)

Two complete cars currently available and some bodyshells/kits. Many versions made in the past though which are relatively easy to obtain.


Current production, two versions.


Obsolete but many thousands of these survive, so relatively easy to find.

Three types to look out for:

Also made by Scalextric (France) in various colours, rare.


Complete kit, current production

Betta & Classic

Fibreglass body, current production.

George Turner Models

Out of production complete kit. Rare.

P48 2.5 litre inline 4 (1960-61)

Just one current production bodyshell available plus an obsolete kit which is as rare as the proverbial rocking horse poo.

Slot Car Legends

An obsolete and very rare kit.

John Warren

Bodyshell kit, current production.

P57/578 1.5 litre V8 (1961-65)

There are no current RTR versions of the P57 or P578 but, as it was their most successful car, several were made in the past and there is even a 1960s kit surviving to this day which is readily available.

Original Policar/Polistil

(not the current incarnation) Rare RTR from the 1960s.


C72/85 - Part of their Formula Junior range, cheap entry level cars made in the hundreds of thousands which can be picked up for next to nothing from car boot sales etc. Although later referred to as a P57 Scalextric never actually gave a BRM reference number for this car and just catalogued it as a BRM F1. It is not the most accurate model and could just as well be the earlier P48. The two are quite similar in shape.




R63 Long obsolete but can be found with a bit of effort.

Super Shells

P578 complete kit. A strange survivor, Super Shells closed in the late 60s but large quantities of new old stock are readily available today. Can be built as early ‘stack pipe’ or later version.

P261 1.5 litre V8 (1964-68)

Bodyshells and kits are currently available but only one RTR version was produced.


Both RTR and ‘Clubman Special’ kit versions of this were made. Long obsolete and quite hard to find (especially unmade kits) but they do appear occasionally.

Betta & Classic

Fibreglass body, current production.

Pre Wing

Resin body, current production.

Super Shells P261

Another survivor from the 60s, complete kits currently available.

P83 H16 3 litre (1966-68)

Only one RTR version of this was made in the 1970s but it has been reissued in the not too distant past so relatively easy to find. Two bodyshells are also in current production.

Scalextric (Spain/Mexico)

C37 original Spanish model by Exin Scalextric. Not plentiful but can be obtained at a reasonable price if you are patient.

4037 Made by Mexican factory, often in weird colours. Rare.

62550 Vintage series re-release of the original from SCX Tecnitoys in 2007. Incorrectly catalogued and promoted as a P261.

Surely some mistake! Read the full story of the SCX marketing muddle.

Betta & Classic P83

Fibreglass body, current production.

Pre Wing

Resin body, current production.

P133 V12 3 litre (1968 – 1969)

A single bodyshell is the only example of this version.

Betta & Classic

Fibreglass body, current production.

P153/160 V12 3 litre (1970-1971)

Scalextric made the only previous RTR version, long obsolete but very plentiful and easy to obtain. Policar have recently released an excellent modern version though. There is also a P153 bodyshell currently available.


C51/C103 Obsolete but very easy to find. There were several different fantasy liveries produced but just one genuine Yardley sponsored car.


PC-CAR 08a BRM P160 No.14 Yardley Spielberg GP 1971, current production.

PC-CAR08b BRM P160 No.17 1st Monaco 1972, Jean-Pierre Beltoise, current production.

Policar may have other versions in the pipeline and they also do a white kit for home decoration.

Betta & Classic

Fibreglass body, current production.

P180 V12 3litre (1972)

Just one, not entirely accurate, RTR made by Scalextric (France) plus a current vacform body shell are the only examples of this car.

Scalextric (France)

C101/090101 Long out of production but not too hard to find.

Betta & Classic

Vacform body, current production.

P201 3 litre V12 (1974)

Just two versions of this, an out of production RTR and a current vacform body.

Nonno Slot

Obsolete and very difficult to find.

Betta & Classic

Vacform body, current production.