Digest 24

This week’s Digest celebrates the 24 Hours of Le Mans…

Start of 2022 Le Mans 24 hours
  • Le Mans 24 Hour Highlights It’s only right to start with the big race – another enthralling 24 hours full of hard racing, thrills, spills, utmost joy and gut-wrenching disappointment. Head over to the 24 Heures du Mans YouTube Channel for a series of bite-sized highlights videos.
Alpine Le Mans Prototype
  • The Story of the Race If you prefer words and still images, Autosport’s live reporting from Le Mans is definitely worth checking out. Each section of the race is summarised perfectly – plus you can catch up with all the post-race fall-out.

Le Mans Slot Cars

SRC Porsche 919
  • SRC Porsche 919 LMP1 With CAD drawings of this new car just released, Woodcote takes a look at SRC’s plans for their model of the 2017 Le Mans winning car and compares the files to the real thing.
Scalextric Aston Martin DBR9
  • Scalextric Aston Martin DBR9 Due for release later in the year is this stunning weathered Aston Martin DBR9 – winner of the GT1 class at the 2008 Le Mans 24 Hours. You can see more of the car in the ROFGO Collection and watch Aston Martin’s film of the race over on the forum.
George Turner Mini Marcos
  • George Turner Models Mini Marcos The only British car to finish the 1966 Le Mans 24 Hours, this little Mini Marcos Mk1 is being brought to life in 1:32 scale by master model-maker George Turner. You can find out more about the car and George’s creative process over on the forum.
Fly Porsche 911 models
  • Fly/Gaugemaster Le Mans Collection This delightful pair of Porsches from the 1970 Le Mans 24 hours are the first models of a twelve-car collection produced by Fly for their UK distributor. You can find out more on the forum.
AFX 1:64 scale Ford MkIV
  • AFX Ford MkIV AFX Racemasters have produced probably the most detailed HO slot car ever. Their Ford MKIV started with the Sebring car, but has now moved on to Le Mans. You can follow the story over on the forum.
Slot.it Ferrari 512M model
  • Slot.it Ferrari 512M Due very soon, we need no excuse to share images of this sensational new model from Slot.it. The first livery is a bona fide Le Mans legend – Chris Craft and David Weir driving this privateer car to fourth at the 1971 24 hours.
NSR Porsche 908/3 model
  • NSR Porsche 908/3 Escudería Tibidabo If you look beyond the headlights, this 1974 Le Mans livery is probably the best of the bunch on NSR’s super-quick Porsche 908/3. Released in the spring, there’s also some quirky history too.
Policar Ferrari 412P and 330 P4 models
  • Policar Ferrari 412P The different moulds on the Policar Ferrari 330 P4 and 412P show how much attention to detail the team at Galileo Engineering put into their slot cars. Arguably the most beautiful racing car of all time, we take a look at the recent model of the 1967 Le Mans Maranello Concessionaires 412P over on the forum.
Slot.it Audi R8
  • Slot.it Audi R8 Champion Racing Expected very soon is Slot.it’s Champion Racing Audi R8 that raced at the 2001 Le Mans 24 hours. The car features a new chassis which swaps the LMP guide for a standard Slot.it arrangement and also has fittings for Slot.it’s range of digital chips.

Le Mans Tracks, Scenery & Racing

Images of Le Mans Tribute track
  • JackyIckx53’s Le Mans Tribute Track One of the many magnificent tracks shared in our ‘Show us your track’ forum is this mid-50s to late 60s Le Mans tribute track. It’s a beautiful piece of work to show off some classic Le Mans machinery.
Magnetic Racing Dunlop bridge
  • Magnetic Racing Le Mans Bridge The buildings in the tribute track and the two racing layouts featured below were all scratchbuilt. There are very few Le Mans buildings commercially available, but Magnetic Racing do produce a kit for this very convincing and affordable Dunlop Bridge, based on the iconic landmark at La Sarthe.
Scenes from Derby HO Le Mans
  • HO Le Mans 2019 Now no longer an active event, the HO Le Mans 24 Hours at Derby HO Racing Club was held for 25 years on a mammoth 233-foot eight-lane routed replica of the Circuit de la Sarthe. An amazing event and awe-inspiring track, the pit area and Dunlop bridge added to the atmosphere. The final edition of the Derby HO Le Mans 24 Hours took place in 2019 – and you can read a report in the HO forum.
Scenes from DiSCA Le Mans
  • DiSCA oXigen Le Mans 24 Hours Inspired by the Derby HO event, the DiSCA race runs on a Le Mans layout track with a similar footprint. DiSCA uses the Slot.it Oxigen digital system, allowing sixteen teams to compete across four classes. It doesn’t get much more real than this! You can read a report of the 2019 race in the oXigen section of the Digital Racing forum.
Corvette and Aston Martin Scalextric models
  • ARC Pro Digital Home Racing Endurance Format The Scalextric ARC app won’t give you a satisfactory long endurance format – but the Magic ARC app will. Check out our Scalextric Digital forum for a GT endurance simulation inspired by the British GT Championship – one that can be easily tweaked for the full Le Mans experience.


  • Maurizio, Gary & Alex Talk Le Mans 24 Hours Gary Skipp and Alex Jones organise the DiSCA 24 hours – but they couldn’t have done it without Slot.it’s oXigen system. In a video just published on the Slot.it YouTube Channel, Maurizio Ferrari talks to Gary and Alex about creating a Le Mans 24 hour race in 1:32 scale.

Slot Car Racing

Cartoon of classic F1 cars
  • Summer Grand Prix Proxy The latest part of the Triple Crown Proxy series started last week. Featuring open-wheel slot car models in four different classes, the action takes place at ten venues around the UK. You can read more and follow the results over in the Proxy Racing forum.
Ad for Slot Rally event
  • Abergavenny Summer Stages Coming up next weekend are the inaugural Abergavenny Slot Rally Club Summer Stages. Sponsored by Staffs Slot Cars, the event promises to be a memorable one. You can read more in the Events section of the forum.
Header for HO proxy racing event
  • HO Proxy Drag Racing The Inline Show A new departure for the UK based proxy drag racing series, this week’s event ditches the pancake motors and goes for a one-off inline-only extravaganza. You can follow all the action in the Proxy Racing forum.
Slot Cars on the start line at St Edmunds Slot Car Club
  • Your Club This week in the SlotRacer ‘Your Club forum, you can find reports and news from Bury St Edmunds, Manx, Norwich, New South Wales, Southend, Viking and Worthing Slot Car Clubs.


Slot car magazines
  • American, German, Spanish & English The latest publications from the slot car and scenic modelling worlds are collected in ePilot’s comprehensive Magazines thread on the forum. There’s plenty to inspire and inform.


Ford GT40 replica
  • Le Mans In Milan – An Italian GT40 Replica Photojournalist Luca Orsi takes a look at a very special GT40 replica and imagines driving a Le Mans winner through the streets of Milan. You can enjoy his photo essay on the Petrolicious website.


Mini at an Autotest event
  • Motorsport UK StreetCar Initiative UK grassroots motorsport received a huge boost last week with the launch of StreetCar – a scheme that puts the spotlight on entry-level series for unmodified road cars and the free RS Clubman racing license. The aim is for 50 clubs to offer StreetCar events by the end of the year and get new racers onto the motorsport ladder. Is it enough to tempt you away from the slot car track?