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Published by JasonB on May 26, 2024

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SCX FIAT 131 Abarth

SCX FIAT 131 Abarth on the start line

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On This Day in History…


The XVIII Grand Prix Automobile de Monaco was the second race of the 1960 season, and the first in Europe. It featured a consummate performance from Stirling Moss in the wet, but also, bizarrely, crocked cars being sent back out onto the track, and even drivers pushing their cars to the finish line in search of an elusive point.

Read the full story of the 1960 Monaco Grand Prix with exclusive photos by BRM team mechanic Dennis Perkins, and a Scalextric track plan.
29-05-2011Indianapolis programme cover
29-05-2016Scaleauto Mercedes MBA GT3
Scaleauto Mercedes MBA GT3 Nurburgring 2016
Mercedes celebrated the biggest success since the start of its AMG programme in the 24 Hours of Nürburgring. The Mercedes-AMG GT3 locked out the first four places and also took sixth position. Victory went to Maro Engel, Bernd Schneider, Adam Christodoulou and Manuel Metzger, but the car modelled by ScaleAuto is the second placed car driven by Christian Vietoris, Marco Seefried, Renger van der Zande, and Christian Hohenadel
Check out all the details and photos
29-05-2022Snetterton programme cover
30-05-1911The inaugural Indianapolis 500 was won by Ray Harroun driving a Marmon Wasp for Nordyke & Marmon Company, at an average speed of 74.602 mph (120.060 km/h)
30-05-1930Polesitter Billy Arnold takes the lead on lap 3 of the Indianapolis 500 and never gives it up.  The total of 198 laps in the lead stands as an all time Indy 500 race record
30-05-1941Indianapolis programme cover
30-05-1950Rouen track plan
From its opening on this day in 1950, Rouen-Les-Essarts was recognized as one of Europe's finest circuits, with modern pits, a wide track, and spectator grandstands. The circuit was closed down in 1994 due to economic and safety reasons, and in 1999 all evidence of the area's racing past was sadly demolished, including grandstands, pits, Armco and track signs.
Rouen track plan
Rouen posters
30-05-1965Monaco programme cover
30-05-1966Graham Hill the 1962 F1 World Champion wins the Indianapolis 500  after leading for a total of only 10 laps to become the first rookie winner since 1927
30-05-1967Ostorero Lotus 38 Ostorero Lotus 38
Ostorero Lotus 38 - Jim Clark - Indianapolis 1967
The Lotus 38 was purpose-built for the 1965 Indianapolis 500 and took Clark to a famous Indy win - the first by a British manufacturer, the first for a British driver and the first for a mid-engined car. A total of eight 38s were built and Team Lotus continued to use them until 1967. The car raced by Clark at the 1967 Indianapolis 500 was chassis 38/7, built in 1966 and raced by Al Unser at the 1966 Indy 500 - the #18 STP car qualified sixteenth, but crashed out on lap 161. Team mate Clark finished second to Graham Hill's Lola, but his team were convinced he'd won.
Check out all the details, photos and videos
30-05-1971NSR Porsche 908/3 NSR Porsche 908/3
NSR Porsche 908/3 1971 Nürburgring 1000Km - Jo Siffert / Pedro Rodriguez
This is the JW Automotive car that finished runner-up to the works Martini Racing 908/3 driven by Vic Elford and Gérard Larrousse. The winning car has already been released in a Martini twin-pack by NSR, so this one completes the 1971 Nürburgring podium. The combination of Siffert and Rodriguez - two of the bravest drivers of their era - is also a sombre reflection on an extremely dangerous time in motorsport. Neither would see the end of 1971.
Check out all the details, photos and videos.
30-05-1993Emerson Fittipaldi passes reigning F1 World Champion Nigel Mansell at the Indianapolis 500 with 16 laps to go for his second race win
31-05-1920Indianapolis programme cover

The VII Grote Prijs van Nederland was the third race in the 1959 Formula One World Championship of Drivers. The race would prove to be hugely significant for BRM, at a time when Alfred Owen was losing faith in the team, but we'll get to that later...

Read the full story of the 1959 Dutch Grand Prix with exclusive photos by BRM team mechanic Dennis Perkins, and a Carrera track plan.
31-05-1965Jim Clark became the first foreigner in 49 years to win the Indianapolis 500, and the only driver in history to win the Indy 500 and F1 World Championship in the same year


BRM, the Inside Story

Published by JasonB on May 5, 2023 in Features, Updates

BRM Logo
A selection of BRM photos

We have a new and fairly substantial motor racing history section which we’ve added to the site. It could be encapsulated by just three letters, BRM, but in truth the full story would make a decent sized  book.

Graham Hill and Monaco harbour

The inspiration for our new section came from a British Racing Motors team mechanic, Dennis ‘Sheriff’ Perkins who worked for the team for well over a decade from the mid 1950s onwards, and who took photos throughout his time with the team.

Dennis Perkins and othe BRM mechanics

Of course Perkins wasn’t a professional photographer, he was first and foremost a BRM mechanic. In fact he was so good at his job that he was elected to membership of the BRDC, being proposed by Graham Hill and seconded by Jackie Stewart.

Scenes from Spa Francorchamps

But he took photos of some important motor racing events, and he took his photos from a different angle to the press, or the spectators. He snapped his pics from behind the scenes, from the oil stained pit boxes, from the workshops, or even from the team transporter which he drove across the continent in his slippers.

The BRM transporters travel through the mountains

Through his photos we will tell the story of British Racing Motors, from the disastrous and all too obvious failings in the early days, through to being world champions and one of the most consistently successful teams in Formula One at their peak, before they were brought back down to earth with a bump, as the team declined.

BRM mechanics

BRM had always set out to match and beat the best in Formula One. To do that, they absolutely insisted that they should build their own engines as well as the chassis. They wanted to take Ferrari’s approach, and when it worked, it really worked, but when it didn’t, it really didn’t.

BRM cars and engine

Nowadays of course, we can expect a netflix documentary for every F1 race, no matter how insignificant. But in those days there were a very limited cohort of press reporters and photographers. So this little treasure trove of photos from the pit lanes and paddocks of the 1950s and 1960s are important.

Ferraris at Zandvoort

We’ve tried our best to tell the stories of not just BRM, but of the individual races for which we have photos, many of which have their own fascinating tales to tell.

Scenes from the Moroccan Grand Prix

We’ve tried to tell the story of the BRM drivers and the BRM cars. We’ve used a wide variety of sources for all of the information, including contemporary reports.

Graham Hill and Dan Gurney

We’ve also included slot track plans for every circuit, and a comprehensive list of BRM slot cars.

Track plan of Nurbrurgring and a Cartrix P25

So there you go, that’s a rough outline of what we’ve got for you, hope you enjoy having a look and a read.

Many thanks to John Perkins, son of Dennis, for his kind permission to use these photos. Many thanks also to Dennis ‘Sheriff’ Perkins himself, not just for his sterling work with BRM, but also for recording his time with the team.

BRM, the Inside Story