Software Downloads

Here you'll find various pieces of software that we've collected and made available to download.

Although these applications are discontinued, and no longer supported by their original creators, they may still be useful to the slot car enthusiast with a little patience.

We've tried to include help files where possible, and though we can't promise full support, you can always ask any questions you might have on the forum.

Sport World logo from the 2006 Scalextric catalogue

Scalextric Sport World

Sport World was, for its time, a very advanced system which combined computer and web based technologies to create a whole new dimension to slot racing. It provided a 3d Scalextric track designer, a comprehensive car library and technical manual, a driver database, a wide range of race types and features, and even the ability to compete with other racers from all around the world.

According to Scalextric...

Sport World continues to bring unrivalled technology to slot racing, offering full race management capabilities, 7 types of racing, complete with pit stops and variable weather conditions, amongst many more fantastic features.

It was an ambitious project, and though Scalextric dropped it fairly quickly, there is still interest among enthusiasts, and fun to be had with the system, as proved by the Sport World thread over on the forum.

The files below include an ISO file which can be burned to a CD to recreate the original Sport World CD, several software updates, and a comprehensive manual. Please be patient, the CD file will take a while to download.

Lap Timer 2000

A simple and easy to use race management system for home use. Ideal for a beginner who wants to start racing as quickly as possible without spending too much time setting it up. The software is no longer supported after the unfortunate passing of Gregory Braun, but we've saved a copy for you.

Slot Cars 2000

Another program by Greg Braun, Slot Cars 2000 is a comprehensive inventory application, aimed primarily, though not exclusively at slotcars.


Slotcar Manager logo

SlotMan, short for Slot Car Manager, is a track designer and track timing software originally developed by Wolfgang Krech. It is now outdated, and is no longer supported, nor widely available. But it does support editing of track sections to make new pieces, and if you're looking for a free track designer, then you can download it below


Yascart (Yet another slot car timer) is a computer timing program for RMS hardware by Brian L. Heemsbergen. The software runs on Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, but you need to have your computer set in 1024x768 mode using normal sized fonts to run it.

Also included in the \yascart directory is the file yascart.doc. This is a Word file which contains the software documentation.