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Clubs –

We are making some changes to the club section on the SlotRacer Online website, ready for 2020. Click through to the website to have a look...

About Clubs Clubs by JasonB|Published 3rd December 2019 Clubs are one of the mainstays of slot car racing, welcoming new members to the hobby, passing on a wealth of experience, and keeping the racing competitive. Pantyffynon Slot Car Club Our Club Directory highlights some of the clubs that you’l...

1 day ago
Tyre Wall Crash Barriers in Sponge/Foam

Racing Line has stocked up on Tyre Barriers ready for the Christmas rush... Find out more in the Traders section of the SlotRacer Online website.

2 days ago
2020 announcements for Scalextric & Carrera

There are some important dates for your calendars over on SlotRacer Online - the announcements of the 2020 Scalextric and Carrera ranges. We aim to have plenty of coverage on SlotRacer Online from Margate, the London Toy Fair and the Nuremberg Spielwarenmesse. Click through to the website to find out more...

3 days ago
High quality slot track posters.

Looking for a unique Christmas present or a special treat for yourself? We have high-resolution slot car track graphics that can be printed as big as A2 for the perfect slot room poster. In addition to the classic Scalextric 101 Circuits plans, we now have modern Formula One and BTCC tracks available. Click through to the website to find out more...

Download free, high resolution, high quality Slot Track posters.

4 days ago
Policar Toyota GT86 / Subaru BRZ

The Home Racing cars from Policar have just received a new chassis and new liveries. Read more at SlotRacer Online...

5 days ago
New Team Slot cars - December 2019

Team Slot have four new cars arriving in the UK just in time for Christmas. These include a new Lancia Delta HF 4WD in both Camel and Martini Test Car versions. There's more info and pics over on the SlotRacer Online website...

6 days ago
Lexan bodies....I still love em !!

When you think about lexan bodies, this is not what normally springs to mind. Chris Walker shows off some stunning lexan projects in our thread of the week over on the SlotRacer Online forum...

1 week ago
Worthing HO Racing 2019 - all the action from the Barn

Most clubs are getting close to the end of their 2019 seasons. Worthing HO Racing finish their 1/64 scale racing tonight. WHO have posted videos, pictures and reports over on the SlotRacer Online website...

1 week ago
Chipping Database

Tuesday is Traders' day. Not only does Greg repair digital chips, he also fits chips in tricky-to-convert cars. Greg shares his expertise on SlotRacer Online...

1 week ago
Scalextric Advent Calendar 2019

We usually post an item from the SlotRacer Online calendar on a Monday - but this week we're plugging the Scalextric Advent Calendar. We have a running commentary on all the goodies behind the doors over on our SlotRacer Online website...

1 week ago
ARC Pro app, the Missing Manual

Thinking of trying out Scalextric ARC Pro digital racing this Christmas? There is a unofficial guide to the ARC app being put together on the SlotRacer Online website. Click through to have a look...

Scalextric's ARC Pro is a fantastic entry level digital slot car system. But Scalextric have never produced a manual, or user guide for the app which controls it. This is our detailed, in depth guide to using the app practically, in real racing conditions.

1 week ago
New BRM Opel Kadett GT/E

The new 1/24 scale BRM Opel Kadett has just arrived in the UK. Like the other BRM 'Mini-Saloons', the Kadett will fit nicely on 1/32 scale track. Find out more on the SlotRacer Online website...

1 week ago

The latest Scalextric Chevy Monte Carlo is just arriving with UK retailers. We look at all the Winter 2019-2020 Scalextric releases over on the SlotRacer Online website:

1 week ago
Emergency and Support Services vehicles

There's a cool thread over on the SlotRacer Online forum looking at emergency and support service vehicles. Click through to the site to find out more - and maybe add your own...

2 weeks ago
G.O.L.D. racing club

You can follow the exploits of the Gentlemen Of Leisure Daytime racing club (G.O.L.D.) in the Your Club section of the SlotRacer Online website. It might just encourage you to organise something similar in your part of the world...

2 weeks ago

In the Traders section of the SlotRacer Online website, JS Chassis design are showcasing some nifty 3D printed chassis to rejuvenate the old Scalextric Formula Junior cars. Find out more at:

2 weeks ago
Swindon Scalextric Swapmeet January 2020

It is less than six weeks until the first UK slot car show of 2020. There's a fair bit happening between now and then, so make sure it's in your diary. More details in the SlotRacer Online News section...

2 weeks ago
Maxi Models

A must-read for all Can-Am slot car fans - and fascinating for everyone else... We take a look at Maxi-Models in a new article on the SlotRacer Online website...

Maxi-Models were an interesting, but unfortunately short lived, small scale maker of wonderfully modelled slot cars and kits. This is a history of the company, and a comprehensive, lavishly illustrated directory of their highly collectable products.

2 weeks ago

The first of the long-awaited Pioneer Legends cars have arrived! Find out more about these awesome bundles of fun on the SlotRacer Online website:

2 weeks ago

Christmas special 'exclusive' Scalextric sets are appearing at some UK retailers. We take a look on the SlotRacer Online website at what's out there. Have you spotted anything we haven't? Click through to the website to read more:

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