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Summer Grand Prix Proxy

Good Morning,
I have started a new thread introducing the 2nd of our planned Proxy events for this year " Summer Grand Prix"

Similar to our previous proxy's it will be based on the "Theme of cars throughout the ages", so should appeal to a wide audience.
However there are many different facets of this topic as cars design and racing rules in reality have varied widely over the years.

 I have this time decided upon using the same general rules for the motors and construction across all 4 classes, only changing the dimensional aspects of each class to try to maintain a realistic control over the class appearance and scale for the era that the cars are representing.

It is intended that these cars are constructed from Scalextric, similar manufacturers models, or scratch builds from Resin or fibre moulded (BettaClassic). 
It is not intended to be a Proxy for the Generic (Pro cars) Cars offered by Policar, NSR or Scaleauto. However Scalextric based Generic F1 cars would be accepted.
I also included any early single seater closed wheel cars which did participate in Grand Prix's in earlier years and also the modern Formula E cars.

We are hoping to attract enough entrants to fill the event limit of 40 cars (10 cars per class) covering the entire history of Single seater car racing.
Including, Brooklands, Grand Prix, Indy, Formula 1 and even Formula E based models.

The classes are:
Class A pre 1960 Early Flyers (Front engine cars)
Class B 1961-1968 Classics (Rear engine cars without rear wings)
Class C 1969-1989 Legends (Rear engine cars with rear wings)
Class D 1990- today  Modern era

The proxy would be run similar to the Road Race format over both plastic (Policar, Scalextric Sport, Ninco or Carrera) and routed wood tracks, so models must be able to run on both types of track surfaces in regard to guide depth (maximum 7mm). There will be no very shallow SCX or Scalextric Classic tracks used for this series.

The Final Technical Rues are attached below


This Proxy is intended to start at the beginning of July, cars to be received by the end of June.
The entrance fee will be £15 for the 2 car entry (two cars in any of the 4 classes but only one car per class)

Entrants List
please let me know if you are interested in participating in this event either directly on this thread, or by pm.
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yep count me in Graham 

class A :-  P/P Scarab 1960 #28
class D :-  Scalextric Williams FW40 2017 #19


Hi Graham, entry for me please

Class C: Brabham bt49
Class D: tbc, probably a first gen formula E

Wavegreen Grand Prix update

we have a provisional entry list of 10, and would welcome any new entrants if you fancy participating in this fun based Proxy Grand Prix.
All car classes are based on the same construction based rules, so it will be interesting to see exactly which era cars will prevail, vintage or modern, Indy or GP cars, F1 or Formula E. Most cars will be based on inexpensive Scalextrix modified models.

Here is the provisional entrants list

Attached Files
.pdf Grand Prix -Provisional Entry List.pdf Size: 15.19 KB  Downloads: 43

Hello Graham, 

Please can I have two entries...

Class C  -  Scalextric Benneton B189

Class D  -   Scalextric Generic F1

Looking forward to hosting a couple of rounds,

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(12th-Apr-22, 06:37 PM)Gpa113 Wrote:  Hello Graham, 

Please can I have two entries...

Class C  -  Scalextric Benneton B189

Class D  -   Scalextric Generic F1

Looking forward to hosting a couple of rounds,


It will be great to have you on board as an entrant, and even better having your participation as a Grand Prix host, many thanks

Hello Gram u will enter 8o/90 F1 just one entry mite do 2 cars Thanks Adrian Shropshire AKA ALS

Wavegreen Good evening,

just a quick update on the provisional entry list


Many thanks to ALS for confirming your 1st car entry, hopefully you might find another one before the Registration date  Sun

Additionally I am very grateful to Gpa113 (Routed Raceway and Shed End) and Savage GT (Roughwood) for offering to host Stages in our Summer Grand Prix with their excellent circuits which can be viewed on the "Show us your tracks" section on Slotracer online.

In total this makes 9 venues for our Grand Prix cars to visit which will involve 6 wood and 3 plastic circuits Sun

Please move my class C to a class D I found a Scalextric generic F1

(14th-Apr-22, 01:39 AM)courtney s Wrote:  G
Please move my class C to a class D I found a Scalextric generic F1

No problem, I will update that on my my list next time. 

Just a reminder for any new entrants that NSR/Scaleauto or Policar Generic RTR F1 cars are not allowed in this event, but Scalextric generics are (as they would have the same basic construction as the other Scalextric F1 cars)

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