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#1 CA47d Nissan Skyline GT-R #1 - 1st 1992 Bathurst 1000 - Mark Skaife & Jim Richards. RRP £64.95 . Available now

The third livery (CA47c hasn't been released yet) on the Skyline R32 GT-R commemorates a memorable - and rather controversial - Bathurst 1000 win for Nissan in 1992. It is a cracking livery, representing the works Nissan Motorsport Australia car of the defending champions Jim Richards and Mark Skaife...


Veteran New Zealander Richards was going for a fifth Bathurst win, with young Aussie star Skaife looking for a second - the pair having dominated the Australian Touring Car Championship in the mighty Nissan GT-R. The Bathurst race was the last in Australia’s Group A era before the start of the category that has become known as V8 Supercars.


The final race for the GT-R at Bathurst ended with a major downpour, causing multiple cars to crash – including the race-leader. The red flag came out with Richards and Skaife declared the winners - despite their Winfield GT-R being buried in a pile of other cars...

The stewards' decision didn't go down well with the Ford and Holden fans at the circuit. During the podium presentation, the crowd booed the Nissan pair, chanting "bullshit". Up on the podium, Skaife responded “We led the race all day … that’s the way it is.” Richards was a bit more direct - “This is bloody disgraceful. I’ll keep racing, but I’ll tell you what, this will remain with me for a long time. You’re a pack of arseholes.”


The Nissan R32 GT-R 'Godzilla' is truly a mighty car and the model is magnificent. Underneath the very sharp Winfield livery is the standard DTM/Classic Touring layout of a 21k inline S-Can motor, 9:28 gearing, aluminium rear hubs and a clip-in guide. The wiring allows easy conversion to digital with a chip fitted with the corresponding connectors...


The holes in the chassis forward of the front wheels are to attach two 'stabilisers' that are included under the box. When fitted, these help reduce tipping. All the Skyline GT-R models have these.

The 1992 Bathurst-winning GT-R is available now from all your usual dealers.

Thanks to Jo at Galileo Engineering for sending us these fabulous photographs of the car.

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It looks really stunning, but there is one item that catches my eye: 
I'm wondering why the wheels on touring cars (Mercedes 190E and Alfa Romeo 155 V6) look smaller than you would expect, after seeing the photos of the real cars.
Is that done for a better performance?

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All the Classic tourers are fitted with their 15.8mm hubs - that’s certainly to keep a uniform platform for performance. Most Group A and DTM cars ran 18” wheels in 1991-2. Production R32 GT-Rs ran 16” on the front and 17” on the back.

Scale-wise, I can never quite figure out what the size on the model in mm means in terms of inches on the prototype… 15.8mm scales up to 19.9” - but some of that measurement is the rib inside the tyre. So what you see is 13.5mm, which scales up to 17” - assuming the model is accurate to 1:32 scale.
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(15th-Oct-21, 06:58 PM)woodcote Wrote:  So what you see is 13.5mm, which scales up to 17” - assuming the model is accurate to 1:32 scale.

Hi Andy,

13.5mm corresponds to 17"-1.5"=15.5"
See Mick Kerr's post #2:

The visible diameter for an 17" hub should be 17"+1.5"=18.5" 18.5"x25.4/32=14.7mm
For a 18" hub that means a visible diameter of 18"+1.5"=19.5" 19.5"x25.4/32=15.5mm

If the DTM cars ran on 18" rims, the visible diameter should be 15.5mm, not 13.5mm.

I guess that's what caught my eye.

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Edit, Rallyhub beat me to it  Thumbup

So keeping scale to within a small margin, anywhere between 16.5mm and 17mm slot car wheels would be ideal for 17" real wheels, 17.5mm to 18mm for 18".

There are some 18mm slot car wheels available, but finding inserts to fit is the only issue with those atm.
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A welcome addition to anyone racing Saloons...or even Slot Rally  Wrench
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£64.95? Pendle's have it in stock at £56.50 and they don't normally discount from RRP unless you have a code.
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Gaugemaster are the UK distributor for and are obliged to sell at the RRP they’ve agreed with the manufacturer - in this case £64.95 


Of course, if you shop around, you’ll find better prices - and many retailers will offer club discounts or have loyalty schemes. However, the RRP / distributor price seems a sensible benchmark to include in a news item.
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If you just want a SlotIt GT-R R32 not necessarily this livery but at a reasonable price look no further than Top Slots  Wrench

Great review Woodcote,

I added this to my stable of Aussie Touring/V8 Super cars,

It's really nice to see something offered up that is different to the usual Holden/Ford fare.

Great work

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