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The first Mercedes 190E Classic DTM car has arrived in the UK! It is a much anticipated new model that I first saw as a prototype at the UK Slot Car Festival in 2018. The 190E will fit in perfectly alongside the Alfa Romeo 155 and Opel Calibra on the Classic DTM / Saloon grid... CA44a Mercedes 190E 2.5-16 Evo II DTM 1992 - Zolder #18 Kurt Thiim




Although a major force in the DTM series for a decade from the mid 1980s, the Mercedes 190E started out as a Cosworth-developed rally car. The arrival of the Audi Quattro ended the rallying project, but Mercedes went ahead with the planned 2.3 litre 16-valve road car that was required for homologation and began looking at Group A saloon car racing. Successful from the start in DTM, the road car was updated as the Evo in 1989 with the engine increased to 2.5-litres and with a host of mechanical and bodywork modifications.

The Evo II arrived the following year - even more aggressive, with massive wheelarches, a huge adjustable rear wing, a prominent front splitter and a rear window cowl. The engine was much the same 2.5-litre unit as in the first Evo, but with more power - now 235bhp. The basis of the Evo and Evo II engines allowed the final race cars to have between 330bhp and 350bhp.

The race version of the 190E Evo II first appeared midway through the 1990 DTM season, the works AMG-Mercedes cars driven by Kurt Tiim and Klaus Ludwig. In 1991, the likes of Jacques Laffite, Michael Schumacher, Hans Stuck and Bernd Schneider would run privately-entered Evo IIs. For the start of 1992 Schneider moved to the works AMG team and Kurt Tiim went to Zakspeed with whom he won the opening two rounds of the championship at Zolder in the #18 car produced here by Tiim would finish runner-up to AMG driver Klaud Ludwig at the end of the season.

Here's the car in action at Zolder...

Looking back through the archives, there are some fabulous 190E Evo II liveries for to produce. It will be interesting to see how the 190E compares on track to its Alfa Romeo and Opel Calibra counterparts. Here are some comparisons of dimensions:
  • Wheelbase: 83mm (Calibra: 80.5mm / Alfa: 79mm)
  • Rear Track: 60mm (Calibra: 58mm / Alfa: 59mm)
  • Height: 42mm (Calibra: 38mm / Alfa: 43mm)
  • Weight: 70g (Calibra: 68g / Alfa: 68g)
All the Classic DTM cars are fitted with the V12/4 21,000rpm motor, 0.5mm offset inline motor pod, 9:28 gear ratio, aluminium rear wheels and adjustable front axle height. RRP is £62.95 and I have seen it available today at various UK retailers for between £50 and £55.
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The critical dimensions of track and ride height are very close to those of the Alfa.
In my testing, it and the CA40 and CA45 models had almost identical unweighted lap times- about 1/10th faster than the CA35 and 2/10ths slower than the Opel on 65 and 70 foot wood tracks

Pods about 1 screw turn off tight, both with and without taping the chassis/pod underneath.
All testing done with glued and trued 1171N22 tyres - and I did some swapping out of tyre sets between cars, just to identify and eliminate any variation in the tyres

About 8 or 9 grams weight in the Merc and the Alfas gets them competitive against the lower, wider Opel.
That is the only way I have found to make all models run similar lap times  [no weight in the Opel]
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Great info! Thanks  Thumbup

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